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  1. The RC Car

    Motor upgrade!

    Hey, y'all! I looking into upgrading my Venileon 3500brushless, is there any motor that y'all would suggest? I would want it to be a 540 or 550 base, and I would also like to not break the bank! I heard that goolrc's motors are actually reliable even though the rest of their stuff is trash. a...
  2. The RC Car

    Setting up my Slash 4x4 to race. Which motor should I buy?

    Sup y'all! Here's the link to the motor I'm looking at, with all the stats, I have no idea what they mean. Is that or the stock Venileon 3500 brushless system better? I'm looking int racing my slash 4x4, I've done enough upgrades that all I need is a good motor. If y'all have any motor or ESC...
  3. tmaxxfreek

    Sold / Found Tekin RX8/1900kv combo

    was used in a Losi SCT never ran hot, runs great. $160 shipped.
  4. flm_savage

    Sold / Found Tekin Pro 4 4600KV

    Ended up being way too much motor for the slash. Was enough to blow out a center diff twice on 2S even with acceleration limiting on the mamba pro. Going to go with a tamer velineon motor. I am the second owner and it has a little wear on the can. (See pics) I can leave or pull the motor...
  5. theant

    Tekin 45t HD in SCX10

    Hey guys. I will be installing a Tekin 45t heavy duty into my scx in the next couple of weeks and I am wondering what the best gearing would be. At the moment I have a 84t spur installed for clearance purposes with my MIP driveshafts and a 14 pinion. This is a good gearing combo imo with the 27t...
  6. tmaxxfreek

    Sold / Found Tekin RX8 + pro4 4600

    Parking my tekno for a while, selling my 5 race old tekin RX8 and pro4 4600, never ran hot, always kept clean. 210.00 shipped.
  7. tmaxxfreek

    Sold / Found Tekin RS ESC/ Tekin Redline 8.5T

    Had these as a backup for my 2wd sct, bought them from a fellow racer who ran them in a sc10 for about 4 races, i ran them at Spring Sting In Myrtle Beach, took them out serviced the bearings in the motor and put it up. Tekin RS - 85 shipped Tekin Redline 8.5T 50.00 shipped
  8. sur3fir3

    Tekin rx8 LED issue

    blowing it out worked nvr mind :-P
  9. buggybuster

    Tekin or Castle

    Might be wrong but from research I'm seeing these are the two most popular brands. Trying to figure out from Experience whats the yays and nays between these two systems. Just getting into to electric scene wit my 1/8 scale buggies so I'm looking to order me a good combo this weekend for a mugen...
  10. M

    New Tekin 1/8 motors coming?

    Are there new Tekin 1/8 (T8) motors coming? I've been wanting to get an RX8 / T8 combo for my 8T but they've been out of stock for 3 months. I see now that there is a new ESC, the RX8 Gen2, coming out right away. Does anyone know if there is a new motor / combo coming too?
  11. synnyzter

    Tekin red line high torque rotor...

    Anyone here try the high torque rotor for the redline? Just wondering if it actually changes anything... I've heard yes and no and my local track. Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  12. tmaxxfreek

    Sold / Found Tekin,Castle Toro Electronics.

    Castle MMP SSCt ESC, Switching my electronics to Tekin with castle link 100.00 obo,switch still intact never removed.Motor wires are shortened to run on my Tekno but plenty left to use or very easy to replace. Tekin sc4x 5.5T 4000kv motor, ran 1/2 season 70.00 obo shipped Toro 4600 kv ,this was...
  13. Non Crimen

    Sold / Found Mamba max Pro+Tekin Pro 4+MIP

    Hey I'm looking for Mamba max pro esc Teking Pro 4 motor MIP wraith drive line. Thanks much!! Sent from my Pipboy-3000 in the Capital Wasteland.
  14. sur3fir3

    Tekin vs Castle

    I am building a brushless LST2, and its going to be time to pick a ESC/motor combo. I have been looking at the Castle 2200kv combo, and the Teking Rx8 + 1550kv motor or a 1700. I have heard good and bad things about both, and have done countless hours of research. I know that older castle...
  15. Greywolf74

    The Tekin Mother Load!

    Yeah baby, yeah!!!
  16. Dbnjzb

    Installing a Tekin T8 Motor, need help!

    So, I am not sure of what to do. Just got a Tekin T8 1900kv motor and need to solder on some wires. What size wire should I use to connect to the ESC? Also, there are solder tabs?? I've never soldered to them. Do I just do it as normal? Thanks so much for your responses! Dave
  17. nitro_newbie

    Tekin Vs. Orion

    :)I have a b4.1 Ft buggy. I need a motor. I am looking for a good sensored brushless motor. I know tekin is good quality, but has a big price tag. Now, I've heard a few people said that the orion brushless motors are extremly smooth. Has anyone had experience with either one? If so which Kv or...
  18. Greywolf74

    Tekin 1550kv Vs. Castle 2200kv

    If you were gonna do an LST2 electric conversion what motor would you run on 6S, A Tekin 1550kv or a Castle 2200kv?
  19. K1ller Rc

    Sold / Found WTB Tekin stuff

    Looking for an RX8 w/ 1900 or 2250 I have a castle 2200kv system to trade + Cash or just $$$ I've been researching new and used prices, so only reasonable offers please. I also want pics, so either post on here or to [email protected] I wont even consider buying until i have pics and...
  20. HPI-Killer

    Tekin Fx-R Running Hot

    I may answer my own question but..... I'm not sure if escs run hot but a wire removed because of a cc bec instructions has been plugged back into the plug on my rx, do they run hot or do I need to unplug that wire again? If so can I cut it off all together? Thanks