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  1. D

    HSP 94122 suspention

    Hello again 94122 people, I'm thinking about upgrading my HSP 94122 suspension to better suit off road driving (just dirt road driving not anything crazy). And i'm wondering what parts I would need, speciffically to get it off the ground more as it sits verrrry low from factory. I have already...
  2. J

    Traxxas Slash suspension sag

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the hobby and have a Slash 4x4. The truck is only a couple of months old and I have just noticed that the rear suspension is sagging and will not rebound to where it use to be. It bottoms out very easily. I've sent this pic and a video to Traxxas via chat, they were rude...
  3. Ncederlund012108

    What would be some good premounted tires for this truck and so suspension to lower it down

  4. WoodiE

    Tekno EB410 sway bar sets

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