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  1. WickedFog

    Unboxing the 1/32 Orlandoo RC Hunter and Micro Trailer Kits

    Just got these b-day presents in the mail from @Greywolf74. I'll eventually get a video with Breydon doing an unboxing, but for now pics will do. I'll give you guys my thoughts as I go. The quality of the packaging should have been a dead giveaway as to what was waiting inside. The Trailer...
  2. remote uncontrol

    Trx4 shock and tire question

    Are there any shocks that are good quality but still cheaper than the traxxas ones or should I just get stock. I also have the same question about the tires. Any help is appreciated
  3. I

    My budget trx4 build

    Here is a before and after of the trx4 build I've been working on. Bought a sport used locally, bone stock. Basically got it as a cheap rig my 3.5 year old could drive, while I'm running the capra kit we built. Over the winter i got a little carried away with the 3d printer and one thing led to...
  4. tudordewolf

    HSP Pangolin - $90 1:10 Crawler kit build

    I'm primarily a fan of nitros, particularly HSP's models, and regularly buy replacement parts from aliexpress, which is why I noticed their 1:10 crawler being sold as a roller kit for $90. I had extra servos, a brushed 35T motor & ESC, generic truck body, and basic receiver / transmitter...
  5. coldvod

    NEW Traxxas trx4 1/18th scale Opinions? Soon to come In Novemeber

    They look good. It might be my first Traxxas the body looks good and the clipless design on 1/18 is dare I say... an inovation It might give the gelande a run for its money at only 150US$ Hardbody Landrover or Bronco 180 sized brushed motor Included 2s 750mah lipo Oil filled shocks metal servo...
  6. Knightrunner


    Out with the family. This is the rig built for mom!
  7. coldvod

    Crawler/ rock bouncer brushlesss setup recommendations

    I'm making a rock crawler and I want a good mix of speed and low end torque I already own 2 crawlers ( tf2, scx10 2 ) so I don't want a fully crawler focused setup ( torque with little to no speed ) more of a rock bouncer. I would like to stay under 250CAD# I was thinking of the Mamba Micro X...
  8. msteiro

    Need advice: LCG build from scratch - transmission and axle type

    New to the forum, dabbled in RC for most of my life, but just recently escalated to crawlers, got a SCX24 that is modded to pieces and a Redcat Gen8 v1 that is stripped for lower weight and more performance than scale. But limited how much more I want to put in to that platform. So a friend...
  9. F

    New to RC stuck on build

    Hi guys I’m new to RC and stuck on what parts I need for my Crawler (hobao DC1) I’m looking to get a brushless kit but I’m not sure what servos I need to run it The motor comes with a small one for the gears but I’m clueless on the steering
  10. kozmonot71

    Recommend a fpv camera and transmitter for vehicles.

    I would like to find a fpv camera rig for my rc vehicles. Something I could move from vehicle to vehicle. I’m slowly adding scale details to my TRX4 79 Bronco including interior with moving steering wheel, a driver and passenger etc. Thought it’d be fun to have some video from inside the cab...
  11. keepsgoing4evr

    My budget Axial SCX24

    It likes to flex. I removed some of the roll bars in the back. Removed the light buckets and flipped the light bar downwards. Chopped the ESC mount and got it more inboard. Battery tray trimmed up. Flipped the rear shock mounts. Relocated the front shocks to the frame. Inverted the stock shocks...
  12. JPG

    Jeep Cherokee Axial SCX 10 II on trail

    Another adventure with Axial SCX 10 II Don't forget to leave a like 👍 on yt and subscribe to my channel. All comments are welcome, bad and good. All are important to me, and gives me idea what can I do better for you.
  13. JPG

    Axial SCX 10.2 Jeep Cherokee in action

  14. W

    Steering issue on AXIAL SCX24

    Hi! I recently bought an AXIAL SCX24 1967 CHEVY for my son. We are new to rock crawlers and are having an issue. When we turn on the receiver, after a second or so, the steering/wheels jump suddenly all the way to the far right, to the point that adjusting the steering trim (to the left)...
  15. N3st087

    X-factor restoration almost complete

    I started out restoring this bad boy after pulling it out of my storage. I had it sitting for 14 years plus. Just waiting to get an engine since the old one was blown out. Anyone have a good idea on what size to go with.
  16. JPG

    It was fantastic day with my Redcat Everest Gen7 Pro

    Hi everyone, I want to introduce you vid from my last RC trip. This time it's a ride on muddy rallycross track. Hope you will enjoy it
  17. BlitzerRC

    HBX Devastator crawling course

    I built an indoor course for my hbx devastator, hope you guys enjoy this vid! Had a lot of fun making this.
  18. RatBuddie

    Looking to upgrade Losi Night crawler SE driveshafts

    RatBuddie here, Thanks for having me. Have a losi Night crawler SE, need to upgrade drivelines front and rear and, front and rear Axel's, to get a way from the worm gear drive that is plastic. Would appreciate any input anyone has. Thanks
  19. WoodiE

    Axial SCX10 II UMG10 6x6 RTR

    Check out the new 6×6 Axial just released, the Axial SCX10 II UMG10! The SCX10 II UMG10 6×6 military-style body captures the look of fullsize 6×6 trucks, with scale features that include 1.9 military-spec wheels and tires, a working spare, and built-in mounting positions for front and rear LED...
  20. WoodiE

    Axial SCX10 II UMG10 4WD Kit

    Axial has recreated the forward cab look along with many military inspired scale features in their new Axial SCX10 II UMG10 rock crawler kit. To add to the Axial SCX10 II UMG10 military scale looks, Axial has equipped the UMG10 with 1.9 MW19 beadlock wheels and 1.9 MT45 tires – as well as a...