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    These are not red LEDs?
  2. WoodiE

    Associated TC7.2 Factory Team Touring Car

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  3. Jacks9930

    TC4 Club Racer Kit

    I found a group of guy that race on an indoor track. They are carpet racing 1/10 buggies and touting cars. So I need a new ride to join in the fun. I was thinking of getting TC4 Club Racer Kit By ASSOCIATED. Has anyone ran this car?
  4. R

    HPI RS4 conversion to a TX 2.5 engine

    So I just picked up a couple of RS4's online. One is for me with all the upgrades plus the EVO .18ss engine. The other is engine less, and I have a spare small block 2.5 laying around. I picked up a hpi corkscrew or whatever carb, I have some eXtra nitro 4 tek exhaust manifolds and a...
  5. LamboLover

    HPI RS4 won't idle

    Hi guys I was hoping maybe someone who owns an rs4 or who thinks they can still help me anyway could give a few things I could do to fix the problem my car is having. Ill be running it and lower the throttle around a turn and if I let off completely the engine cuts out and I have to restart it...
  6. J

    bought a hpi rs4

    got a hip rs4 from a guy for 200 and once i got everything setup(receiver, glow plug igniter) I was going to start it up. at first i started the engine the car would accelerate with out me telling it to do then i accelerated and it stalled and shut off. then i tried to start it yesterday and it...
  7. S

    Tuning help with HPI RS4 3 EVO

    Hey guys i just bought a rs4 was running good until i stripped it down to clean it. I think i need to adjust the throttle servo. Carb is open too much so its going full throttle at idle. I tried pulling the screw from the servo and moving it to 1mm but it keeps going back whenever i put it in...
  8. J

    My HPI rs4 3 evo+ thread

    Hi all, i'm new to the nitro scene, used to have a HPI baja 5b but regrettably sold it. So anyway, i bought a second hand hpi rs4.. i've stripped it down and rebuilt it, replaced alot of parts. I'm planning on drifting it :) Parts I've added: Stronger dif gears. Graphite gearbox set...
  9. mudbogginredneck

    Brushless tc4 shimmy

    Hey guys, I just recently finished putting together my tc4. Issue is the steering has a lot of play causing it to shimmy at speed. Everything is tightened properly within the steering linkages and it's a new servo. Has anyone had this problem, and how did you fix it? I'm very happy with the car...
  10. W

    HPI RS4 problem

    I recently acquired an RS4 in a trade for an RC heli. It has a purple frame so I THINK that it is an RS4 2, but not sure. Fired it up today with a pull start and it was running really well. After half a tank though it just died and would not restart. I picked it up and the chassis was...
  11. C

    Hpi Rs4

    I was wondering what would be a good engine for it don't know if it matters but its not belt driven any help would be great Thanks
  12. B

    HPI RS4 .12 Won't Start

    HPI .12, was VERY used, and Dirty. Tore down the whole car, cleaned everything up. Took the engine apart, took the carb off, reset to factory settings, fresh gas, used glow plug, but it works with my new igniter, put everything back together, and it will not start. I need help. I tried leaning...
  13. C

    My HPI RS4-3 w/modded O.S .18tz

    I've done so many tips and tricks to make it better, stronger, lighter and faster. Need help making your car faster, ask here and I'll try my best to help you out. Here are some vids so tell me what you think. Losi 19/26 pinion, HPI 37/43 spur - YouTube HPI RS4-3 Race - YouTube...
  14. B

    Hpi rs4 wheel alignment?

    My rs4 drift does not track straight I have tried everything with in adjustment from the control and it does not help... The car has been in a few wrecks and I'm wondering If maybe I bent something what all should I replace or look for damage? Thanks for the help!
  15. B

    hpi rs4 3 evo spool?

    i gotta ask but is this spool any good for a hpi rs4 3 evo+ i have a nitro RTR touring car but i want to convert it to a drift now and then. this spool is for a E10... are they compatible cos they look alike?:\...
  16. tjc1986

    Hpi rs4 evo fuel tank

    Not sure if this is already on here. I didnt see it but is there a bigger fuel tank that will work on the car? 75cc just doesn't seem like enough. Wanted to know if anyone knows of a bigger replacement. Thanks!
  17. M

    Hpi rs4 3

    I'm buying new engine for my rs4 just wondering what are some good Engine u guys recommend
  18. hulkmaxx

    Hpi RS4 2

    Does anyone know if any of the fuel tanks fit the Rs4 2 car. I have and older Rs4 2 I am working on it needs a tank. Parts seem hard to come by for this thing.
  19. M

    hpi rs4 3 evo

    sup people, I'm new here and just getting into the nitro rc so i got a question. i just got a hpi rs4 3 evo but from who i got it from last time he used it he didnt put oil, he just left it with fuel in it. can that damage the engine?? if yes can it be fixed or should i get a new one...
  20. hulkmaxx

    HPI RS4 racer 2

    Does anyone know if the newer Rs4 fuel tank, will fit the racer 2.:D I got a racer 2 from a friend needs tank and steering linkage. Thinking about fixing it up, for my nexct project, parts seem hard to find. If I can't find parts may sell to get me a nitro boat.