tamiya blackfoot

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  1. WoodiE

    The Tamiya Blackfoot has returned!

    I completely missed this... Tamiya has re-released the Tamiya Blackfoot monster truck! https://www.tamiyausa.com/items/radio-control-kits-30/trucks-36500/rc-blackfoot-2016-58633 Shortly after I got into the RC hobby many many years ago, my brother and dad also wanted to get an RC. So dad...
  2. J

    tamiya super blackfoot

    Just got this off my buddy today and he's had it for like 20 years. He got it new and just stopped running it about 5 months ago. (Upgraded to a stampede vxl) So i want to kinda rebuild it but just upgrade the motor and somewhat of the "esc" it has lol. I love the radio man it is really...
  3. S

    yamiya blackfoot

    tamiya blackfoot anyone out there got an old skool one ?
  4. SMaxxin

    Sold / Found Blackfoot body

  5. SMaxxin

    Sold / Found 1.9 Mud Thrashers and Blackfoot

    All gone!
  6. SMaxxin

    Sold / Found WTB a Blackfoot body

    Found one!
  7. Bighomedog11

    Tamiya Blackfoot

    Hey are Tamiya Blackfoot good trucks?
  8. M


    any1 heard of a black foot monster truck its electric but the thing is awsome
  9. B

    Sold / Found Clods, Blackfoot, TA03 Pro, Charger, Bodies

    I must raise some cash so unfortunatley some things have to go. I did NOT want to have to sell the Clods but I have other priorities now. Stock Clod - As close to new as I've seen. Bowtie grill and Chevy tailgate. Everything's there just add your radio system. (Rx in pics not included) Have...