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  1. tudordewolf

    Build/engine swap: Thunder Tiger into HSP

    Another HSP-based build, this one on their "Flying Fish" pivot-ball onroad nitro with a Thunder Tiger Evo-12(P) After a bit of hacksawing, sanding, and drilling, everything went together quite cleanly. I had to cut 5mm off the engine mounts to lower the engine so a bump box could reach it...
  2. F

    Vintage RC: Identifying A Thunder Tiger TS4N

    Hello all, here is my beautiful like new TS4N. Does anyone know the exact model this is, or when it came out and was released? Mine has a 2 Speed transmission, but it doesn't have the green and yellow gears. It also has different shock towers? Thank you all!
  3. craig911

    Thunder Tiger Pro .28 BD-R carb settings?

    Hi ladies and gents I picked up a thunder tiger pro .28 i'm trying to track down the base needle settings but it would appear i have a different carb than in the manual so i need some help, google has given me nothing, the carb fitted to this engine does not have the mid range needle, i have...
  4. S

    MTA 4 - Thunder Tiger - Wheel bent part missing

    Hi guys see attached images . The wheel was bent when I was using the car . Opened up and seen there’s a part missing on the right rear side see the image it’s like a link connecting More pics
  5. S

    Thunder Tiger MTA 4 s.28 - Carb settings

    Hey guys. I'm a total newbie so please be gentle with me. I have managed to start my car up and what happened the other day was when i started it it was automatically on full throttle and the car was just going really fast. Lucky I put on some bricks but I had to pull the fuel line out rapid...
  6. EB4S2PRO

    Thunder Tiger EB4 S2 Pro wheels

    Hi all Would anyone be able to give me more details about the tire size and hub hole size where the wheel screws onto as I'd like to buy new tires, but with thunder tiger having such bad support and parts availability I'm battling to find new thunder tiger tires. Also would perhaps like to put...
  7. EB4S2PRO

    Looking for fuel percentage suggestions

    Hi all I have a thunder tiger eb4 s2 pro and was wondering if you could suggest a fuel percentage to use that would be easy to tune and bash around with also glow starter I currently use R2/5
  8. daniel.branch75

    Can you identify this Thunder Tiger?

    Hi, I'm new to RC. Someone gave me this car. I know it's a Thunder Tiger, but I'm not sure of the model? Also the engine runs fine and everything is spinning away, but it will not go forward? Thanks, Dan