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  1. Young Padawan

    Shock Pliers, and Gauges for 1/6 Scale Truck

    Greetings, I am a total newbie to the hobby. I'm trying to find Shock Shaft Pliers for a 1/6 Scale RC Truck (Losi Baya Rey 2.0). The closest I'm finding is for 1/8 and 1/10 scale. Does anyone know of one that would work on 1/6 trucks, or, if the 1/8 scale one would work? The same question for...
  2. F.R.S. Ninja_007

    HOW TO FIX??!!

    So my brother broke his Arrma Senton Mega front shock awhile back but I just realized I kinda need it fixed by tomorrow evening; any clue on how to remove the shock cap?
  3. F.R.S. Ninja_007

    Merv shock cap keeps pulling off

    So this actually happened twice; the first time it happened because of a failed landing from 1’ in the air. I just refilled the shock and came out today, and it happened again, this time from traction rolling. For context, I’m running on a dirt oval with a few exposed roots and some loose dirt...
  4. Guy219

    Associated/losi Shock length?

    I'm doing a long shock conversation on the front of my slash 4x4. I'm looking for associated or losi shocks over 100mm but under 110mm eye to eye. I've looked all over the interweb but can't find nothing on total length. Can anyone refer a shock in that range? Any info would be greatly...
  5. kozmonot71

    Rustler VXL 2WD shocks and drive shafts recommendations

    Well, I had a driveshaft that kept popping off when doing even small jumps. U joint would pull apart right by the tranny on slip clutch side. It never broke but was worn where it was pulling out. I moved the camber link to too hole, got new tires and did not have anymore issues. Doing a speed...
  6. New Shocks Are Here!!!

    New Shocks Are Here!!!

    New Aluminum Shocks Just Came in, trying them out on the rear. Looks great. no shock fluid in them yet.
  7. WhiplashGamz

    Good suspension for the Arrma Senton?

    so if any of y'all have seen my recent post, you probably know that I broke the front a shock arm and the top of the shock absorber, so, I'm debating on whether to upgrade the suspension altogether, but I've seen posts about some shock arms easily breaking on the senton. Now, me being in the RC...
  8. Killed It!!!!!

    Killed It!!!!!

    sooo, i was just about to upload to youtube, and I was doing some runs before recording, aaaaaand, I ran it into a mailbox T^T (right before the video man I mean come on T^T)
  9. StevenMax

    T MAXX squat

    Hey everyone, If you have ever drove a T maxx Then you know the ass and likes to sag down under acceleration pretty good despite having spring spacers. I recently installed the Hot Racing 100mm big bore shocks with dual rate springs and Losi 32.5wt oil. I wantedto keep that stock plush feel...
  10. The RC Car

    Weird dual shock mod

    Okay, y'all, so I was bored and was just looking at my slash 4x4 wondering how I could make it better without dumping a bunch of money into it, and I had this idea (which would cost a bunch of money). So y'all know how you don't want your suspension so hard that it bounces around, and you don't...
  11. Surfrattx

    Some burning questions about upgrading shocks

    Hi everyone. I've done my best to find this bit of information but have came up empty. I have a HPI Trophy 3.5 and parts are becoming rare to nonexistent after they discontinued the buggy. Here's my questions Do shocks have a standard size for the mounting holes or will they only fit specific...
  12. Crogers

    T-Maxx shocks keep coming apart

    My shocks keep coming apart on my tmaxx
  13. D3MON

    Pro-Line Powerstroke 6025-00 (Pre-Slash)

    I know i can't be the only one with these anymore and trying to search online has been excruciating to search for as they have the same "name" as the newer ones released for the slash, (i guess they aren't really that "new"). so with some research and intense squinting at over-zoomed pixelated...
  14. M

    Adjusting shocks on a Redcat Blackout xte pro

    How do you adjust the shock to run over a rough grass covered lawn. Should the shocks be stiff?
  15. WoodiE

    Tekno Shock Standoffs

    Tekno has just announced a set of Tekno shock standoffs, that when used with the Tekno shock bushings (TKR8730), allow the shock only to pivot between the standoff and the bushing which in turn moves the wear surface to the bushing itself and increasing the life of the cap. Continue Reading
  16. WoodiE

    Proline 105mm Ultra Reservoir Crawler Shocks

    Proline 105mm Ultra Reservoir Crawler Shocks Continue reading the full article
  17. BurningRain

    Shock oil weight wt

    I've been reading up on this and since there were no threads under suspension (sorry if it's covered elsewhere) thought this would be a good place to start since it can make a massive difference to how the car drives. I understand the the softer it is the quicker it'll turn in however this also...
  18. WoodiE

    Slash GTR Shocks

    Looking to buy a set of Slash GTR shocks. Must be in great shape.
  19. brunom97

    Revo shock oil weight?

    Well I got my revo and the front shocks seem perfect but the rear feel like they need shock oil they are all stock but what weight oil should I use for the rear?
  20. sur3fir3

    question about diff oil weights vs shock oil weights

    I was wondering if I could combine my much thicker diff fluid with my lower shock fluids to try to achieve the weight I need. the fluids I am using are both from associated. basically I bought 4 bottles, 2 of 35 and 2 of 30wt shock oil, and I need some oil in the range of 50-80 weight for some...