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  1. H

    Redcat MT10e servo pushing against motor

    I have a Redcat MT10e but whenever I turn the servo it pushes against the motor and shifts the motor and the servo. Anyone know how to fix that? Another thing I can’t figure out is if i turn one way it will go back to the center like it’s supposed to but if i turn the other way it doesn’t fully...
  2. alademann

    My First 1:10 Crawler Build: Laegendary Grando => Axial SCX10 II

    Hi everyone, As I mentioned in my introduction thread, I'm building a basher and a crawler for my 2 sons for Christmas. I'll add some more details about the crawler build in this thread. It started out as a Laegendary Grando 1:10 that I got an insanely good price on. What I learned is that...
  3. chris.y2k.2001uk

    Carnage nt only 6 tanks fuel in and throttle servo issue Its also first car ever

    Just recently bought carnage nt...first car ever. So I broke a front mount for suspension fixed that. But when I turned it on only steering works not throttle response it just opened up fully ..turned back of replaced battery's same thing. Now I band aided the break with hair bands to hold it on...
  4. D

    Strange steering issue

    Hi everyone! So my brother got a Wltoys 124018 last August and it has worked just fine up until i couple months ago when the steering suddenly turned weird, so we took of the plastics/cover and the steering servo was really weak and making this ticking sound when you turned it and it would kinda...
  5. hubs.rc

    Servo twitching when breaking

    I got gifted a 2008 Kyosho Inferno GT2 and I got new glowplugs,igniter and also fuel. With a little bit of tuning the car works great until I got a new remote. I got the Spekteum SLT300 Remote. I took out the old receiver and installed the new one and every cable is connected correctly (meaning...
  6. M

    HSP Backwash has no steering

    I'm new to the rc world anyway I bought a new 1/10 nitro buggy never got to play with it always something going wrong with it. Now I have no steering so I bought a new servo, both front adjustable bars I guess that's what they call it new dog bones and I still have no steering... can anyone...
  7. S

    Will the Traxxas BEC work with this servo?

    Hello. I'm new here and new to RC trucks. I have a trx6 Mercedes and I'd like to get a new servo. I would like to get the ProTek RC 370TBL "Black Label" Waterproof High Torque Brushless Crawler Servo (High Voltage/Metal Case) (Digital). What I need to know is will the Traxxas bec work with...
  8. 66TotalPerf

    Losi Baja Rey Steering Questions

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum and really to RC trucks, as it's been many years since I've owned any RC vehicles, before picking up a Baja Rey 2.0 King Shocks edition last month. So I've been driving my truck all over and just having fun when I decided to partially tear it down since I did...
  9. Knight999

    Rival MT10 servo upgrade

    Just brought an mt10 Rival only been out with it twice and the cogs in the servo are damaged it's a reedy 15kg should I replace with the same one or are they known for being poor any advice would be much appreciated ?
  10. J

    WLTOYS 12428 - steering problems

    Hi all, I bought my son a WLTOYS 12428 For his birthday. After a couple days it started having a few problems with the steering. The servo kept clunking and jolting all the time, even when not trying to steer. It’s also slow and unresponsive, sometimes not turning at all... I replace the servo...
  11. F

    Servo Not Working

    Hello - I am in the process of building a Kyosho Javelin electric car. I am part way through and have just connected up the ESC / motor etc. to test everything is working as it should. The binding process worked fine with the receiver etc. & the motor is turning as expected, in the right...
  12. S

    Servo upgrade for HPI Baja 5t

    Hi I got a baja 5t I want to change the servo for a better one . One that the wheels will lock . And also add a faster n stronger directional servo . They also need to be water proof. I need help to figure out witch one is good n crap on Ebay. At the store it is way more expensive. Thx
  13. Bkyd Basher

    Servo explosion

    Hey guys, so we had just ran a bunch of laps and i had pulled in to let it cool for a bit when all of a sudden there was a loud pop and a puff of smoke. i kinda frantically got the body off and saw the side of the servo blew out and caught fire. Anyone ever had that happen? must have been a...
  14. E

    Throttle servo recommendations please

    Hi again, My question is two parts: first, I keep burning up throttle servos, I've broken two in the last month... any ideas as to why this might be happening? Secondly, as the title suggested I'm looking for recommendations for my next purchase of a 1/8 scale throttle servo, the last one I...
  15. E

    S1670 digital surface servo smoking

    Hi, So I've been having a lot of problems with my car... I'm seriously considering just scrapping the damn thing but since I've got about 350 into it I figured I'd see if maybe the gurus here at RCTalk could help me first. I was driving my car around and suddenly noticed that the brakes stopped...
  16. J

    TLR 8IGHT servo torque???

    I have a team losi racing 8ight 4.0 with a spektrum S6250 (0.13s 271oz-in.) In it, i also own a savox SC-1258TG (0.08s 166oz-in.) Would the savox be enough torque for the 1/8 buggy or would it strip out?
  17. scoviman

    Spektrum S605 servo

    In the past few months I’ve purchased a Losi Tenacity SCT and am having a servo issue. I have not hit anything head on with the truck yet to cause the problem I’m about to tell. I noticed something odd the other day when I was “bench testing” the truck after making a few adjustments. The splined...
  18. J

    Steering servo no power

    My servo lost power a month ago so I replaced it with an identical servo still no power so I figured it was the wax I replaced that and still nothing. Everything else on the buggy works fine. Transmitter? This is a wltoys 12428 so the it has an esc/receiver combo. Please help!
  19. T

    Trail Finder 2 Servos

    Hello, I really need your guys' help here. I have no idea what servo I should get for my trail finder since the stock ones are out of stock. Also, what is better for crawling speed or torque.
  20. J

    Time for New Servos!

    I need to pick up a new servo to replace the stock throttle servo on my HPI Bullet that went out. I May as well replace both at the same time to save later hassle. I’m thinking of going the Hitec route, but I’m unsure if I should go one digital and one analog, or both analog. what are your...