traxxas bandit

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  1. R

    Traxxas VXL Bandit Front Rear Alias Tires & Tracer 2.2" Black Chrome Wheels /XL5

    Traxxas VXL Bandit Front Rear Alias Tires & Tracer 2.2" Black Chrome Wheels /XL5 On Ebay
  2. slickandskiddin

    Wheel mount swap Bandit to Rustler

    G'day! Has anyone swapped the Hex-type wheel mounts from a Rustler onto a Bandit and was it relatively easy? Thanks!
  3. C

    New Ride, Bandit VXL

    Hey Everyone. I picked up a roller Bandit VXL today for my youngest. It didn't have a motor or an ESC. I am looking for suggestions on a brushed motor and ESC that will take a Lipo that is fairly cheap. He doesn't need brushless yet. Thanks for your help.
  4. K

    traxxas bandit vxl roller
  5. C

    traxxas Bandit

    I'm buying a used Traxxas bandit for my son for christmas this year... The guy who owned it did nt use it but a couple of times. ITs a model #2406. He says it runs lioke a brand new one but batteries he has only last 5-10 min. They are 7.2v and are 1500mAh. I have seen 7.4volt batteries that are...
  6. Jacks9930

    Traxxas Bandit with Velineon 3500

    I just put new set up in my Bandit, Velineon 3500 motor, VXL-3s ESC, and a 25c 3S lipo Battery. I'm running a 76T spur gear and 31T pinion gear. And may I say holy $#!% this set up is fast. I can only run at about half throttle or it will just flip over. At one point I was at 3/4 throttle and...
  7. wacmartin

    Traxxas Bandit question

    I took apart my buggy tonight to check that all the hardware was tight. Everything went perfect, buy I was wondering should my wheels be wobbling when I spin them by hand. The left rear wheel is the worst, also should there be a little play in them as well when moving side to side lightly. Is...
  8. D

    Traxxas Bandit into a truck

    Can u turn a traxxas bandit into a truck? Like get big wheels and big shocks o something like that. If so, how much would it cost?
  9. D

    hop ups for a traxxas bandit?

    :buggy1: are there any hop ups for a traxxas bandit? Like new wheels or a roll cage or anything like that?