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  1. DavidB1126

    New Radio Time. Mid Range Radios. RadioLink RC8X, Futaba T4PM, Sanwa M17, FlySky NB4

    New Radio Time Upgrading from a RadioLink RC4GS V3. Pros: All the features I need, some settings/features I don't even use. Cons: The feel of it, the plastics are brittle. I had broken the trigger and the battery door. And the AAs do not say in place so if one pops out, there goes my car and...
  2. Hepher88

    New Receiver for Hot Bodies Lightning 2

    I am looking to upgrade the old receiver and transmitter for my Hot Bodies Lightning 2, I have found a few pairs but none have a slot labeled "battery" like my current one has, I think I can plug the battery into 1 of the Aux channels but not sure if anybody can help please? I'll post a picture...
  3. Howeller

    Frsky reviever for trex 470lp

    Hello all. I'm new to rc helicopters i am coming across from racing drones. As i have been flying race and fpv drones for a while so i have a frsky transmitter that i like and would like to use for helicopters. I am looking at a trex 470lp as that is what i have been flying in the simulator, on...
  4. J

    Can I connect my transmitter to a receiver? If so, how?

    Hi, i want to know how I can bind my transmitter to a receiver. Can I do this by turning the throttle up and down or do I need to do momething else? Transmitter: syma x5c
  5. kbadgley

    Building SCX10II - Wanting to use DX6i Controller

    I currently have a build...almost complete.. of the scx10ii chassis (first RC Car build), however I have helicopters, so I figured it would be worth just using my heli controller, which is a DX6i. I ended up buying a Spektrum AR620 receiver, but noticed... nothing is labeled other than 1-6 and...
  6. Scalise

    Reviving my old 2.5 Maxx, electronic upgrade recommendations?

    Hi everyone, new here and trying to get back into the hobby after a while. As title says, took my old 2.5 T-Maxx out for the first time in about 5 years. Always had issues with it and annoyed me but I've had time to cool off and try again. Completely rebuilt the engine and carb and got rid of...
  7. I

    Futaba T3PV question.

    Have a Futaba T3PV transmitter. Just purchased Futaba r2104gf receiver. Tried linking it, had to switch sys to hf. Green light on receiver, transmitter keeps blinking blue led and beeping. What am i doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Tom14

    Receiver failsafe

    Hi I've recently fitted a flysky receiver on my nitro buggy and after half hour of playing the failsafe kicked in and now everyone I put it to full throttle or the brake on it kicks and now I can't use it. Is there anyway of reseting the failsafe so I can use my car? Help pls
  9. Gomesito

    HPI receiver issue

    I bought a used HPI brushed drift car. It has a stock RF-1 receiver. I just drove my car last weekend with no issues but yesterday when I turned my car on, I noticed that I did not hear the typical chim that the receiver made. What I did hear was the directional servo made a noise as it...
  10. N

    No electrical power

    Need peoples advice, so i hadn't used nitro car for a while, switched it on and used it for 5-10 minutes. Switched it off and went back to it the next day and now there is no electrical power what so ever, I've put brand new battery's in it.. still nothing, checked to make sure all connections...
  11. T

    need help choosing radio

    hi i just got an ofna nitro buggy with a os vspec vzb engine. It has a spektrum 3100 receiver and i was wondering what model the rc was and whats the cheapest ,compatible spektrum receiver that will work?
  12. G

    HELP traxxas nitro rc project

    Picked up a nitro rc someone was throwing out, and i want to get it running again. I have close to no knowledge with nitro rc cars although i do i work with motorcycles so i understand the basics of the motor. i know it is a traxxas but not sure of the model. any answers would help a lot. Also...