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  1. Spookybrittany

    Revo 3.3, WTH is wrong with this thing?

    Hey guys, Let's just start off by saying I'm a newbie to the max, my new-to-me Traxxas Revo 3.3 is my first (running, barely) RC truck. My boyfriend is super into RCs, and he has all sorts of electric ones. This is the only Nitro we have, because his last one ran away into a wall and blew up to...
  2. :D lmao

    Want to give my revo more power… but how?

    I’ve tried big block but that ended up destroying other components so i figured modding the existing 3.3 engine, I’m forced to run on 16% fuel since anything higher requires license to purchase (which i ofc don’t have) Many have told about swapping to an os 11k carb, but are there any other...
  3. O

    Weird grinding sound

    So I had a revo 3.3 and the nitro engine broke and there around 200 bucks for a new one. So I did some research and found electric conservation kit and I 3d printed the morter mount and I think the spur in grinding but i don't know I will get a clip of it the motor and esc are some cheap eBay...
  4. :D lmao

    Needs help with my nitro engine!

    I've recently done a bb swap on my Revo 3.3. But i found the new engine extremely hard to tune. it can't hit the second gear without running lean and bog down, the engine won't idle, runs very unstable. And the power was way worst than my previous engine all though being a big block with 4...
  5. :D lmao

    Nitro engine hard to prime (May be different from what you think)

    I can't prime my engine by blocking the exhaust. But I did it with no problem when blowing through the exhaust outlet or the back pressure tube. When i crank the engine over one time (with the exhaust blocked trying to prime it) i can see the fuel in the line moving forward (by forward i mean 1...
  6. W

    Revo 3.3 motor help

    I’m new to nitro cars and got bought a collection. I’ve got a 3.3 revo that I took apart to fully clean the motor and see the shape it was in. It’s fully back together and everything seems fine except it seems like it has slightly more compression/ tug for the pull string. It might be the same...
  7. :D lmao

    why is my engine running so hot?

    I'm running a stock revo 3.3 with optimix 16% fuel I'm running my engine relatively rich and a whole bunch of blue smoke is visible during the acceleration, so i assume that everything should be theoretically fine apart from the fact that the temp was at 280f, i tried richening the needles but...
  8. :D lmao

    Traxxas revo 3.3 not Starting?

    First time starting my revo today, but the engine keeps getting stuck as I’m trying to free it up by the flywheel with a screwdriver, but the engine just never wants to start. Plus that the EZ start motor starts smoking, I really dunno what to do😭 I've tried heating up the engine but no work:(
  9. GregN61

    Revo bent frame at motor mount

    I have not messed with my Revo for years and lately trying to get her up and running. Had a hard crash and broke chassis and engine mounts. Put back together and worked somewhat well. Been sitting for 2 years and not happy.. Recenty replaced clutch, carb. Does not spin well so think bent...