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  1. E

    TC4 rear differential issue

    Hi everyone, I'm returning to RC after many many years. I won't say how many, lol! A few years ago I built a TC4 FT kit. This is my first touring car, back in the day I had a Team Losi JRX (I think that was the name, I still have it actually). The build went smooth, I put in a brushless...
  2. Jacks9930

    TC4 Club Racer Kit

    I found a group of guy that race on an indoor track. They are carpet racing 1/10 buggies and touting cars. So I need a new ride to join in the fun. I was thinking of getting TC4 Club Racer Kit By ASSOCIATED. Has anyone ran this car?
  3. mudbogginredneck

    Brushless tc4 shimmy

    Hey guys, I just recently finished putting together my tc4. Issue is the steering has a lot of play causing it to shimmy at speed. Everything is tightened properly within the steering linkages and it's a new servo. Has anyone had this problem, and how did you fix it? I'm very happy with the car...
  4. G


    Just ordered a TC4 off towerhobbies, and i have a fuze brushless 6800kv system waiting to be put in it. No real reason for this post, just excitement i guess. Wahooo!
  5. beason

    Sold Stock TC4 up for sale

    E-Savage for sale... SOLD Since i sold the E-savage, i dont have any batteries to run the TC4, and with the boat, and all the other stuff going on i just dont have time. I'm looking to sell it to someone who will get some use out of it. i bought it lightly used, and just ran it around the...
  6. C

    tc4 lipo

    so i just bought a tc4 with a 2s lipo, but i dont have a lipo charger what is a good charger for a decent price that i can get?
  7. C

    tc4 drifting

    Delete please
  8. A

    Going Brushless with my TC4...

    Need help with brushless upgrade for TC4 I am going brushless with my TC4, I am missing a radio, ESC and batteries I have a 21.5 Novak Brushless motor, What ESC would work for it? Any suggestions on radios and batteries?
  9. A

    Problem with Team associated tc4!!

    I got a used TC4- it wasn't working BUT The guy showed me that it works BUT With another radio system, I did get a Hitech transmitter crystals and a hitech reciever, I was told that the receiver is broken, so I went to my local hobby shop and bought a Mercury Shielded FM Receiver which and I was...
  10. beason

    want to upgrade TC4 to brushless, need advice.

    Ok, so its mandatory to spend at least part of my income tax on my "toys". I have a bone stock TC4 that is decent in the speed department, but i want to go brushless for that jaw dropping pop. I have looked around on tower, and i see Associated makes there own brushless setup for a TC but it...
  11. C

    Looking at a used TC4

    I will probably be making a trade in the near future for a TC4 with a team orion 11t brushless motor. What type of performance can I expect out of it with NiCd batteries? Lipos? Thanks.
  12. O

    The TC4Drifter Build

    Hey guys, I felt like posting this here since there are some people interested in drifting now. Anyways, here is my TC4 drifter. It will be my current drifter. I got it when I traded my TT01 drifter. Best deal I've ever done. I'm so close to getting this thing running . Just a few parts below...
  13. M

    TC4 help

    i have a tc4 and i want to have fun with it. I'm the kinda person that like to do everything to the max... and i want to kno if i can tune it to drift and if not how can i make it go faster.. right now it does like 30mph and i want it to do atleast 50mph but my engine isnt brushless and i have no...
  14. A

    WTB: Fresh TC4 Roller

    Looking for a TC4 Roller that hasn't seen too much use. Servo's would be a plus Payment via paypal
  15. A

    Help Me With A Tc4

    I want to set up a TC4 for summer hobby shop parking lot races and I need a little help. I've got a mamba max 7700 system which i think should more than do the job but i can't seem to find one that isnt rtr. I would like to build it myself can anyone help me out and let me know where to look...
  16. robmob

    TC4 Body

    Painted a new body for my TC4 this past Sunday. Jonesed the paint scheme from run2jeepn. You can't see in the pics, but there are yellow flecks in the orange. Protoform 190mm Dodge Charger Body.
  17. godale03

    Bought a TC4 FT

    Well guys... just bought a TC4 FT Kit! I went ahead and bought on on Ebay from Associatedelectrics out of Costa Mesa. I believe that is actually associated's headquarters right? Maybe I bought it from Associated? LOL Anyway, I am guessing that with only a $10 shipping charge, it will take 10...
  18. godale03

    Wheel adapter for the TC4

    Hey guys, I was looking on HPI's site at a 200mm touring car body.. .the corvette to be exact, and I saw a nice set of touring car wheels to go with it. The problem is that HPI's hex is like 24 or 26mm and I believe the TC4 hexes are only 23mm. Do they make wheel adapters so that the HPI...
  19. U

    Sold Associated Factory Team TC4 FS/T

    roller or w/elec. lots of spares, parts, tires, batts, motors, etc etc. make offer, will listen to bug/trug trades (ofna/jammin/mugen/CL1/HB for ex) have 3600 and 3800 racing packs monster motors (new arms) jr xs3 radio w/extra Rxs hitec HFX ESC extra unpainted mazda 6...
  20. FastEddy

    Starting FT TC4 build Any tricks?

    I Just broke the seal on a FT TC4 (THANKS RushRC!) Is there any mods or recommended hopups I should be looking at during the build? First thing I'm doing is putting a bevel on all the CF and gluing it. Other then that I haven't heard a peep about recommended mods. LMK -Ed