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  1. Kyle Druktenis

    First Stadium Truck build

    Hello I’m waiting to start racing in the stadium truck class and I’m wondering what’s a good set up that’s not too pricey, I have lot of experence in the rc world but dont know what to get. All the cars I have were RTR now I'm wanting to build my own, Thanks!
  2. Guy219

    Associated/losi Shock length?

    I'm doing a long shock conversation on the front of my slash 4x4. I'm looking for associated or losi shocks over 100mm but under 110mm eye to eye. I've looked all over the interweb but can't find nothing on total length. Can anyone refer a shock in that range? Any info would be greatly...
  3. Maverick Strada Evo XT - Rebuild

    Maverick Strada Evo XT - Rebuild

    I get the impression this was originally sold as a RtR truck, but someone seems to have taken it apart and didn't remember how to put it back together again.
  4. Shane from oz

    Identify my Traxxas RC

    Can anyone be more specific on the vehicle I purchased today? Bought second hand so I really have no idea without any manual. All I know is it’s s Traxxas off some sort. Discontinued model I think . At least if knew the model and approximate year I could download some specs to try and set it up...
  5. RustyUs

    Team Associated RC10T4.x

    Stadium trucks are, by far, my favorite RCs to run on a track. Been running this truck (T4.2) for a couple of years now. But, this year, I'm going for a truggy look while using some SCT tires and wheels on all four corners. After a bit of a panic attack that I would not be able to find...
  6. WoodiE

    Traxxas introduces new Rustler 4x4 VXL

    Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  7. F

    Help - HPI Firestorm - Receiver issues

    Hello guys, New to nitro rc cars but I purchased one today and am having issues with he receiver/transmitter. Wired everything up and everything has good batteries in but the steering is coming through on the controller using the throttle up and down lever and the actually throttle on the car...
  8. N

    Servo problem. Traxxas Rustler TRX 2.5

    After I crank the truck, I can throttle the control, and everything works fine. The problem I'm having is, the brakes don't seem to work at all and when I try to apply the brakes, it's almost like it bouncing that servo motor from brake to throttle and it gets stuck. I have no control of...
  9. M

    HPI Firestorm

    Hi guys, this is my first post on here and I'm fairly new to nitro cars and RC cars in general! I was wondering if anyone could tell me how far the range is between the transmitter and receiver on my HPI Firestorm nitro car? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  10. jmarcet85

    traxxas Jato Engine suggestions

    Hey guys I'm gonna be changing the mill in my jato. Its got the dynamite .19 in it which I do like but I've done a lot of mods and shes a tank. I've been looking at the os .21 max or the picco max .26, or .21. All input greatly appreciated I'm leaning torwards the picco max .26 but I want to make...
  11. C

    HPI Firestorm problems.

    Hello there, new to these forums so going to refrain from asking too many questions at this time but I'm having problems with my HPI firestorm currently. I've never really done repairs to my model car before but I'm not going to keep taking my RC car back to the hobby shop especially after my...
  12. HPI-Killer

    Sold / Found WTB: AE NTC3-MGT-RC10GT2 Parts

    Lookin to buy the following AE parts. MGT 4.60 - Forward Only Conversion Kit, Fuel Tank, Inline Fuel Priming Bulb, Upgraded Manifold & Or Pipe, Stiff Shock Springs, OWB & Or Pullstart Unit. MGT 8.0-Front & Rear Diffs, Inline Fuel Priming Bulb RC10GT2-OWB, Pullstart Unit, Wheels & Or Tires...
  13. P

    hpi firestorm 10t starting issues

    Hi all I'm new to all this so go easy on me :) warning in advance I'm thick! :) haha basicly I brought a firestorm 10t and can't get it started the guy I brought it from showed me jt started at his house took a while but when it started it reved right up and tryed taking off then died.. I said I...
  14. 1

    rc10gt with a 2.5

    So i just set up a deal for a rc10gt but i was told it is a rc10gt2 with a traxxas 2.5 that has a pull start . The guy wanted 50.00 so yeah i was kinda worried how the motor was. I was told he wanted out of the hobby and he is going to electrics. He is going to throw in a traxxas remote for...
  15. 1


    I know the 10gt pretty well i think we all do lol. I want to know when this new one came out did it kinda fizzle away? I do not see a lot of rtr out there. My lhs has one they want 299.99 and i am sure tax on top of that. Now out the door at 335.00 or so i think that is nuts what you guy's...
  16. windjammer47

    O.S. .18 CV-R in Traxxas Rustler

    Hi all! I'm looking online and I found a good deal on a OS .18 CV-R. Is there any way this will fit into a nitro rustler? Can I put a pull start on this? Thanks all!
  17. J

    traxxas jato nitro

    I've got a traxxas. Nitro jato ran fine when I got it now its acting as if it doesny get a good signal and not wanting to go. Could this be a battery issue? I'm new to the r.c world any advice is appreciated.
  18. brunom97

    Rc10gt engines

    I was wondering what kind of engine can fit an rc10gt is it possible for a hpi t15 or what else can I put
  19. HPI-Killer

    Sold / Found Low Balled Traxxas Jato 3.3 Roller FS/FT

    I need this gone and am slashing my throat to get some $$. Traxxas Jato 3.3 RPM A-Arms F&R RPM Front Bumper Traxxas Low-RPM Tuned Pipe Imex Skulls Tires On Mounted Wheels EZ Start Wand w/ Pack EZ Start Quick Charger Bunch Of Spare Stock Parts Complete Spare Tranny Manuals & Decals Painted Lid...
  20. J

    Sold / Found WTB: Traxxas Jato 2.8 Rims...Front and Rear

    Looking for Jato 2.8 rims front and rear ASAP. Send PM for quicker response.