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  1. I

    RC Noob needs help with tires for Slayer Pro 3.3

    Hey guys, I've got a question, I would like to find different tires for my Slayer Pro. Do I have to stay with Traxxas brand for the wheels/rims or can I go with any different brand if the specs are the same? Such as the width, height, and diameter? Do you guys have any recommendations for good...
  2. BanditDarvel

    Losi 10 sct nitro or Traxxas Slayer Pro

    I'm wanting to get a short course truck and have narrowed it down to these 2. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. I

    traxxas slayer pro 4x4

    So my buddy just bought a used slayer pro and we are having some issues with it. Engine runs perfect. Starts just fine. But it starts moving as you're trying to start it. Replaced the clutch pads and it's still doing it. It will not shift even after adjusting the screw. Any help would be...
  4. RC/Racer

    Traxxas Slayer 4x4 pro

    Hi everyone: I am thinking of getting a Traxxas Slayer Pro 4x4 3.3.... What do you guys think of this rig...
  5. R

    Traxxas slayer pro 4x4

    I am new to this forum but not the rc world. first nitro truck, i had a gas bought so i have experience with tuning. I just bought one and had a few questions. 1. Fuel. My LHS sales wildcat black ops, traxxas and odonell, but can order any fuel. What is going to be the best to run in this 3.3...
  6. S

    AE SC8 or Traxxas Slayer Pro

    I'm looking to add a short course truck to my stable and I currently own a vehicle from both brands and they put out good vehicles with my experiences. I know the 3.3 has a chincy con rod but I have not heard anything else wrong with the slayer. The sc8 seems to be flawless as well so which one...
  7. T

    trade traxxas slayer for associated GT2rs??should i?

    Is it worth it to trade a slayer for a 2 week old GT2rs? The guy also wants me to give him 80 dollars.should i do it?
  8. trainguy

    Traxxas Slayer Pro 4x4?

    I've been reading about the Slayer pro 4x4 and it looks looks good and durable, but how good does it last? My S-maxx motor is gone. Don't want to replace it yet. I'll have to replace the fuel tank/lines too, forgot to empty the fuel and it gelled.:( Been broke since August. Already got...
  9. D

    OFNA ultra or Traxxas Slayer

    I found a used Slayer with a new motor from Traxxas for $150. Needs throttle linkage, transmitter & revceiver. Or an OFNA ultra, from say the late 90's? It has a Delta Force motor, I dont know the displacement, or any specs on it the guy says it puts out 1.7hp? I just kinda was like whatever...
  10. WrenchHead

    New Traxxas Slayer 4X4 Pro

    Ok check this bad boy from Traxxas out! I haven’t seen this info posted anywhere yet, so thought I’d better share it quick. This is the new Traxxas Slayer Pro 4×4! It’s bigger, and faster than the original Traxxas Slayer! It uses the TRX 3.3 engine with new GTR anodized shocks and BF Goodrich or...
  11. Captain Chaos

    Sold / Found Super clean traxxas slayer

    Looking for a real nice Traxxas Slayer for a sweet price.I can get one NIB for 375.00 so it needs to be a good price.
  12. J

    HPI roto start on a Traxxas Slayer

    anyone think it's possible? I've got the Savage XL and I find the roto start much simpler to use and would love to install it on the Slayer. The Traxxas EZ start system is nice, but weighs too much. Plus I'd like to have just one electric starting system in my tool kit, and the HPI system...
  13. flm_savage

    Sold / Found Traxxas Slayer

    First of all, i love this truck and i won't accept any lowball offers on it. Its a ton of fun but i need to feed my new wk basher fund. It will come with everything except radio gear. This is what you get. Traxxas Slayer with swaybar kit installed, integy 3 shoe clutch, motor saver air...
  14. N

    traxxas slayer vs some others

    Anyone would help me to compare the traxxas slayer RTR with the hpi firestorm RTR or traxxas nitro sport se RTR ? :angry::D
  15. insaneatvs

    Traxxas Slayer in person

    I went to my LHS today get a couple of things for my T-max and they had a NEW SLAYER sitting on the counter. This thing looks pretty cool, it looks just like the Jato but 4WD and different tires and wheels...I didnt get to see how much they are, the guy there was more interested in the people...
  16. Racer 1966

    Traxxas Slayer

    Well I went into my LHS to pick up my new body for my Aftershock and what do I see on the display stand? The new Slayer from Traxxas. Man does that thing look sweet, it goes straight to the top of my want list! If anyone has one, post up and let me know what you think of it.
  17. SMaxxin

    The Traxxas Slayer!!!

    This is a killer looking rig!
  18. C

    Traxxas Slayer! We all knew it was coming. A nitro Slash! And it's 4wd :D Might have to get one of these!