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  1. D

    Need help/advice with Jato that won't idle well.

    Hi all, My Traxxas Jato has given me a bit of trouble since I got it. I have been running nitro for about a year and this is the only one that gives me trouble. The issue: When the Jato gets warmed up it will do one of two things eventually: 1. It will stall when letting off the throttle after...
  2. J

    "Frankenstein Rustler" 2 speed tranny.

    Hey Nitro R.C. lovers! Today I bring you guys the "Frankenstein Rustler" which was made out of 2 used cars (Rustler and Jato) and a few new parts.. I wanted it to look different than the regular Rustler (grey upper chassis) and since the Jato's tranny is black I decided to black out as much as...
  3. 20210908_184937.jpg


    Jato on rotisserie
  4. R

    Traxxas Jato 3.3 Nitro

    Traxxas Jato 3.3 Nitro On Ebay
  5. NewToRc&Nitro

    First RC and starting with Nitro and I'm Clueless to how i assemble it. Any help is awesome.

    I just got a pre owned nitro jato a few weeks back and the engine attached was a TRX 3.3 and the previous owner had broken the piston rod, he made sure I was aware and gave me a Discontinued OS Max 18 cvr nitro engine that has never been ran with it. How do I piece this thing together and should...
  6. 1575937947536352031176.jpg


    Jato,3.3 Almost unmolested
  7. olds97_lss

    Issue with my VXL-3S/3500kv in my e-jato

    I have run the truck many hours since the conversion and as recently as a week ago, I ran it for a couple hours pretty hard without issue. I hadn't changed anything on the rig before taking it out this weekend. From the start, it was acting strange. It's like it's getting power, then not...
  8. olds97_lss

    Sold Clearing some room. Well used jato and an old OFNA buggy.

    Looking to clear a shelf. I have a well used jato and an old OFNA buggy I picked up a few years ago. I used to run both of these a lot more before my running areas all kind of dissolved. Now if I run anything, it's a MT. I haven't run either of these in over a year. While they aren't new, they...
  9. jmarcet85

    traxxas Jato Engine suggestions

    Hey guys I'm gonna be changing the mill in my jato. Its got the dynamite .19 in it which I do like but I've done a lot of mods and shes a tank. I've been looking at the os .21 max or the picco max .26, or .21. All input greatly appreciated I'm leaning torwards the picco max .26 but I want to make...
  10. J

    traxxas jato nitro

    I've got a traxxas. Nitro jato ran fine when I got it now its acting as if it doesny get a good signal and not wanting to go. Could this be a battery issue? I'm new to the r.c world any advice is appreciated.
  11. HPI-Killer

    Sold Low Balled Traxxas Jato 3.3 Roller FS/FT

    I need this gone and am slashing my throat to get some $$. Traxxas Jato 3.3 RPM A-Arms F&R RPM Front Bumper Traxxas Low-RPM Tuned Pipe Imex Skulls Tires On Mounted Wheels EZ Start Wand w/ Pack EZ Start Quick Charger Bunch Of Spare Stock Parts Complete Spare Tranny Manuals & Decals Painted Lid...
  12. J

    WTB: Traxxas Jato 2.8 Rims...Front and Rear

    Looking for Jato 2.8 rims front and rear ASAP. Send PM for quicker response.
  13. B

    Huge Traxxas Jato 3.3 Lot

    Here is my auction:
  14. J

    Which engine should I use for my Traxxas Jato 3.3 ?

    Hey guys, I'm new here, I whant to know which engine should I use for my Traxxas Jato 3.3. I use my jato mainly for drag racing with my friends, please help.
  15. J

    Sold Traxxas Jato 2.5 RTR

    SOLD Too fast for my 12yr old son. Put in single speed tranny gear hoping to slow it down a bit but still too fast for him. Will come with the 2 speed tranny gear. The receiver is too big for the receiver box. I just mounted it to the receiver box with double sided tape and it worked great...
  16. J

    Sold Traxxas Jato Parts

    Traxxas aluminum drag link. Used very little. $8 SOLD Traxxas aluminum turnbuckle set. These have never been used. $18 SOLD Traxxas Anacondas. 2.8 on all-star rims. New fronts and rears. $38 SOLD Proline Crowd Pleaser 2.0 body. New $25 All prices are shipped. Please send PM...
  17. B

    looking to get traxxas jato 3.3

    hi looking to get a traxxas jato 3.3 i am also new to nitro rc cars i am 28yrs and have a good amount of knowledge of what makes a engine go boom but not familiar with nitro rc cars what is the best method to break in a traxxas 3.3 engine should i use traxxas top fuel what % do they like how...
  18. ckeast420

    looking for traxxas jato

    I sold my jato a few months back and now I'm regretin it id like to buy another one or maybe do some trading if your intrested jato doesn't have to be in perfect. Condition i dont mind puttin a lil bit of work in it,just nothing ragged out please! must have good diff trans and engine Thanks-charles
  19. J

    WTB: Traxxas Jato Tire & Rims

    Looking for a little more aggressive tread than the stock Anacondas. Running mostly on loose gravel and black top. Send PM for quicker response.
  20. HPI-Killer

    HPI-Killer's Traxxas Jato Truggy Project

    Okay, so I lied, its not a truggy yet! But it will be one by the end of winter. I will post up any and all questions regarding ANYTHING about nitro and the setup of the rig. I will also be posting all my pics here so make sure you check in regularly for updates or questions :D Other than...