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  1. R

    Associated T4 hex axle upgrade

    Recently purchased a T4 and I'm having trouble finding the front hex axle to upgrade for using hex rims. can't find them anywhere. I tried an on line search, ae is out of stock, E Bay has nothing. Anyone have any for sale will purchase through pay pal or know of anyone/shop with a set they'll...
  2. WoodiE

    Associated Enduro Trail Truck

    Team Associated has introduced the new Associated Enduro trail truck. At the heart of the Associated Enduro is it’s revolutionary Stealth X gearbox. While the gearbox exterior appears to have a conventional 3-gear transmission look, the inside is far from conventional. The transmission features...
  3. HeavyBag

    Team Associated RC10T4.x

    Stadium trucks are, by far, my favorite RCs to run on a track. Been running this truck (T4.2) for a couple of years now. But, this year, I'm going for a truggy look while using some SCT tires and wheels on all four corners. After a bit of a panic attack that I would not be able to find...
  4. M

    I need help with a RC10GT carburetor

    My old rc10gt carburetor's arm is snapped off the carb and i need help with ways to fix it without using JB weld. it is a rotary carburetor
  5. WoodiE

    Associated TC7.2 Factory Team Touring Car

    Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  6. A_locomotive

    Bought an Associated RC10 B44.3(?) Roller, hoping to get back into racing, need help getting pointed in the right direction.

    Hi! So I recently fixed up and started running the RC10B2 Sport I built and raced as a kid. Took it to a track for the first time yesterday and had an absolute blast! Got me wanting to get back into racing. Well today I went to a swap meet at my LHS and someone was selling an Associated RC10...
  7. Nitrobuzzard


    Looking for a complete roller, prefer stock but list what you have. Pics are nice too! -NB
  8. N

    4.6 MGT Starting Problem

    I just bought this from someone that had "trouble tuning it" so I tried starting it the first time (drill start) and it eventually started up, then ran away on me and died on its own. So I reset it to factory tune settings and I tried starting it numerous times and now it feels like it isnt...