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  1. Hepher88

    HPI electric starters

    So I have brought a new electric starter rod and back plate for an electric drill, the wording is a bit missleading as I thought it was reffering to a hand drill and not the electric starter. I can however fit it to my hand drill, question is: does anybody know the rpm on the electric starters...
  2. Martyn123c

    Nitro starter box wheel worn!!

    HI, there I recently brought a nitro starter box and the rubber wheel has got a wear mark in the middle, am I doing anything wrong? is there a problem having a 32mm flywheel as it wouldn't contact as good as 34mm? I'm using the standard flywheel that comes with most RTR models where it's got...
  3. Jase125

    What Starter Box should I get?

    I'm thinking of getting a starter box but not sure what one? And where from? For a 1/8 scale. I need to know what I need to run the starter box? Cheers.
  4. Clintd

    Sold / Found Nitro Engine, 1/10 On road nitro RC, controller and starter box.

    Thinning the herd! I've had this for some time and really have no use for it. It's entirely too fast to use around my area and it's not my thing. no controller or receiver is included (Pictures still show the airtronics receiver that's not included) has a EVO4 .15 engine that runs fine and...
  5. WoodiE

    ProTek SureStart off-road starter box, $49.99

    ProTek RC SureStart Professional 1/8th scale off-road starter box, $49.99 Currently, only 11 more left at this price!
  6. A

    What battery is best for a starter box for a 3.5 hp trophy truggy

    Hi I have a V2 Starterbox with Twin-motor for 1:8-1:10 and I have a 3.5 hpi trophy buggy bit might get a 1:10 on road soon. I was wandering volts and amhere (rpm I gues) suits the car best? the starter box company reccomends a 11.1v lipo. But I hav a 20 year old 7.2 charger. Is it worth it to...
  7. W

    1/8 scale starter box questions.

    i just got my first 1/8 scale and I'm very excited to put some smoke in the tailpipe, but before i do i need a starter box. the buggy i have is a hot bodies d8. the universal boxes all look a little different with the placement of the pegs. I'm sure there are some that will work and some that...
  8. godale03

    Sold / Found Ofna chrome top starter box

    F/S I have another Ofna chrome top for sale. This one was an extra one I have and I was going to keep it but decided to get rid of it. I'm am getting out of nitro and have an e-truggy in the works and could use the extra cash for that. I am hoping to sell it for $75 OBO shipped to the lower...
  9. A

    Sold / Found Starter box

    WTB a used starter box off someone. If anyone has any laying around let me know. Any condition will be considered unless: 1.) Clearly run over by a truck 2.) On fire while picture was taken 3.) Been on fire recently :hehe: Box is for an 1/8th scale buggy with a .21, dual motors preferred...
  10. Snook Man

    Starter Box motors.

    I’m going to refurbish an old tired Ofna starter box and customize it a little to fit my TMuggy build as a dedicated box for it. I can build/fabricate just about anything my mind can conjure up but electronics are not my forte. Last year I got through the season by replacing the old motors...
  11. S

    Starter Box for HPI Trophy 4.6 Truggy

    Does anyone know if you can use a Team Associated Starter Box with HPI Trophy 4.6 Truggy? Any help would be appreciated!
  12. L

    Sold / Found rc10gt Starter box

    Looking for an electric starter box for rc10gt 1/10 scale
  13. O

    starter boxes. Need to order ASAP

    Ok so now comes the time to either get a OWB and maybe a new shaft (doubtful) and either a rotostart backplate or pull start. Which will be around $50 either way I go and I will still break OWBs and pull starts. Not my cup of tea. I have a hyper 10sc nitro (
  14. nazUK

    Starter Box concern with LIPO Battery - Need advice?

    Hi I have a Kyosho Multi Starter Box Pro 2.0 (KYO36209) and I've just purchased a Lipo Battery which is a Turnigy 5000mAh 4S1P 14.8v 20C. My concern is when I connect the wires which also look visually thinner than the Lipo wires seem to get warm maybe hot as I did not test long enough to...
  15. G

    Starter box problem did I damage my car

    I read on another thread where you can hurt your engine by the starter box wheel turning the different way it should. So I checked my car and box it was going different ways i don't know of I messed up my engine please comment
  16. nazUK

    Help on how to customize cut Starter Box

    Hi Everyone Right I bought my first Starter Box and to my surprise it does not fit my truck. Very annoying and it's suppose to be universal/multi whatever they call it, "what a load of crap" Anyway been on the net trying to see if other people have had the same problem as me and I did find...
  17. nazUK

    Your Opinion on Kyosho Multi Starter Box Pro 2.0

    Hi Thinking of buying my first starter box and been looking at the "Kyosho Multi Starter Box Pro 2.0". Like the spec especially the smaller starter wheel etc etc. Just like to hear if anyone owns one or has used one and give me some feedback on your views. Thanks in advance...
  18. B

    Ofna Starter Box

    Yo Dudes, Just got an Ofna starter box with the power panel on the front. It's actually pretty cool with the gel battery. My question is...The glowplug igniter that plugs into the panel shows between 10-12 volts at the end. I thought it only took 1.5 volts to heat a glow plug. I have a home made...
  19. 0

    rc starter box

    hi, my friend has just purchased a 2nd hand starter box and it is without pegs at the front and we have tried it on both mine and his buggy and without the glow plug in it turns the engine over fine but with it in, it just doesn't grip the flywheel and spins and wheres itself away. any help plz
  20. 0

    what is a good rc starter box make ?

    hi, I was looking at rc starter boxes on the internet and i saw a Ft gt2 starter box. i was wondering is that a good make for a starter box ? and answers would be much appreciated. :D:D:D