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  1. korreka

    Restoring a classic Kyosho Icarus ( and video)

    The Kyosho Icarus is a 2WD entry-level RC car from the year 1985/1986. It has the same chassis as the Pegasus, Cosmo and Cox Bandido. The original motor is the 360ST, size 550, 22 turns - 22,000 rpm and it has independent suspension on four wheels with oil dampers. This buggy is the version that...
  2. N3st087

    X-factor restoration almost complete

    I started out restoring this bad boy after pulling it out of my storage. I had it sitting for 14 years plus. Just waiting to get an engine since the old one was blown out. Anyone have a good idea on what size to go with.
  3. S

    Tamiya Nitro Crusher Restoration

    Good day everyone! I played around with a Tamiya Nitro Crusher around 10 years ago. I was a typical teenager and pushed it too hard, my engine lost compression, and then it went to the shelf. Now I want to restore it and drive it once again. Although I have a technical mind my knowledge of...
  4. R

    Mugen Seiki restoration

    I found this on eBay. The guy said he found it in an estate sale but had no idea what it was. I started looking at the ad only a few minutes after it was posted. The Buy It Now was kind of high - $250. It looked like a vintage 4wd 2spd tranny car, on-road, from the eighties or nineties, but...
  5. Rick61

    Restored XTM X-Factor

    I finally found all the parts I needed to finish restoring my X-Factor. It hasn't been used in 14 years but still looks pretty good. Installed a new 2.4 Ghz radio and should be good to go this spring. I still need to adjust the toe in on the rear (it had rear steering at one time) and adjust the...
  6. K

    Restored Kyosho USA-1

    I've just finished to restore the Kyosho USA1 that my friend gave me. The truck was stored on a shelf for about 10 years but now that it is clean and with some new parts look pretty good! and this is the body I've painted for it.