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  1. D

    New transmission troubles

    Hi guys, I have a HSP 94122 and it was all going fine until I pulled the engine out to do something, put it back in wrong, started it, drove it away and stripped all the original plastic gears. I then ordered a metal replacement transmission off Ali express that I had to assemble myself and it’s...
  2. JeezyGamer

    Jato 3.3 transmission get jammed up

    Hi I’m new to this page but I had a problem with my jato 3.3 transmission so I strip my 5585 gear so I replaced it and decided to add a new primary clutch assembly 5590 and a new 5579 gear just cause they seemed worn out and the problem came when I put it all together once I put the two shells...
  3. Thunderranger

    Which tmaxx transmission do I have ?

    I have a tmaxx ( not sure which version )I’m trying to find a single speed gear kit for my max transmission, I got it as an extra with a parts car ( originally my parts car had an emaxx transmission with the foul motors , so I used the stock bracket to mount my motor ) could anyone help me...
  4. J

    Can I connect my transmitter to a receiver? If so, how?

    Hi, i want to know how I can bind my transmitter to a receiver. Can I do this by turning the throttle up and down or do I need to do momething else? Transmitter: syma x5c
  5. :D lmao

    Metal reverse gear for revo 3.3?

    I want to make my revo trans fully metal but wants to keep the reverse.
  6. Ororc

    Will the Kyosho Inferno GT2 2-speed fit a Inferno Neo?

    Has any one ever upgraded a nitro rc from 1 speed drive to a 2 speed drive In my case its a Kyosho inferno neo 2.0 Will be using the parts from the kyosho inferno GT2 Thanks
  7. N

    T-Maxx 2.5 transmission question

    I am looking for someone who can help me out with a little issue I’m having. I have the tmaxx 2.5 w/ a TRX 3.3 engine swap. But here’s where my problem is. It was running fine with the 3.3 through break in and for a few tanks of running and now it will not shift into second gear if there’s any...
  8. R

    Shelled my 2 speed transmission

    i was running at the local track finishing up the break in of my newly installed picco boost and 3 mins in started hearing a nasty gear rattle. At first I thought a rock was stuck in the spur gear but upon inspection it was fine. There were two distinct binding points while rolling the truck...
  9. B

    t maxx trans stripping primary gear

    I have a t maxx 2.5 which currently is powered by a 3.3. I run the truck for about 3 minutes then the primary gear strips it teeth. Is my problem in the trans or is the problem the slipper clutch? I am new to the hobby so any help is appreciated.
  10. 2GMitsubishi

    Volcano S30 2-Speed Transmission Install "Full Setup"

    Installed the transmission today. I've got the two speed clutch bell and Aluminum clutch ready to go but I am waiting on my new engine to come back from Redcat Racing to install them. Above is the picture of the stock single speed transmission. Now the single speed and the Unmolested two speed...
  11. A

    T-maxx transmission screws

    I bought a t maxx 3.3 transmission and the screws I had for the old transmission won't fit so what size screws do I need for the 3.3 transmission? It is being mounted on a t maxx 2.5 chassis.
  12. X

    Looking to upgrade my tmax 3.3 #4909

    hey ya, I'm new here, and kinda new to the nitro trucks scene tho, i have had my truck for along time. So i thinks times have come to see about upgrades and such that can still be done to it being finding parts isnt easy and thought ya could help. First i have the t maxx model in the title, it...
  13. DreamMachine

    Bulletproof 2speed Savage How to

    Heres a little how to for making a BP 2spd or all steel one. Parts needed: 2spd HPI 77058 (18t) HPI 109046 (38t) HPI 109448 (Need 2 of the black plastic spacers) HPI 77064 (24t) ***only available from the UK*** Hot Racing Steel or Titanium 44t first gear HPI 86362 (One way bearing for 1st...
  14. R

    Spur gear destroying itself

    I have an exceed forza, as running it the other day and it started reving but not going anywhere. I look at it to see what is wrong and the large gear teeth all but the outside edge had been worn down flat. So I replaced it and it roller smoothly until I started it up and gave it some gas. It...
  15. WoodiE

    Axial Yeti 2-speed Transmission Conversion Kit

    Axial has just released a 2-speed Hi/Lo Transmission conversion kit for the 1/10th scale Axial Yeti. The Yeti 2-speed Hi/Lo Transmission kit comes with everything needed to complete the conversion, including a second taller high gear and all gears are heat treated for ultra durability. The only...
  16. M


    HELLO, I JUST PURCHASED A BRAND NEW OFNA BUGGY8 .28 nitro and I am interested in installing a two speed transmission , would it fit from another Ofna car,I am new to this hobby and know very little. Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thanx!
  17. Garry Clarke

    2 Speed conversion for the Thunder tiger eb4 s2.5

    Hi guys Any help on this would be great,plus a list of parts and where to source them all from would be good too... Many thanks Garry
  18. Ben Willis

    Acme 2 speed adjustment

    In the past week I've put a new clutch and two speed tranny on my acme cyclone and it doesn't seem to shift in to second, so I was looking at the tranny to try and adjust it, but I can find the screw in the clutch anywhere and it came with no instructions, so if anyone has any ideas, some help...
  19. bobaloohoo

    2 speed Tranny problem troubleshoot

    transmission wouldnt shift, but now it does! but i wanna inform some people on 3 little screws I've never payed attention to, it will save your engines short lived life and tranny's teeth and bearings there are 3 screws holding your middle gear in your tranny to the gear with the shift adjust...
  20. jmarcet85

    Jato 2 speed trans

    Hey guys going to be replacing the crap plastic gears in my jato tranny. I've found two sets one is all hardend steel and one is Aluminum. Both by hot racing weight really isn't a concern considering my jato is 100% aluminum. I'm just wondering if there is any advantage to either. I'm assume the...