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  1. T

    Need help identifying this RC truggy

    Plz help identifying my nitro truggy thx
  2. D

    Can't identify my offroad chassis :/

    I just bought this awd 1/8 scale chassis and I can't identify it to order missing parts. Its missing its front and rear drive shaft, upper support plate that holds down the center diff, servo mount etc. There are no brands or writing on it whatsoever. Anyone know what it is? Excuse the clothing...
  3. Theraggyone

    Protecting the inside of my truggy

    Took my 1/8 truggy out yesterday . It was drizzling and the ground was wet . After about an hour bashing at the dirt jumps my car was a filthy mess both outside and inside ,so I'm after some advice as cleaning the inside of it was a nightmare . Is there something universal available like an over...
  4. Theraggyone

    Got myself a 1/8 Truggy from Hobbyking!

    Couldn't resist with the price of these on Hobbyking at the moment. So i sold some stuff and placed my order. The Hobbyking basher sabertooth arrived on Wednesday with some other stuff i ordered including a clear berserker shell to paint and a selection of spares. I'm off work this week as i...
  5. WoodiE

    Parts needed to convert a Tekno EB410 Buggy into a ET410 Truggy

    The new Tekno ET410 Truggy shares about 95% of the same parts as the Tekno EB410 Buggy. This makes converting an EB410 into a ET410 truggy pretty easy. Below are the list of parts you'll need to make the conversion happen. Parts needed to convert a Tekno EB410 into a Tekno ET410 truggy (1x)...
  6. WoodiE

    Tekno ET410 Truggy Kit

    Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  7. Daniel J

    Truggy to buggy conversion?

    Sorry to bother everyone again. I really wanted to convert a truggy to a buggy. It's and ftx carnage NT. Can anyone tell me how to do it? Thanks for all your help. This is the best forum I have been too.
  8. Cjsur57

    Air leak during break-in??

    Hey guys after being out of the game for a while a buddy of mine got me back in to the world of nitro. Got my rtr HoBao SS nitro truggy in the mail and a few minutes into the break-in it started to idle up and down and then eventually revved about mid range. Plugged the pipe, killed it, started...
  9. S

    How to choose servos?

    Hi guys. I don't know anything about servos. How to choose good ones (both throttle and steering) for a 1/8 nitro truggy? What characteristics do they have? What to look at during comparing? Any brand suggestions? I'm investigating the topic at the moment, but the majority of reviews are dated...
  10. N

    Best Brushless 4x4 For under $350

    ( If you dont want to read the whole thing I'm looking for a Reliable Waterproof 50+ MPH offroader that isnt a SCT That i can bash around in dirt and maybe sand and can drive in grass)So I've been looking for a decent car for a while as being an owner of two SCTs I'm looking for something different...
  11. N

    Nitro? Gas?

    If you have burned some lovely smelling fuel please like this, hope you have a good time the next time you burn some fuel :) Also fyi the photo is from google imagess
  12. M

    SportsWerks Mayhem ST truggy build

    Ok so let start with the history of this "truck". It is a a truck. 1/8 st. Crazy right? Made in 2005 from award winning buggy mayhem by sportwerks. So all this had when I bought it was a spoiler of talking truggy wise. So this is what I will do: enforcer proline body 17mm hex adapters truggy...
  13. S

    HPI Trophy Tuggy 4.6 throttle sticking

    I just recently got a hpi trophy truggy 4.6 and I broke it in and it was working fine then one day I was driving it and I sped up on a straight and the throttle on it stuck and I tried to brake and it wouldnt stop only until it hit what ever was in the way. please help thank you
  14. zoraduntov

    Restoring my Mugen MBX5T

    I have decided to restore my Mugen MBX5T. Its been sitting in the garage for a few years and has never been fully broken in yet . I'm including some pics. First step is starter box repair.
  15. B

    Looking for new nitro engine for RC8 truggy

    looking for good nitro engines to buy for my rc8 truggy. want a pull start. i have a lrp spec 3 .28 but it lost compression at less than a gallon maybe i got a bad piston in mine from the factory? my buddy has a lrp .30 and its rippin. wanting something other than lrp. what can you guys...
  16. AmateuRC

    Advice About carrying bag for transportation 1/10 rc car

    I am not quite sure about this post here, but otherwise, please send it where it belongs, because I haven't found another similar. I've just bought the 1/10 Dominus Truggy Brushless, and they have recommend me to buy a transport bag to carry everything safely. My friend say to buy a very...
  17. Rooky78

    Pulling my hair out! AGAIN!!

    Ok... I'm fed up. And I need some advice. I have this CEN Matrix truggy thing, I've broken it again. I think this time it's going to the scrap pile. I'm so sick of not being able to find and/or get parts. So... I have a Castle 2200Kv plant, a Mamba Monster, and a killer Savox servo. Somebody...
  18. Rooky78

    What might work?

    So... I don't know if this is the place, but seemed like a place to start. I acquired a converted CEN Matrix truggy thing awhile back. It has a 1st Gen Mamba Monster system in it running 2 2s 5000 Onyx series batteries. After my wife (admittedly with my help) lunched the stock tires, I swapped...
  19. Wez2011

    Dhk zombie

    Hi people I'm new to this and know no slang or terminology lol so bare with me,I have a dhk zombie which I've used once and have to say I loved it,that was xmas day since then I've had it in a model shop as the day after using it it wouldn't work,keeps cutting out goes top speed then stops,I...
  20. Willyb85

    Decent brushless truggy...... want your thoughts!

    Hey guys I'm in the market for a brushless truggy but can't seem to decide what to look at first. I definitely want to go brushless and I'm looking at spending a $1000 bucks. I have looked at a few losi truggys on ebay but they are mostly nitro and the ofna hyper something. What other brands are...