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  1. J

    Traxxas Slash suspension sag

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the hobby and have a Slash 4x4. The truck is only a couple of months old and I have just noticed that the rear suspension is sagging and will not rebound to where it use to be. It bottoms out very easily. I've sent this pic and a video to Traxxas via chat, they were rude...
  2. Ncederlund012108

    What would be some good premounted tires for this truck and so suspension to lower it down

  3. D

    Platform Crossover for Front A-arms / Wheel Hubs

    I have a version of the HSP 1/10 monster truck with upgraded aluminium wheel hubs and a-arms. These work ok, but the internet if filled with poor quality aluminium and can be hit an miss. Even the better ones, don't take much of a bashing before the pins develop slop and the steering is...
  4. WoodiE

    Tekno EB410 sway bar sets

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