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  1. R

    Redcat Gen8 build thread.

    Just sharing my build on my redcat gen8. Don't get to use it very much but my 3 yr old is getting more insterested in RC a little bit. So here is the progression! And recently got into 3d printing so decided to design up a spare mount and some ladder rack mounts and even a conductive light...
  2. bigbristv

    An Update on My Body Building and Fear of LiPo

    For anyone bored out of their minds waiting for tomorrow to show up or your batteries to finish charging here's something that may help pass the time. 😉
  3. osuui

    Rampage xt motor spark

    Hi I’m hoping I can get answers here from experts. My redcat monster xt has been having spark plug problems it won’t spark simply it turned on without problems a week ago now it’s not. The battery is charged every servo is moving. Its getting fuel to. It’s just the motor the top spark ain’t...
  4. the purple redcat

    Redcat Gen 8 future upgrades??

    The purple redcat upgrades so far: :Husky steering link kit : Metal rock sliders :Injora metal rims negative offset 1.9 :Tires 1.9 duratrax deep woods CR :Hot racing metal lower link mount Power hobby dual stage foams 4.19 :Off brand metal drive shafts :redcat light kit ((((parts on the the...
  5. M

    RedCat XTE Blackout full throttle without being on

    Hey guys, newbie here. I just recently purchased an XTE Blackout. Already went with a LIPO 2s 7.4V 5000Mah upgrade from the stock NIMH 7.2V 3000Mah. Ran fine for a while, today it overheated and started smoking. Turned everything off and let it cool. Took it apart and took pictures of how wires...
  6. LeRoy

    Hi all new here.

    Hi hoping this is an easy question have a nitro redcat backdraft 3.5 hadn't been starting in 10+ years. Needed a new spur gear. Got it put back together and running but am now getting a screeching noise. You can hear at beginning of video
  7. JPG

    It's snow time :D

    Taking advantage of the snow❄️⛄❄️ I went with the children to ride our 4x4s. Axial SCX10.2 Jeep Cherokee and Redcat Gen7 Pro starring.
  8. H

    Redcat shockwave ridiculous engine swap

    I have a redcat shockwave with a vx.16, and i found it to be underpowered, so I went and got a ZR.32. It is not delivered yet and I want to know what else i need to get to make this engine swap work. I dont care how overpowered this will be, I just want it to work. I also have a 2 speed steel...
  9. JPG

    It was fantastic day with my Redcat Everest Gen7 Pro

    Hi everyone, I want to introduce you vid from my last RC trip. This time it's a ride on muddy rallycross track. Hope you will enjoy it
  10. k78.jpg


  11. k77.PNG


    Kaiju jump
  12. k10.PNG


    Kaiju flyin
  13. M

    Adjusting shocks on a Redcat Blackout xte pro

    How do you adjust the shock to run over a rough grass covered lawn. Should the shocks be stiff?
  14. Ultrashiver

    Which backing plate to buy for electric starter install?

    Hello All - New to this forum and a beginner with NITRO RC cars - Do any of you know the backing plate I should buy for a Redcat Lightning and Exceed Short Course truck with a Vertex .18 engine? I recently bought an off brand electric starter kit and the instructions mention that the backing...
  15. rednexneffex2

    Need a bit of help with tuning

    Got a new redcat lightning with a .16 engine in it.Break in went smooth and well.Had it running really well and was out for about an hour playing.Never had a single issue and ran really well.However I noticed the break was hanging up so I adjusted that just before putting it away.I waent to...
  16. ArchmageNydia

    VX-16 Low RPM issue.

    Hey guys, my Redcat Shockwave has been serving me fairly well for a while, but I've run into a problem. As the title states, the engine is not revving nearly as high as it should, so it only goes to a crawl on full throttle. The high-speed screw is in the same place it was when it was optimally...
  17. SSievers08

    Exhaust Baffle

    So my brother in law has an STR also. His is completely stock except for a higher flow air filter and a set of aluminum wheels. Well he doesn't do any of the work to his car, I do it all. He hasn't had the car out sense last summer so he brought it over so I could go over it and get its throat...
  18. ArchmageNydia

    New to RC, Engine won't start, tried all options.

    Hello! As stated, I'm entirely new to Nitro RC cars, and I just received one for my birthday the other day, a Redcat Shockwave. As I got it as a gift, I'm not sure what experience people have had with it, if it's good or bad. I do know that it was new out of the package when I got it, though...
  19. LexAxxx

    Red Cat Engine ShockWave

    Hi Rc Gas Fans. Hey I`m havin trouble with this RedCat Engine. 4Get its a RedCat Ok, I no theres mixed reviews on it LoL Anyways I had it runnin Great 4awhile just sittin there LoL Its New an still tryin break Engine in with out Killin the Engine. Its weird though I finally get it running let...
  20. 2GMitsubishi

    Volcano S30 2-Speed Transmission Install "Full Setup"

    Installed the transmission today. I've got the two speed clutch bell and Aluminum clutch ready to go but I am waiting on my new engine to come back from Redcat Racing to install them. Above is the picture of the stock single speed transmission. Now the single speed and the Unmolested two speed...