rampage xt

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  1. osuui

    Rampage xt motor spark

    Hi I’m hoping I can get answers here from experts. My redcat monster xt has been having spark plug problems it won’t spark simply it turned on without problems a week ago now it’s not. The battery is charged every servo is moving. Its getting fuel to. It’s just the motor the top spark ain’t...
  2. Warrior4Jesus

    And... There it is.

    Sold my two trucks and here be the result. I am tearing it down and lock tightening everything and ca gluing everything. If it breaks it will get aluminum. Tada!
  3. Warrior4Jesus

    Redcat Racing 1/5th scale Rampage XT Truck

    I read a few not so good reviews about RR but I wondered how you guys thought now? I have been watching quite a few videos on what others think and have found fairly good reviews on such a well priced gas 5th scaler. Let me know what you guys think... Thanks.
  4. Kfarron1

    Sold / Found F/S: Picco .26maxx engines, T-maxx, Savage X, and Rampage XT

    Looking to sell my Picco .26 max engine with t-maxx motor mount. I bought this brand new and paid a touch over $200 for it at my local hobby shop, After installing this engine to my t-maxx and having issues with this engine, I did a google search and came to find out these engines all have...
  5. Kfarron1

    Anyone with a Redcat Rampage XT or MT ??

    Interested in buying a Redcat 1/5th scale gas truck, either the MT ir the XT... Which is better ? How reliable are they? Is there alot of mods out for them? How do they perform right outta the box? speed and such.... Thanks in advance... PS: I'm gonna sell two of my 3.3...