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  1. B

    Steering on HPI MT2

    Hi guys I bought a HPI MT2 19 years ago, I used it a handful of times and then Packed it away. I have now just got it up and running but the steering doesn’t want to work. All the rods look fine and when I turn the front wheels by hand they look fine. I was wondering if a new black box where...
  2. H

    Redcat MT10e servo pushing against motor

    I have a Redcat MT10e but whenever I turn the servo it pushes against the motor and shifts the motor and the servo. Anyone know how to fix that? Another thing I can’t figure out is if i turn one way it will go back to the center like it’s supposed to but if i turn the other way it doesn’t fully...
  3. D

    Strange steering issue

    Hi everyone! So my brother got a Wltoys 124018 last August and it has worked just fine up until i couple months ago when the steering suddenly turned weird, so we took of the plastics/cover and the steering servo was really weak and making this ticking sound when you turned it and it would kinda...
  4. C

    RC Controller broken wheel

    Hi, I have zero experience in fixing RC and I suddenly remembered I still have my RC car from years ago. There was a problem with the remote, specifically the steering. I over torqued (if it's wrong I'm sorry, english isn't my first language) the wheel and it broke. The wheel was supposed to...
  5. Roma

    Identifying steering problem

    Hi. I'm absolute nevbie in RC and dealing with first issue that I seek for solution. How do I identify where is the problem with steering? Remote is working well in back and forward direction but steering is completely off. I can just hear a little noise turning remote wheel in one direction...
  6. M

    HSP Backwash has no steering

    I'm new to the rc world anyway I bought a new 1/10 nitro buggy never got to play with it always something going wrong with it. Now I have no steering so I bought a new servo, both front adjustable bars I guess that's what they call it new dog bones and I still have no steering... can anyone...
  7. 66TotalPerf

    Losi Baja Rey Steering Questions

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum and really to RC trucks, as it's been many years since I've owned any RC vehicles, before picking up a Baja Rey 2.0 King Shocks edition last month. So I've been driving my truck all over and just having fun when I decided to partially tear it down since I did...
  8. J

    WLTOYS 12428 - steering problems

    Hi all, I bought my son a WLTOYS 12428 For his birthday. After a couple days it started having a few problems with the steering. The servo kept clunking and jolting all the time, even when not trying to steer. It’s also slow and unresponsive, sometimes not turning at all... I replace the servo...
  9. T

    HSP Brontosaurus turning issues

    Hi all I'm having a problem with my turning. when i swap the wires on the receiver so that the servo turns with the trigger, then the servo turns properly. because of this then i replaced the receiver, thinking that wast the issue, but it is still doing the same. I'm running a 5000mAh 2S liPo...