traxxas 4 tec

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  1. Abe559

    Corally dementor need some advice

    I wanted to.know what battery would you suggest on a team corally dementor 2s-6s capable esc is 180amps now it's not just choosing the highest 6s battery correct? If I were to try saying a 6s 5000mah 90c rated battery my esc would cut out right due to over amperage. I'm new to this rc world but...
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    My lights
  3. 15759379253461873534906.jpg


    Nitro 4tec,modified,2.5,
  4. Nitro kid

    3.3 engine replacement

    Looking for a drop in engine for my nitro 4 tec 3.3 I'm really think of doing a Novarossi 2.5 SC and Hot Racing 3 shoe clutch. Same or more power if less power only a little less than 3.3. My budget is $200 I've seen Dynamite .19 Mach 2,Ofna JL .28,Picco.26,OS21TM tell me which ones You think...