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  1. K

    Which hudy bearing removal tool

    Hi I'm looking to buy Hudy Ultimate Engine Tool Kit to remove the engine bearing on a revo 3.3 engine The bearing sizes are 7 x 17 x 5 METRIC 12 x 21 x 5 METRIC My question is which size and adapters do I need to purchase? There is the .12 and .21 then the adapters. Just not sure which to...
  2. J

    What’s in your RC Tool Box?

    Just wondering what some of you guys keep on hand for general maintenance and repairs for your nitro RC. Also, what are some must-haves to keep in your tool kit?
  3. WoodiE

    Tools for getting started in RC

    We get a lot of questions from users who are new to the RC hobby about which tools they need or worth buying right away. The purpose of this thread is to help answers some of those questions. If you have been in R/C for several years and have hundreds of dollars in tools already, this post...
  4. JohnSampson

    Hudy vs. Regular allen tool

    How much better are the Hudy tools than a regular, Allen tool, just wondering what I can expect, I ordered a few, but want to know while I wait
  5. WoodiE

    108-Piece Craftsman Mechanics Tools Set - $45

    108-Piece Craftsman Mechanics Tools Set regular price $99.99 - Deal of the Day for $45!
  6. WoodiE

    CowRC Flatmat and parts tray Giveaway!

    GIVEAWAY Prize(s): CowRC JUMBO Flat Mat CowRC Small Parts Tray If you haven't already seen, be sure to check out our CowRC flat mat review. Who can join? ANY and ALL @Supporting Member's - ** Sign up to be a Supporting Member ** **OR** Regular members with 50 or more posts AND an avatar...
  7. Team CowRC

    CowRC sponsored Ashley Cup 3 Registration is now open

    The Ashley Cup 3 Driver’s Registration is now open. If you know you will be attending and racing please pre-register to help speed up the process on race day. Don’t pay until the day of the event! -Team CowRC
  8. Team CowRC

    CowRC sponsored DRIFT44 featured in official Lexus video

    Watch as remote-control expert Drift44 puts his skills to the test behind the 1/10-scale wheel. There’s parallel parking, bowling, one of the most astounding match-lighting techniques you’ve ever seen, and more. -Team CowRC
  9. Greywolf74

    Lipo Charger Comparison

    These are all the lipo chargers I either currently own or used to own over the course of my stint in RCs. I'll list both the specs and my thoughts on each. iMax B6 Clone Input Voltage: 11~18v Circuit power: Max Charge: 50W / Max Discharge: 5W Charge Current Range: .1~5.0A Discharge current...
  10. Rolex

    Temp gun deal...

    I bought one of these in 2004, I believe it was, and I paid $90 for it. I just bought this one for under 10.
  11. Team CowRC

    CowRC 12 Days of Christmas Sale!

    Don't miss it! Check out
  12. Alexander_0_1

    What are you guys using for lipo chargers?

    Hey, guys I was about to order another lipo charger since my barely used onyx 235 got up and walked away, seriously I've turned my house upside down, looked in every packing box, and still no charger.....I might have thrown it out by accident. This the brand I'm looking into, since it's free...
  13. Greywolf74

    How to convert a PC PSU to power your LiPo charger

    My latest video! its a remake of one of my really early videos on how to convert a PC power supply so you can use it to power your lipo chargers. The old video had poor video and audio quality and the walkthrough itself isnt as coherent as this time around :) Parts you will need: 10W 10Ohm...
  14. Team CowRC

    CowRC sponsored DTJ drift Team Jazbina “RC Drift HR TRACK DEMO EVENT” Video

    CowRC sponsored DTJ drift Team Jazbina posted this great video coverage from the RC Drift HR TRACK DEMO EVENT on 9/27/14. It’s a great video showcasing some MOOtastic drift footage! -Team CowRC
  15. Team CowRC


    The guys at Extreme Scale Performance took some of the "heavy weights" out for a good test and tune session. This is the highlight video. MOO-some crawling action! -Team CowRC
  16. Team CowRC

    CowRC sponsored 2015 Keystone RC Indoor Winter Points Series

    CowRC sponsored 2015 Keystone RC Winter Scale Points series kicks off this Sunday in Franklin, PA! Break out those Class 1, 2, & 3 crawlers and have some FUN! It’s going to be a MOO’n good time. -Team CowRC
  17. Team CowRC

    CowRC sponsored Zoo City Raceway park is hosting Toys for Tots Swap Meet!

    CowRC sponsored Zoo City Raceway is hosting a Swap Meet benefiting Toys for Tots this weekend. The track will be open and there will be door prizes. Stop in with a toy donation and come check it out! -Team CowRC
  18. Team CowRC


    CowRC sponsored Extreme Scale Performance is at it again, releasing another great video. In this one they’ve got Triple 6 heading to #scalecounty to pick up an enclosed trailer. Prepping for the "Fowl Play" Recon G6! Badass! -Team CowRC
  19. Team CowRC


    CowRC sponsored Extreme Scale Performance has released a new YouTube video entitled “CANYON CRAWL, JEEPS & A BRONCO DO WORK”. In it, the core members of ESP Team 421 take their trucks out to document their change from an already proven setup to who knows what, as they prepare for next month’s...
  20. Team CowRC

    CowRC sponsored U4RC race on October 18, 2014

    The weekend of 18th will be a great one for U4RC racing. Don’t miss the CowRC sponsored race at Bechard Family RC Raceway in San Bernadino, CA! -Team CowRC