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  1. B

    Redcat volcano randomly cuts out...why?

    Thanks in advance; I have a second hand volcano epx with a brushless kv3970 motor and a WP-10BL50-RTR esc. I run 6200 2s 50c. When it runs right, it's fast and great, but... at random the motor will cut out. Steering still works. I can cycle the power off and on and it comes back. It also seems...
  2. Xaitone

    Redcat Volcano Home Depot Aluminum Roll Cage

    It doesn’t seem like any 3rd party companies make stuff for the Redcat Volcano. I wanted a roll cage so I decided to make one from aluminum bar and channel. This is it so far! Needs a roof and ?
  3. 2GMitsubishi

    Volcano S30 2-Speed Transmission Install "Full Setup"

    Installed the transmission today. I've got the two speed clutch bell and Aluminum clutch ready to go but I am waiting on my new engine to come back from Redcat Racing to install them. Above is the picture of the stock single speed transmission. Now the single speed and the Unmolested two speed...
  4. 2GMitsubishi

    Volcano S30 Remote Start

    Alright I have a very good few questions here. The Traxxas 5270R EZ-Start 2 will it bolt right up to the .18SH engine? Is it the same size one way bearing that is used? I can see from the photos that it should clear the block ok to be bolted up. It fits the traxxas 3.3 which is a similar size to...
  5. 2GMitsubishi

    New here, looking for tips and to introduce myself.

    Howdy I'm Dennis and I've been a mechanic on gas, Diesel engines as well as all kinds of machinery for the last Ten solid years. Done everything from an oil change to swapping motors to make a race deadline. I am naturally falling in love with Nitro RC because to be honest here, They are...
  6. M

    CEN MG 10 MT3 or Redcat volcano S30 ?

    hi guys, i am new to this world and i was looking to buy either of these two trucks. i am totally confused as to which one is better ? i heard that the aluminium chassis on the redcat is strong but will not last long as it would bend and cause trouble and on the other hand the HIC chassis on...
  7. S

    Redcat Volcano S30 Help???

    Bought this supposed to be broken down nitro Volcano S30 for 35 bucks. Engine has great compression and got it running just fine. Only problem I have is when it cranks up it automatically goes to full throttle and doesn't idle low at all. I have a 1-2 mm gap on the carb opening like I have seen...
  8. D

    redcat volcano s30 review

    So I just bought a volcano s30 and a caldera the caldera has a brokin pinion but the volcano worjs good oh I bought them used I forgot to say that I paid $60 and traded an xbox anyways u have ran about 4 tanks of fuel through it and crashed it pretty good to and it dosnt got a scratch I'm...
  9. S

    Redcat volcano s30? ?

    Picking one up in morning for stepson. Are they anygood? Seen some good reviews but want yalls opinions also.
  10. C

    Homemade roll cage for Redcat Volcano

    i'm new to the rc nitro truck world trashed my body shell on my redcat volcano s30 so i was thinking about making one my self found out that plastic clothes hanger work great and fit in the post holes for the body not to bad for first try going to test out thought i would post this idea for...