redcat caldera

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  1. Jazzminty

    Redcat Caldera almost there

    I thought I had it tuned good and everything was going to run but I was mistaken. It starts up good it seems to idle okay but then once I run it for 3 or 4 minutes it just dies as soon as I let off the throttle for if I go to wide open throttle it seems like it's not getting fuel but when I rich...
  2. Jazzminty

    Help redcat caldera wont start

    I'm new to the RC world but I am totally hooked. I have a hpi nitro rush 1/8th scale. An hpi maverick desertwolf electric 1/8th scale. And I recently bought a new redcat caldera 3.0, 2 speed nitro monster truck 1/86th scale. The problem is with the redcat the Initial break in procedure went...