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  1. M

    SportsWerks Mayhem ST truggy build

    Ok so let start with the history of this "truck". It is a a truck. 1/8 st. Crazy right? Made in 2005 from award winning buggy mayhem by sportwerks. So all this had when I bought it was a spoiler of talking truggy wise. So this is what I will do: enforcer proline body 17mm hex adapters truggy...
  2. Childresshunt

    Sold for sale sportwerks termoil

    i have a sportwerks termiol being sold as a roller to fix and run or to part out your choice i was going to fix this car and run it but have decided to sell due to needed a transmission rebuilt in my everyday driver 75 bucks shipped U.S. only will ship to other countries if buyer pays shipping
  3. Childresshunt

    Opinions needed on Sportwerks buggies

    need some opinions on sportwerks 18th buggies are they worth fooling with ---------- Post added at 1:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 1:20 PM ---------- 1/8th and a guy has one without a motor for 50 bucks
  4. deadman

    sportwerks mayhem pro/ turmoil

    i bought 2 roller for around 100.00 a few days ago , now the questions! 1 were do i buy parts for these? 2 i hears some losi lst parts are interchangable. what is interchangable? i think the diffs are for sure but that were it ends for me. 3 why did sportwerks go out of buisiness? 4 what...
  5. brunom97

    my sportwerks mayhem

    i have a sportwerks mayhem the buggy version which parts would i need to convert it into a truggy plz respod
  6. S

    RC8 Race Spec with sportwerks .21 V2 ARR
  7. S

    Sportwerks Reaction

    I am looking into a Nitro Sportwerks Reaction, and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it (good or bad)?
  8. R

    sportwerks clutch springs for XL?

    Local rc shop just sold me a set of sportwerks swk3196 black clutch springs for my XL, he said they were the same as stock. Are these ok? The ones in it are gold as you guys likely know.
  9. H

    Sportwerks mayhem ST problem

    Hi all, Excuse my first post here being for help but I'm in a bind! It's been a long time since I last owned an RC car but I just bought myself a sportweks mayhem ST two days ago and It's got an issue that I can't seem to pinpoint. I managed to get through almost 3 tanks before the...
  10. W

    After pix of my Sportwerks mayhem

    Hey guys, OK I had got this buggy in a trade. It was pretty nasty when I first got it. So I cleaned it up, got some new goodies and here it is. Looking forward to running it in a month or so.
  11. B

    Sportwerks Mayhem RTR cross-compatable parts?

    Hello all. I'm new to the forums, but not new to RC. I recently bought my first buggy (been into 1/10 scale 4wd trucks before this) - a Sportwerks Mayhem. I know it's an older buggy, but I don't plan on racing it too much - the first thing I got for it is proline badlands tires on wabash wheels...
  12. A


    Hi guys and gals I'm new to this site, maybe you all can help me..... I just got back into RC after a couple years, I used to have a sportwerks Mayhem buggy, and loved the thing! Are they still making that? I cannot find it anywhere? Or are they on a newer version? Thanks all!
  13. R

    sportwerks chaos vs. exceed 1/16 wich is better?

    hey guys I'm wanting to get a mini nitro again.. i had the chaos but sold it and was wondering if anyone knew anything about the exceed
  14. R

    sportwerks chaos

    okay i just ordered a chaos is this a good lil truck or no how are they
  15. K

    Sportwerks Turmoil

    So I'm watching an auction for a Turmoil. Its new, but damaged.... So I need some parts. Anyone know some good sites for Sportwerks? and are usually my places to look, but they are only good for T-Maxx and Duratrax parts... Any Help?
  16. B

    is the sportwerks reaction any good?

    title. whats good whats bad and is this a good price is it a good car for some1 trying to get into nitro and has just played with raideoshack xmods and there...
  17. N

    sportwerks mahem?

    any thoughts on Sportwerks mahem?
  18. A

    sportwerks chaos picco linkage

    I'm in desperate help to install my new picco p zero in my chaos. can someone please help me... i have already turned the carb around so it misses the flywheel, now i just need to know how to fabricate the trottle linkage. pics or walktrough would be greatly appreciated. thanks, adam
  19. A

    picco zero slide carb hits sportwerks chaos flywheel?

    i just bought a brand new sportwerks chaos and a picco zero engine for it. when i tried putting the flywheel on the picco it hits the carb. is there any solution for this. i see that people use this set up all the time.
  20. A

    Sportwerks Chaos ???

    Does anyone have one of these and if so how do you like it? Hows is the top speed. I've been thinking about buying one and then purchasing the picco zero .08 for it. thanks, Adam