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  1. M

    Arrma Kraton build

    Got done with my new RC body
  2. M

    Revo Trx Mount lrp .30x

    Ok well I finished my revo Big block quest and just wanted to give info on how i did it.... I used golden horizon upper hitched control arms which give you more than enough space to fit any rotor or pull start using the trx mount !!!! ..I did have to move the Trans forward and also shave a the...
  3. WoodiE

    Pro-line Pre-Cut Flo-Tek Fusion Short Course Truck Body

    Pro-line racing has combined two great short course truck bodies, the Flo-Tek and EVO, into one SCT body that might simply be the best yet with the Pre-cut Flo-Tek Fusion. The Flo-Tek Fusion eliminates the parachute effect that's common in short course truck bodies by adding large vent holes to...
  4. NCNitro

    Real Fire (How To)

    Materials needed: Paints - Spaz Stix Hard Annodized yellow and orange Pactra Acryl basic white and basic black Paint Shields - I made my own freehand shields from scrap lexan Lets Begin - The first thing I did was trim and wash the body. Then using the Spaz Stix...