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  1. Family Photo

    Family Photo

    my cars. all at once!
  2. jamesbrasure00

    12t mudboss traxxas slash

    12t mudboss 1 race old! Everything brand new from battery to free roll bearings, has built transmission/rear front shocks cut down. New week old raidolink controller 2 new battery 2s 5200 50c 7.4v everything you need to go racing! Can ship to you’re door! On buyers dime $425.00 If...
  3. Traxxas Slash 4X4 Ultimate: new tires!

    Traxxas Slash 4X4 Ultimate: new tires!

    Just picked up these TRA5883A BFGoodrich KM2 tires on blue bead wheels, really liking them! They also work pretty well on pavement.
  4. BarnFabRC

    BarnFabRC Slash Build Thread

    Just want to show off the Slash I’ve been piecing together over the last few months. I’m primarily building it for parking lot racing/general street use but I’m also gonna do some speed running with it as soon as find a suitable place to let it rip. I live in Philly so there’s not a lot of open...
  5. T

    Slash 4x4 Ultimate dune bashing

    Hello, I'm new to RC and got in middle east area Slash 4x4 Ultimate, as I wanted closed wheels and usually SC lighter and easier to run than e-revo, and other open wheel RC. However, I've already cooked my Velineon 3500 by running: 1. without heatsink/fan motor (ESC with fan) 2. with...
  6. luke66

    stretched slash

    anyone know how to stretch a slash to a 409mm wheelbase? i wanna try to put a arrma infraction body on my slash.
  7. Sebkauff

    How to break in a brushed motor

    I recently got into spec slash racing (recently as in yesterday lol) and I noticed that my truck was a heckuva lot slower on the straight compared to nearly every other car. Everyone I talked to said that they broke in there motor either water break in or other. I didn't break mine in at all...
  8. TraxxasBret

    New 32p setup.

    I put a pretty hefty 32p hearing in my Slash and it really is awesome. 20/50 is what I’m running and it FLIES. I just took out the VXL system last night and put in a Castle Sidewinder setup. Haven’t taken it out to test yet.
  9. Guy219

    My project builds

    New to the form. I'm currently doing a long shock conversation on my slash 4x4, a 100% metal trans on my sc10, finishing up my associated b5m, building a speed run buggy out of my duratrax evader, blowing off the dust on my Clodburster. Been sitting sense 1999. And a buddy gave me a first gen...
  10. adamcash

    Thoughts on buying this. good buy ?

    The most extreme Slash you’ll ever drive! Custom modifications to now use 6S batteries. Upgrades include: HR racing metal diff, Traxxas optional hardened internals for diff, Power HD 20Kg Waterproof metal geared servo, aluminium steering posts, 32dp spur and pinion gears with slipper clutch...
  11. adamcash

    2WD Traxxas Slash parts

    Are all traxxas slash parts interchangeable as I'm looking to buy a second hand slash thanks.
  12. S

    Tire Wear Question

    Hi all, Quick question for ya. I have a Traxxas slash and mainly bash it and was wondering if there will be any negative effects to only replacing the rear tires when they get bald (its rear wheel drive) and leaving the fronts at a little under half tread. Maybe even 1/3 the normal tread depth...
  13. bunnyspanker

    Mamba X + new castle engine

    Hi all! looking to upgrade ESC and engine on my slash Ultimate and want to go with Mamba X for ESC but having a hard time figuring out which engine to go for (running on 3s at the moment) Castle recommended their 1415 engine 2400kv but more than one said I would actually loose power on that...
  14. P

    Slash 2wd diff

    I have had the slash 2wd for 6 years and have never done anything with the diff? Should I do something with it? It is very loose. Should I put a silicone ear plug in? What should I do with the diff? Or do I not need to do anything?
  15. T

    Slash 4x4 gearing

    Hey everyone, I'm new to these forums and Rc's in general so sorry if I don't know what I'm talking about. I just bought a 1/10 Traxxas slash 4x4 off one of my friends. I know it has a castle creations engine in it, but I don't know which one or any information about it. I want to change my...
  16. KingKeif

    Slash 4x4 Transformation

    Introducing my Franken Slash 4x4. So I decided to put my ERevo roller up for sale or trade and was contacted. I was offered this Slash 4x4 on the trade. Since I have not owned a Slash 4x4 up to this point I went for it. Here is how it looked when I first received it. I quickly installed...
  17. The RC Car

    Best affordable motor for Tekno SCT410.3?

    Hey y'all, I'm wondering what the best motor for the Tekno SCT410.3 is, I'm selling my slash 4x4 and am planning on building a Tekno SCT410.3 and I was wondering if y'all have motor or esc suggestions for it!
  18. The RC Car

    Weird dual shock mod

    Okay, y'all, so I was bored and was just looking at my slash 4x4 wondering how I could make it better without dumping a bunch of money into it, and I had this idea (which would cost a bunch of money). So y'all know how you don't want your suspension so hard that it bounces around, and you don't...
  19. The RC Car

    Slash to Tekno or Losi steering setup switch

    Hey, y'all! I was wondering if y'all have any thoughts on me fitting the Losi SCTE steering setup onto a slash 4x4, I'm making another chassis for the slash 4x4 anyway, so I could just make it to fit the Losi front assembly. I'm wondering if y'all have thoughts on it is because I've never seen...
  20. The RC Car

    Track gearing

    Hey y'all! I'm wondering what gearing I should have for my slash 4x4 on a track. The tracks straightaway is about 33 yards give or take. I have a 3500kv stock motor. the tracks surface is hardpacked clay.