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  1. StevenMax

    T MAXX squat

    Hey everyone, If you have ever drove a T maxx Then you know the ass and likes to sag down under acceleration pretty good despite having spring spacers. I recently installed the Hot Racing 100mm big bore shocks with dual rate springs and Losi 32.5wt oil. I wantedto keep that stock plush feel...
  2. H

    Traxxas Slayer sway bar kit

    I want to install a sway bar kit on my new Slayer Pro 4x4 Nitro. Do I need to get a different rear bumper mounting kit for this sway bar kit to work on the rear ?
  3. I

    What is a sway bar kit?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the whole RC hobby and I would like to know if it is worth it to get a sway bar kit for my slayer pro. My first car is on its way to my house and I'm just looking around at different things for it. I just see a couple people using the SBK but I don't know what it is exactly...
  4. Spyke_696

    Shocks springs and sway bar question

    ok ill start out that this is on road. but I'm gunna make a bet that same goes for rcs as it does with real cars. lets say drifting you want i tight suspension with little to no give to slide and keep a slide. and drag you want soft in the back with a little stiffer in the front to catch the...
  5. G

    help with HBX tiger shark sway bar

    hi i have a HBX tiger shark 1/8th buggy i want to fit a sway bar to the front and rear arms but there is no mounting for one to be attached?? any ideas welcome :) cheers.
  6. B

    Sway bars.

    Yay or nay? Why or why not?
  7. hamz9561

    mERV Sway bars

    Does anyone if there are sway bars made for the mERV?
  8. N

    Revo sway bar blocked by rear bumper

    Hey all, so I just took the time to install the sway bar on my revo. Now, is there anyone who have came up with a easy way to re-install the rear bumper without it hindering the sway bars movements? Or will I have to shear off some material on it to fit? Here's a pic just for the heck off it...
  9. M

    Sway bars

    Just installed swaybars on my Maxx. I must say I wasn't sure how I was gonna like it, but since I do most of my driving on the street I figured I'd give them a try. I love em! Handles so much better now, and barely lifts up the wheel when going on high speed turns. Sent from my Samsung...
  10. J

    Sway Bar Kit for E-Revo

    I am currently looking at the sway bars kits for the Revos and have so far found two different sets that pop up. First of course it the Traxxas brand and second is Tekno R/C Sway Bar Kit Revo. I of course was wondering which might be better? So I'm wondering if anyone here has tried both...
  11. R

    Sway bars

    Do sway bars really work and if so would i be able to install slash 4x4 sway bar kit on my pede 4x4?
  12. J

    Sway Bar really worth it?

    Is the sway bar a good upgrade to pick up? Does it improve handling a decent amount? Also, which one of these has anyone used before? The second one seems to look a bit stronger then the first...
  13. O

    Sold / Found revo sway bars

    let me know if someone has an extra kit, thanks
  14. W

    Sway bar kit

    Having trouble figuring out where the ends of the sway-bar knuckles go. The instructions are not very clear.:\ Never mind, after looking and looking, i see i need new lower control arms!:angry: The ones that came with it, do not have holes for them, but the one i broke and replace few months...
  15. K

    Slayer sway bar anyone know a good site

    Can someone hook me up with a site that sells a good set of sway bars for the slayer i have to come to the conclusion that driving the slayer is getting old because of how un stable.. Thanks!!! :)
  16. Scrogg

    HPI sway bar kit

    It's about time! Sorry if this old news but the Savage has needed this for some time. It makes them handle sooo much better! http://www.hpiracing.com/products/en/102538/
  17. C

    World's First HPI Blitz Sway Bar

    After much scearching the net and could not find a sway bar kit for my beloved Blitz. I set out on a mission to make one my self. I have done it! Here are some pic's And Here, Here Too, And Finally Here. Let me know what you think. BTW It works like a dream
  18. J

    Sway Bar kit benefits?

    I scored a sway bar kit for my Revo on ebay with some other stuff i needed. Wondering if any of you guys have installed it and if it did any good for you? i just bash, no racing, but no matter how i set the preload on the shocks i either get a big a$$ up under braking and an unstable turn, or...
  19. D

    sway bar help

    i want to put sway bars on a monster gt 8.0 what can i use
  20. J

    Sway Bar Project

    Nothing special. I came across this while looking for sway bars for my savage XL. http://www.rcbasher.com/savsway.html I picked up a few items at my LHS. I used aluminum Itengy Revo ball ends and traxxas plastic ball ends for the rest. The Integy ball ends come threaded with 4M...