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  1. D

    Breaking Spur and pinion gears on Traxxas X-Maxx

    Keep breaking spur and pinon gear
  2. batmanninja

    losi xxxnt spur gear

    anyone know where to get or what spur might be able to replace. i am starting to loose teeth on my spur gear. i have checked ebay, amazon, and many online hobby part stores with no luck.
  3. batmanninja

    hpi nitro mt clutch/spur gear

    any one know that the gear specs are for this car. i am converting to electric and i need new pinion gear. for my lois xxx nt gear specs are 32p/20t for pinion gear. i am probablly going like 20t for the hpi as well what would the p# be?
  4. P

    Steel spur gear?

    So when I used to have a Savage I had plastic spur gears and was told metal spur fears would blow up the transmission? My new to me Savage X has a steel spur gear and a 3 spd tranny with reverse. Should I swap it out for a plastic or is my 3 spd strong enough and I should be good?
  5. Tape

    38t spurgear to a 36t gear

    I have a 36t spur gear and want to swap it in place of the factory installed 38t gear to get a little better high end speed, can I just swap it out?
  6. DerekPike

    HPI Monster King spur gear

    I have a friend who has the HPI monster king (Nitro version of the wheelie king). He keeps shredding the plastic spur gear that came with it (HPI 85625). He's looking for a metal one so he doesn't have to replace this thing every few runs. Any suggestions? I see the HPI firestorm also uses a 53t...
  7. IdriveSlideways

    3 spur gears in 2 hours

    My Redcat keeps shredding spur gears like nobody's business. I've changed it 3 times and it keeps happening. I've set my mesh with a piece of paper just as I've always done and haven't had any problems with it with any of my other RC's. Does anybody have a remedy for this problem? Or a link to...
  8. JohnSampson

    Spur gear destroyed

    so I have a savage XL, and for some reason, no matter what I do the spur gear always gets destroyed, it always starts to strip, I kinda looks like it's being ground down. Any help would be great, these are metal gears too.
  9. R

    Spur gear destroying itself

    I have an exceed forza, as running it the other day and it started reving but not going anywhere. I look at it to see what is wrong and the large gear teeth all but the outside edge had been worn down flat. So I replaced it and it roller smoothly until I started it up and gave it some gas. It...
  10. pjoseph

    how to be sure spur gear and clutch bell are aligned square?

    looking for a way to be sure the alignmenet between the spur gear and clutch bell are square? I have a little more play/adjustment since i had to extend the holes some in order to shift the center gear box up. the only idea i had would require two laser levels that i dont have so hoping there...
  11. G

    Robinson 47T GEN3 Slipper Unit Spur Gear Question

    Can you use the Robinson 47t GEN3 Spur Gear/Slipper Unit with the HPI Vented CB 17T? I know most say just stick with the plastic spur to give a weak link but I was wondering if they will work together? I have both and they seem to mesh very well but Robinson said to use their CB but I figured...
  12. P

    Hyper 7 SPUR GEAR HELP

    Hi, I've recently shredded my two gears that make my nitro car move. I think they're called the spur gears and the pinion. What are the best sort of cogs to buy for it? Thanks.
  13. Roger A. Cucal Jr.

    Diff bet 13 & 15 tooth pinion gear w/ 42 spur gear

    hi guys, i need help from experience driver out there. I have 13 & 15 tooth pinion gear which I want to match w/ 42 tooth spur gear, engine to be use is Novarossi P5XLT & novarossi Clio P5 and will be using efra 9901 & 21 short manifold. Now, the question is which of these two pinion gear...
  14. G

    First Savage spur gear/clutch bell question

    Waiting on my savage x 4.6 to turn up so i can run it in and give it a bash. just wondering what the best option is when upgrading the clutch bell and spur gear. What brand is best? how many teeth? etc Found this kit at a reasonable price thoughts...
  15. Khairul

    Help needed identifying spur gears

    Hi everyone, I'm attempting to bring back to life an old Pirate 10. This car was modified from the original single speed to a two speed gearbox. Unfortunately, the gears are stripped, and I'm trying to identify the gears used. As you can see from the photos, they are flat on one side, and on the...
  16. X

    Spur gear and bell gear

    Ok so I have a nitro sport with a 3.3...I know a small spur gear and bigger bell gear equals speed...and vise versa is torque. So my question is if I put a smaller spur gear and a bigger bell gear what will my results be will it stay the same or would I get the best of both worlds.
  17. B

    STRIPPING spur gear when revo shifts to 2nd

    I replaced my 3.3 with a new motor, got it broke in and it does great til it shifts to 2nd gear then instantly strips the spur gear! any suggestions would be great?
  18. pjoseph

    Should i move spur gear up some?

    I can move some of those washers to the inside but i worry about a larger gap between fly wheel and spur what do you think?
  19. M

    Spur gear ?'s

    Got the 4907 T-Maxx. Got a stripped out spur gear. What's the difference in a 58t, 54t, etc etc etc...? Second, is a aluminum/steel/metal/ whatever is worth the investment? What about the slipper clutch pads? Had one come apart during break in, one came apart last night. Is the carbon fiber pads...
  20. bobaloohoo

    T-maxx spur gear lawlz

    I was out driving my Nitro truck and this guy came up to me and wanted to know why his truck would rev to the moon but wouldnt move. I looked at his truck and all his teeth were missing on his spur gear, i showed him my spur and told him thats what a gear should look like. he didnt beleive that...