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  1. R

    Tamiya 1/8 TNX 5.2R Nitro 5.2CC Engine Customized 4x4 Monster Truck Factory Kit

    Tamiya 1/8 TNX 5.2R Nitro 5.2CC Engine Customized 4x4 Monster Truck Factory Kit On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-1-8-TNX-5-2R-Nitro-5-2CC-Engine-Customized-4x4-Monster-Truck-Factory-Kit/114404137655?
  2. R

    Tamiya R/C 1/10 Agrios Monster Truck TXT2

    Tamiya R/C 1/10 Agrios Monster Truck TXT2 +Traxxas Waterproof ESC +Lipo Battery On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-R-C-1-10-Agrios-Monster-Truck-TXT2-Traxxas-Waterproof-ESC-Lipo-Battery/113871681964?
  3. Tsukinoma

    Tamiya TG10 Mk1 2 Speed Upgrade?

    Hi, new to this forum website, Got my Tamiya TG10 Mk1 running again and was wondering if anyone would be able to guide me on upgrading it to 2 speed. As well as a possible fuel tank upgrade? (Australia) Thanks in Advance :)
  4. nuka

    Old Tamiya Nitro Crusher engine swap

    i have a old tamiya nitro crusher which i have had for 5yrs now. but the engine isnt preforming as well, when i first got it the engine never went past half throttle and always stalled often. it has come somewhat better but the engine is sluggish to move. so I'm thinking of doing a engine swap as...
  5. WoodiE

    The Tamiya Blackfoot has returned!

    I completely missed this... Tamiya has re-released the Tamiya Blackfoot monster truck! https://www.tamiyausa.com/items/radio-control-kits-30/trucks-36500/rc-blackfoot-2016-58633 Shortly after I got into the RC hobby many many years ago, my brother and dad also wanted to get an RC. So dad...
  6. B2P

    Tamiya TL-01 Brushless & Brushed tuning

    Remove all plastic parts such as lower arms and mechanic control unit Replace all plastic ball bearings with Metal ones, I used the tl-01 tuning set. I ordered all new aluminium hopup parts such as aluminium drive shaft aluminium springs I ordered all new aluminium springs and...
  7. D

    tamiya tnx shuts off everytime i come to a complete stop or when i turn and get ready to accelerate

    So i bought my first rc nitro truck. Used of course but well taken care of. Any ways i brought it home it fired right up and messed with it for a while and retuned it just so i can have the right tuning. I did it i ran it again after about 7 tanks later it starts acting up. It stalls when idle...
  8. S

    Sold Tamiya TRF801Xt 1/8 truggy

    New tires/wheels. Engine freshly rebuilt. One servo has case cracked, no affect on performance. Engine needs break in. Body comes painted, uncut. Needs TX/RX, glow plug igniter, charger for receiver battery and charger for roto start. Comes with roto start wand. Comes with extra motor mounts...
  9. NCNitro

    Tamiya Jeep CR-01 Rear Bumpers

    I am looking for two of the Tamiya Jeep YJ rear bumpers that came with the CR-01 kit. Thanks
  10. B2P

    Tamiya TL-01 tuning

    Hi guys, I was planning to upgrade my tamiya tl-01 chassis. I've allready upgrade everythingto aluminium parts and used the metal bearrings instead of plastic. I changed the gears set and chaged the counter gear to aluminum.. I changed the Original 540 into a 540 RS sport tuned motor. My...
  11. chickenman242

    tamiya fs-15 engine

    I just acquired a sweet Tamiya tr-15t yesterday and the engine needs a lil bit of love ,however one main piece is missing ,the hsn .the guy I bought it from never run it in the 12 years of owning and has no idea where it went ,does anyone have any insight into this engine and where to get parts...
  12. D

    Tamiya Tnx problem stuck in first gear

    Hi guys hope you can help when I start the truck all four wheels move, I have set all screws back to factory settings which did not work, and spent hours adjusting the settings 1/8 at a time just in case. The thing is the car won't idle the wheels still go no matter what is adjusted (like...
  13. Jam Racing 1

    Tamiya Terra Crusher Modded

    I always liked Tamiya stuff and when i saw this rig I just had to buy it, it has been modded extensively and has the trans locked in fwd only using JB weld. I used alot of GPM parts on it and the engine is an OS .18 cvrx..... The chassis is a new era 4.7 mm plate which is a nice unit..... I...
  14. J

    Replacement for Tamiya FS-12SS .12 Engine - Tamiya TGS Chassis

    Hi peeps, I have the dreaded Tamiya TGS 1/10 scale Touring chassis which was Tamiya's budget/ entry level nitro car in the early 2000's. I wanted to know if anyone has replaced the seriously unreliable/ underpowered Tamiya FS-12SS made by O.S. and what was the suitable candidate they used? I...
  15. chickenman242

    best place to find old school tamiya parts and hop ups (ta-02)

    I have just purchased a mint in box ta02 chassis Castrol celica and would like to get some parts and options for it I have being cruising ebay the last few days and have found some stuff but if anyone knows where or even has any they would like to sell or swaps or what ever let me know:D
  16. rdanis207

    Tamiya tnx servo problems help pleasee

    So when the cars off the servo works fine but when I start it and give it gas the servo stutters constantly
  17. Nitrobuzzard

    Tamiya Super Clodbuster

  18. S

    Tamiya TT-01/02 Kits? Should I Buy?

    So, first off I'm new here. I have an old nitro kit I am playing with and having fun. But things are heading toward wanting to join a club. To race and have some fun with while the lady's at work. Now, the club very local to me only races electrics. 1/12th and 1/10th touring cars. Which is...
  19. hotboost

    Tamiya TXN 5.2R

    Hi just wondering if any one has one? I picked mine up second hand a month or so a go.
  20. NCNitro

    WTB Tamiya High lift Light Bar

    I need a Tamiya high lift light bar. Even if you have a broken one, that will work too, as I will be cutting it up anyway. I will need the clear lenses with it, and would like the chrome to not be all scratched up. Shoot me a pm if ya got one, thanks.