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  1. R3g1st3rTh1s

    Team Associated Nitro TC3 restoration project

    I have recently acquired an old Team Associated Nitro TC3 (#2033 factory kit), that I plan to restore. I will put my progress and questions in here as I go. I have had this up on reddit aswell, but I think this forum is a better place for insights. I got the car along 3 spare Engines, a brunch...
  2. Fungi J

    Greenworks 80v system in my traxxas xmaxx?

    Hey guys need some velineon 8s motor went out in my xmaxx magnets broke shredded it... well I did glue the magnets back in it and it went good 3 runs then the forth it was basically on fire from the drag in it.. neways the question I have and I know it's going to take some fab. Work...
  3. coldvod

    Weird that this engine doesn't have rings on it?

    Its a magnum .21 that was bought before the 90s it was made by thunder tiger. Just thought i'd be fun to show off some old engine parts
  4. WT119

    Traxxas T-Maxx .15 Classic Revival (Rebuild log)

    Hello, I started working on this thread a month ago but got caught up in life and waiting on parts. Now its time to share, Sorry for the mess your about to read. I recently got back into Nitro after years away from it/missing it and I'm rebuilding my trucks. I just rebuilt my SavageXL with a...
  5. korreka

    Restoring a classic Kyosho Icarus ( and video)

    The Kyosho Icarus is a 2WD entry-level RC car from the year 1985/1986. It has the same chassis as the Pegasus, Cosmo and Cox Bandido. The original motor is the 360ST, size 550, 22 turns - 22,000 rpm and it has independent suspension on four wheels with oil dampers. This buggy is the version that...
  6. N3st087


    Hello I’m new to this website and just wanted to see if anyone knows where to get XTM X-Factor parts? I pulled mine out finally after about 14 years Or more of sitting in a container and it needs some work. I figured I’d get this running for my kids.
  7. WoodiE

    Jalopnik restores a nitro RC

    Here's something you don't see everyday... a popular car blog writes about restoring an RC and how the lessons learned transfer over to a 1:1 car. Truth be told they actually did a pretty good job. Who maybe they just turned a few people onto the RC hobby? :) Go read the article here -...
  8. S

    Tamiya Nitro Crusher Restoration

    Good day everyone! I played around with a Tamiya Nitro Crusher around 10 years ago. I was a typical teenager and pushed it too hard, my engine lost compression, and then it went to the shelf. Now I want to restore it and drive it once again. Although I have a technical mind my knowledge of...
  9. Rick61

    Restored XTM X-Factor

    I finally found all the parts I needed to finish restoring my X-Factor. It hasn't been used in 14 years but still looks pretty good. Installed a new 2.4 Ghz radio and should be good to go this spring. I still need to adjust the toe in on the rear (it had rear steering at one time) and adjust the...
  10. Tape

    Traxxas Heavy Duty Slipper Clutch Rebuild Kit Revo/Maxx 5352R

    one of my pads have broken in half so I ordered the (Traxxas Heavy Duty Slipper Clutch Rebuild Kit Revo/Maxx 5352R) has anyone used the aluminum pad kit? what is your thoughts if you have installed this kit?
  11. IdriveSlideways

    Break in after rebuild?

    Does the engine need to broken in again after a rebuild? I'm helping my friend rebuild his engine and all we're doing is replacing the conrod. The piston and sleeve are fine.
  12. C

    Losi 3.4 engine rebuild help

    I've been in a fist fight with the 3.4 engine for a few weeks and I finally tore the engine down and I found that the internal bearing is bad. Any idea how to remove and reinstall this bearing without buying the tool? Also the head button and piston are pitted around the edge. What would...
  13. 09KneeDragger

    Engine rebuild tools

    I'm rebuilding my dynamite .21 sport and was wondering if there was any special tools needed to pull out the brass piston sleeve and the piston and the retaining pin for the piston and if there is a specific tool used to pull the front and rear bearings out.. thanks brothers.. happy bashing