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  1. M

    RedCat XTE Blackout full throttle without being on

    Hey guys, newbie here. I just recently purchased an XTE Blackout. Already went with a LIPO 2s 7.4V 5000Mah upgrade from the stock NIMH 7.2V 3000Mah. Ran fine for a while, today it overheated and started smoking. Turned everything off and let it cool. Took it apart and took pictures of how wires...
  2. Slothh561

    Problems with throttle linkage for hyper 7. 28

    Hi I'm really struggling with getting my hyper 7. 28 running nice so I can take it for a rip up. I brought the car off Facebook from a guy who seems genuine told me about the car and wat he used to do with it ( ex racetuned engine) so the engine is race tuned and set up for racing so as sokn as...
  3. E

    Throttle servo recommendations please

    Hi again, My question is two parts: first, I keep burning up throttle servos, I've broken two in the last month... any ideas as to why this might be happening? Secondly, as the title suggested I'm looking for recommendations for my next purchase of a 1/8 scale throttle servo, the last one I...
  4. B

    Do u have to use throttle control to run 6s on the erevo 2.0

    Hi there I'm looking at buying a erevo 2.0 sometime and just wandering do u have to roll on the throttle to avoid driveline failures when running 6s
  5. E

    Traxxas Rustler intermittent full throttle

    I have a traxxas rustler with a Radient esc and a 9 turn 4300kv ezrun brushless motor. I run a 2s lipo, and I am having trouble with the throttle. It wont go full speed for more than about 2 seconds at a time. I'm not sure what it is, i dont use it that much, but it would be nice for it to work...
  6. HueyC

    Nitro RC Wheel (F) wheel slippage on throttle

    Hey all, I have a nitro RC 1/10 scale Volcano S-30 that has been running great until recently took it out for a spin and doesn't sound pretty. I am not sure if it's the clutch or diff but strangely when I pull on the throttle, I can see the front wheel spin on pavement but the car is not...
  7. NitroSCX10

    Throttle response problem!!!

    Hello I have an xtm .18 and it idles fine but when i apply throttle it takes a bit to go and keeps accelerating after i release the throttle!! PLEASE HELP!!!!
  8. S

    HPI Trophy Tuggy 4.6 throttle sticking

    I just recently got a hpi trophy truggy 4.6 and I broke it in and it was working fine then one day I was driving it and I sped up on a straight and the throttle on it stuck and I tried to brake and it wouldnt stop only until it hit what ever was in the way. please help thank you
  9. T

    new to nitro and having problems after start

    hello I'm brand new to nitro, used to rc electrics in the 90s. I have someone who gave me a nitro rc, its a maximus st? not sure if that's traxxas or not. He built the car and put a engine in it and said it had been cleaned and rebuilt but had not started it. I just learned about glow plugs and...
  10. fragged3d

    T MAXX throttle problem

    I just traded to get a Tmaxx 2.5, this thing was beat on! Anyway, when I start it, it wants to go on it's own. Whats the first thing to check?
  11. thumbson

    1/5 fg marder throttle servo

    Throttle break servo has packed up on my fg marder brought the car second hand it had a savox sc1256tg thr bre servo onit is there a cheeper alternative dont wana spend 50 quid on a servo that proble is over kill for just the throttle and breaks what is the minimun kg i could use
  12. Tawmee

    throttle sticks while driving i have no control of steering or brakes, new batteries in remote..

    Old batteries in the cars servo area.. maybe that's the issue. But the car still worked after hammering it threw the parking lot and then when I pushed the brakes when I approached it it appeared to stop so I pinched the fuel line.
  13. Autobodyguy

    Turning when I'm on the throttle

    My jato basically will not turn when I'm on the throttle Its like it's its about to wheely and there is absolutely no traction I was wondering if there is somthing I can do to the suspension to correct this I also have a set of upgraded shocks and springs I haven't felt like doin it (I just got...
  14. TySos41

    T-Maxx fires up and idles; throttle unresponsive ? HELP !!!

    Okay , so I got this Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5 from a buddy of mine, bought it RTR without servos(3). So I got 3 waterproof metal gears in there, all the stuff hooked up and everything electronicly working correctly. I start it up and it fires and idles great. When I pull the throttle, the servo turns...
  15. Lockett15

    ftx carnage moves even without throttle

    hi there, I'm have a problem with my ftx carnage nt car and I'm wondering if any one can point me in the right direction please.. Basically my cars front wheels just spin and spin and spin regardless if I'm pulling the throttle!! It's 4wd and about half a year old if that.. It run perfect till...
  16. M

    Nitro RC throttle and idling problems! Help appreciated!

    Hi, i am a noob to nitro rc cars and have recently purchased an ftx hooligan 3.0cc nitro car to have a bit of fun with and get more into the hobby. However today i was breaking in, at first the engine wouldn't start, i changed the glow plug and it worked, the engine would run and then stall, i...
  17. L

    Engine dies when I touch the throttle???

    I have a HPI Truggy 4.6. I bought it back in 2012. I drove with it quite much in the beginning then it ended up in the garage. Now I got the motivation back again But I have a big issue. The car starts and Idles very well but as soon as I touch the throttle the engine dies. The same thing...
  18. Highway123

    Revo BB Losi throttle linkage

    Can someone take a look at the pic and tell me what parts were used to make up the throttle linkage? My son bought a Revo with a Losi m26ss; the linkage is crap, hangs up, doesn't go WoT. I really like this set up but having trouble putting the parts together.
  19. B

    Duratrax 835B Unresponsive steering & throttle servos

    Ok I have a new duratrax 835B nitro 1/8 scale buggy, I just got it back from the manufacturer and they replaced the carb under warranty. I took it out yesterday and bashed around with it for a good 2 hours. Ran great the entire time and tuned it a little bit, I got up today and took it out and I...
  20. Ochana25

    advice on throttle servo ?

    Hey everyone so my throttle servo decided to pooch out on my frankenmax it was a spektrum one wondering a good recommended servo