savage xl 5.9

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  1. boogyman1313

    Think I have a Savage XL 5.9, got a few questions!

    Hello to all Ok lets jump right in here 2 days ago i traded some guy an extra PS4 i had for 3 rc cars 2 electric and one nitro and a ton of parts some new some used now i think i have a savage Xl 5.9 but not to sure i do know she needs one hell of a cleaning but i was wondering if someone could...
  2. FirsthandSnow

    HPI SF-50WP trouble

    I've put the HPI SF-50WP servo in my Savage XL as a steering servo, only the thing doesn't work very well. It won't go back to neutral and barely turns the axles. However when I remove the link to the servo saver etc, the servo is fine and works and returns to neutral, but as soon as I link the...