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    Jato,3.3 Almost unmolested
  2. olds97_lss

    Issue with my VXL-3S/3500kv in my e-jato

    I have run the truck many hours since the conversion and as recently as a week ago, I ran it for a couple hours pretty hard without issue. I hadn't changed anything on the rig before taking it out this weekend. From the start, it was acting strange. It's like it's getting power, then not...
  3. olds97_lss

    Sold Clearing some room. Well used jato and an old OFNA buggy.

    Looking to clear a shelf. I have a well used jato and an old OFNA buggy I picked up a few years ago. I used to run both of these a lot more before my running areas all kind of dissolved. Now if I run anything, it's a MT. I haven't run either of these in over a year. While they aren't new, they...
  4. jmarcet85

    traxxas Jato Engine suggestions

    Hey guys I'm gonna be changing the mill in my jato. Its got the dynamite .19 in it which I do like but I've done a lot of mods and shes a tank. I've been looking at the os .21 max or the picco max .26, or .21. All input greatly appreciated I'm leaning torwards the picco max .26 but I want to make...
  5. J

    traxxas jato nitro

    I've got a traxxas. Nitro jato ran fine when I got it now its acting as if it doesny get a good signal and not wanting to go. Could this be a battery issue? I'm new to the r.c world any advice is appreciated.
  6. HPI-Killer

    Sold Low Balled Traxxas Jato 3.3 Roller FS/FT

    I need this gone and am slashing my throat to get some $$. Traxxas Jato 3.3 RPM A-Arms F&R RPM Front Bumper Traxxas Low-RPM Tuned Pipe Imex Skulls Tires On Mounted Wheels EZ Start Wand w/ Pack EZ Start Quick Charger Bunch Of Spare Stock Parts Complete Spare Tranny Manuals & Decals Painted Lid...
  7. J

    WTB: Traxxas Jato 2.8 Rims...Front and Rear

    Looking for Jato 2.8 rims front and rear ASAP. Send PM for quicker response.
  8. B

    Huge Traxxas Jato 3.3 Lot

    Here is my auction:
  9. J

    Which engine should I use for my Traxxas Jato 3.3 ?

    Hey guys, I'm new here, I whant to know which engine should I use for my Traxxas Jato 3.3. I use my jato mainly for drag racing with my friends, please help.
  10. J

    Sold Traxxas Jato 2.5 RTR

    SOLD Too fast for my 12yr old son. Put in single speed tranny gear hoping to slow it down a bit but still too fast for him. Will come with the 2 speed tranny gear. The receiver is too big for the receiver box. I just mounted it to the receiver box with double sided tape and it worked great...
  11. J

    Sold Traxxas Jato Parts

    Traxxas aluminum drag link. Used very little. $8 SOLD Traxxas aluminum turnbuckle set. These have never been used. $18 SOLD Traxxas Anacondas. 2.8 on all-star rims. New fronts and rears. $38 SOLD Proline Crowd Pleaser 2.0 body. New $25 All prices are shipped. Please send PM...
  12. B

    looking to get traxxas jato 3.3

    hi looking to get a traxxas jato 3.3 i am also new to nitro rc cars i am 28yrs and have a good amount of knowledge of what makes a engine go boom but not familiar with nitro rc cars what is the best method to break in a traxxas 3.3 engine should i use traxxas top fuel what % do they like how...
  13. ckeast420

    looking for traxxas jato

    I sold my jato a few months back and now I'm regretin it id like to buy another one or maybe do some trading if your intrested jato doesn't have to be in perfect. Condition i dont mind puttin a lil bit of work in it,just nothing ragged out please! must have good diff trans and engine Thanks-charles
  14. J

    WTB: Traxxas Jato Tire & Rims

    Looking for a little more aggressive tread than the stock Anacondas. Running mostly on loose gravel and black top. Send PM for quicker response.
  15. HPI-Killer

    HPI-Killer's Traxxas Jato Truggy Project

    Okay, so I lied, its not a truggy yet! But it will be one by the end of winter. I will post up any and all questions regarding ANYTHING about nitro and the setup of the rig. I will also be posting all my pics here so make sure you check in regularly for updates or questions :D Other than...
  16. B

    Sold Traxxas Jato 3.3 2.4ghz

    Recently cleaned and put back together. Truck runs great. Added new RPM front a arms and has brand new Skull and Crossbones tires and brand new rims. The truck also has a brand new 2.4ghz rx installed because the antenna was ripped off the original. Truck has not been run since it was put back...
  17. T

    traxxas jato HELP

    I recently got a jato ran great,very fast and powerful.I was driving it one day and I flipped it and it was going full throttle then my friend picked it up by its back left tire while it was going full one wheel stopped and the other wheel kept spinning.after that it wont...
  18. H

    traxxas jato upgraded throttle linkage

    I am searhing for an upgraded traxxas jato throttle linkage does anybody make one
  19. B

    Traxxas Jato and Rain

    Hello everyone, as a newcomer to the nitro scene, i wanted to ask a newb question. Today it rained here in Texas pretty lightly, and after picking up some new tires from my LHS i came inside to put them on to the Jato. I looked outside and the road was drying up a bit, but there was still water...
  20. M

    Traxxas jato gearing question

    Okay, so I was driving my jato and the spur gear stripped. I then ordered a 56 tooth spur gear, the traxxas brand. Will this gear work with the 22 tooth pinion gear?