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  1. Deku

    Savage X 'roller' question

    so, the title might be a bit odd but let me explain. i've come across a Savage X "Roller" meaning, no engine, no wheels, no body. the ad states that the entire chassis without the above mentioned parts is in pristine condition and the photo's show that it is. I'm thinking of driving over there to...
  2. M

    Savage Flux XL mods

    Finally manage to finish my savage, a tone of upgrades and modifications were made to make this thing reliable and as light as possible (5.838 kg) . -Alza Racing center differential kit -Arrma center diff with 50t spur gear -Absima Servo "ACS1622SG" Combat Series 20kg -ADJUSTABLE UPPER ARM...
  3. badboy2

    HPI Savage TVP need more info..

    i got this savage from a trade.. had it for months now.but this is the first time i went thru it and man i think i just opened a can of worms!! first i noticed that TVP is damaged..i was told it just needs screws,,then as i was going thru it i noticed that the brakes have body clip and a zip...
  4. R

    Shelled my 2 speed transmission

    i was running at the local track finishing up the break in of my newly installed picco boost and 3 mins in started hearing a nasty gear rattle. At first I thought a rock was stuck in the spur gear but upon inspection it was fine. There were two distinct binding points while rolling the truck...
  5. wacmartin

    Aluminum Bulkheads

    After doing some diff maintenance today I went to put everything back together and noticed my bulkheads were broken. Both at the bottom were the skid protectors screw in, it looks like the screws almost pulled right out, and one the mounting tabs on the back end of the bulkhead broke off. Again...
  6. bifft it


    at what point do we decide how much servo is too much for steering? right now in 2 of my trucks(X and flux) i run Savox SC0251MG 222oz@6v and in the other 2 (XL and shelfqueen) i run savox SC 1267SG 180@6v or [email protected]. as throttle servos I run HPI SF-50 in all but the shelfqueen I want to make...
  7. Thumma47

    Hpi tranny adjustment

    I can't find the 2 screws to adjust the 2 speed tranny on my hpi savage. I've watched a but ton of vids doing what they say to do but no luck. It just doesn't seem to line all.
  8. A

    Hpi savage as 25 nitro

    Hi I'm having big problems with my truck the engine keeps getting stuck at tdc the truck I bought used but was used once by previous owner he realised it was not for a 8 year old and sold it to me I don't know if it was broke in properly the needle settings were all messed up so I reset them to...
  9. olds97_lss

    Got a new engine for my savage, LRP ZR.30

    Well, after fighting and fighting one of my LRP 28S3's, I finally called it quits and ordered a new engine. History of that is here: New engines always look nice when you open the box and this one was no different...
  10. bigwe33

    Gear Mesh

    I am always confused as to how to set a correct gear mesh. People keep telling me its gotta be this way others will say its gotta be that way. This is my gear mesh result from my brand new HPI Savage X 4.6............. what do you think?
  11. Rooky78

    Pulling my hair out! AGAIN!!

    Ok... I'm fed up. And I need some advice. I have this CEN Matrix truggy thing, I've broken it again. I think this time it's going to the scrap pile. I'm so sick of not being able to find and/or get parts. So... I have a Castle 2200Kv plant, a Mamba Monster, and a killer Savox servo. Somebody...
  12. FirsthandSnow

    HPI F4.6 Fuel Leak & Discoloured engine head...

    Hey, I've just run my F4.6 Savage XL, its starts up fine, quite quickly despite being a little cold here today, and while I was putting the shell on, I noticed fuel bubbling from under the glow plug. I stopped the engine, took the plug out, gave the washer a wipe and reinstalled it. I then...
  13. Rooky78

    Trashed the clutch shoes.

    So... I fried my clutch. The bell looks fine, and I have a few other things to fix while I'm in there, but I'm wondering what shoes to get. Stock, alloy, or whatever. What are you guys running? Stock Savage X 17/47 gearing.
  14. Rooky78

    Kind of a noob question

    So today my brother and I were bashing. He has a T-Maxx 3.3 and I was running my Savage. I've always noticed, but why is my Savage SOOO much louder? His stock 3.3 with the stock aluminum pipe, my stock whatever 4.1/4.6 with the stock nylon pipe.
  15. craig911

    savage x gas conversion .31 gas engine

    guy guys, so i just managed to snag a dynamite .31 gas/petrol engine i'm going to see if i can fit it into my savage, a few questions, before i get started 1 - could i keep the stock fuel tank and just change the lines since it uses a rubber o'ring seal? if not could someone recommend a...
  16. Rooky78

    Rebuild or new engine?

    Hey guys... I have an older Savage X... I haven't been able to figure out which engine it actually is. The closest I can figure it's a 4.1 or a very early F4.6. I've really had my eye on the LRP ZR.30 Spec.2 and Z.28R Spec.3. Just wondering what someone else has experienced. With not knowing for...
  17. DreamMachine

    Bulletproof 2speed Savage How to

    Heres a little how to for making a BP 2spd or all steel one. Parts needed: 2spd HPI 77058 (18t) HPI 109046 (38t) HPI 109448 (Need 2 of the black plastic spacers) HPI 77064 (24t) ***only available from the UK*** Hot Racing Steel or Titanium 44t first gear HPI 86362 (One way bearing for 1st...

    I loose signal on my Savage X

    I keep having signal problems, I loose reception a lot and at short distances. Batteries are both good in the receiver and transmitter...whats next?
  19. Phatsavage

    Sold / Found 5 Savages for sale!

    I have 5 savage 2 are XL's and the other 3 are X. They are 3 are 2wd but do have all the parts to make 4wd if wanted I'm asking 250 for the 2 wds and 450 for the 4wd xl if interested I can send pics. Why I'm selling them I'm in a tough spot and have to.they have different oh the other xl is 300...
  20. WoodiE

    Lots of new HPI RC's on the way

    HPI has released details of several new HPI RC's coming soon at the Nürnberg Toy Fair. Venture scale crawler #116558 An all-new platform for scale crawling fanatics, the Venture combines a realistic front-motor position, metal chassis rails and realistic drivetrain with the Toyota FJ Cruiser...