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  1. Panko75

    Rated M for Mini. Tamiyas M chassis Write Up

    I have a confession to make, I like most M chassis. Most of them are very much borderline toy-grade, save for the M07/M08 you're looking at cheap plastic, bushings, friction shocks, etc. I always felt that they made for fun, if expensive "novelty" on-roaders. Just something fun to run around...
  2. Panko75

    My Tamiya TT02 Experiences

    To preface this, I did not buy any of these as kits, I often buy my Tamiyas used at a decent discount (and because I don't like applying 100+ stickers). I've owned a ridiculously hopped up TT02B, a Type S, R, Ds, and vanilla models, all used, and all were just a bit...eh? The S just comes with...
  3. O

    hudy graphite grease on plastic diff gears

    Hi My tamiya grease is empty and I am about to start on my Tamiya Midnight pumpkin build. I have some hudy graphite grease that I use on my track racer (Xray XB2 and XB4) Is this safe to use on the plastic differential gears?
  4. Dogman888

    I’m selling my TGX wth FS-15-LT

    My Tamiya TGX Mk1 has served its time, it’s been an eventful and fruitfull 2yrs but I decided that I want to try out nitro buggies instead of touring. Due to my decision I’m actioning on eBay considering the price of these other tgx’s on eBay it should sell for 200 or so cheaper than the rest...
  5. K

    My Tamiya Grasshopper 2

    Here's a kit I got for Christmas from my daughter . Tamiya Grasshopper 2. Just had bearings and a Tamiya RZ motor. Planning to try it out on 3s this weekend . Will post about how it goes !
  6. Glitch

    For the tamiya fans

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/689593708141905/permalink/1556252914809309/?ref=facebook_story_share Nissan 350z has servo needs transmitter and battery. Unpainted clear body. Otherwise fully assembled. He’s trying to sell it for $50 but only locally, you’d have to convince him to ship it. From...
  7. Leo.177

    What motor for drift and touring use in a Tamiya TT02 Type SR?

    I'm wondering what motor I should use for a drift/touring build with a Tamiya TT02 Type SR? Brushed? Brushless? Also I'm thinking of getting a hex screw kit for building the car, is it worth it?
  8. G

    Painting windows

    Hey, I have a quistion about painting the windows. the main color of my car is white but i backed it with black. Now i want to tint the windows with tamiya ps-31 (smoke transparant). But when i do this the black color will probably dissapear around the windows. Or will smoke transparant not...
  9. D

    Quicrun 880 in vintage Bullhead - please help

    Hi, I recently bought and installed the quicrun 880 into my Bullhead from 1991. The operation was smooth and programming easy as usual...but one thing keeps giving me headache. The ESC is cutting out from time to time, for example when accelerating full throttle directly from reversing (I've...
  10. Jlrj87

    Tamiya Mercedes C11 Group C wheels

    Hello everyone I have a Tamiya Mercedes C11 Group C car. It’s now so old the tyres have all split, and also due to it being so old I cannot find replacement tyres/wheels. Does anyone have any tips for where I could get replacements or if any other wheels are compatible?? Any help is much...
  11. ChadCharlieG

    Tamiya Off Road Buggies & Brushless motors?

    So this is probably a very noob question. But every time I see anyone with Tamiya buggies, they are always brushed. Why is this? Are Tamiya buggies unsuited for the power of a powerful brushless system? Also, I don't do organised racing, because another thought I had could be that they are...
  12. LongIslandRC

    Meet my rigs (some of them)

    Introducing some of my fleet. I try to take good care of my stuff because I was a destructive kid. It didn't work out well. Now I can race and bash and repair like a pro, to keep my rides tight. And make the next owner wanna pay $$ for your rig.??✌?
  13. LongIslandRC

    Tamiya Mudmad Build

    Just having fun building this little guy and making it fast and tough.✌?✌???
  14. RobertRichard

    New Built Tamiya R/C 1/10 Super Clodbuster 4x4x4 Spektrum 2.4GHz Transmitter

    New Built Tamiya R/C 1/10 Super Clodbuster 4x4x4 Spektrum 2.4GHz Transmitter On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Built-Tamiya-R-C-1-10-Super-Clodbuster-4x4x4-Spektrum-2-4GHz-Transmitter/274523395102?
  15. RobertRichard

    Tamiya 1/8 TNX 5.2R Nitro 5.2CC Engine Customized 4x4 Monster Truck Factory Kit

    Tamiya 1/8 TNX 5.2R Nitro 5.2CC Engine Customized 4x4 Monster Truck Factory Kit On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-1-8-TNX-5-2R-Nitro-5-2CC-Engine-Customized-4x4-Monster-Truck-Factory-Kit/114404137655?
  16. RobertRichard

    Tamiya R/C 1/10 Agrios Monster Truck TXT2

    Tamiya R/C 1/10 Agrios Monster Truck TXT2 +Traxxas Waterproof ESC +Lipo Battery On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-R-C-1-10-Agrios-Monster-Truck-TXT2-Traxxas-Waterproof-ESC-Lipo-Battery/113871681964?
  17. Tsukinoma

    Tamiya TG10 Mk1 2 Speed Upgrade?

    Hi, new to this forum website, Got my Tamiya TG10 Mk1 running again and was wondering if anyone would be able to guide me on upgrading it to 2 speed. As well as a possible fuel tank upgrade? (Australia) Thanks in Advance :)
  18. nuka

    Old Tamiya Nitro Crusher engine swap

    i have a old tamiya nitro crusher which i have had for 5yrs now. but the engine isnt preforming as well, when i first got it the engine never went past half throttle and always stalled often. it has come somewhat better but the engine is sluggish to move. so I'm thinking of doing a engine swap as...
  19. WoodiE

    The Tamiya Blackfoot has returned!

    I completely missed this... Tamiya has re-released the Tamiya Blackfoot monster truck! https://www.tamiyausa.com/items/radio-control-kits-30/trucks-36500/rc-blackfoot-2016-58633 Shortly after I got into the RC hobby many many years ago, my brother and dad also wanted to get an RC. So dad...
  20. B2P

    Tamiya TL-01 Brushless & Brushed tuning

    Remove all plastic parts such as lower arms and mechanic control unit Replace all plastic ball bearings with Metal ones, I used the tl-01 tuning set. I ordered all new aluminium hopup parts such as aluminium drive shaft aluminium springs I ordered all new aluminium springs and...