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  1. rccar new

    New pull starter recommendations needed!

    Yesterday was trying to start my hsp 94108 nitro truck and the pull starter snapped :( I can't decide between the electric starter that is a brick with a rod or to just buy another pull starter. (The electric starter with a battery and charger $80 and arrives later in august. On the other hand...
  2. coldvod

    Dynamite Big Red pull start after-market replacement

    The one that comes with it is terrible to say the least. I like the engine but that pull start design is atrocious. I break this pull start so quickly because a metal piece connects to the OWB hex. The metal piece strips the plastic pull start. This is the engine in case anyone's wondering...
  3. K

    Flywheel Getting Stuck

    Hello, I am newer to nitro rc cars. On one of my cars the motor got flooded to where the pull starter would not pull out. After taking the glow plug out and pulling a few times, it was working again. While starting it the pull cable got stuck again but this time the glow plug didn't fix it...
  4. George Gibson

    Pull Start not recoiling

    Hi Everyone Please can someone help me with this issue that I am experiencing on my HPI Throphy 3.5 Buggy. When I remove the pull start it pulls and returns perfectly. As soon as n fix it onto the engine block it pulls really hard and does not go back in. I am still very new in this so all n...
  5. Traxxasgirl27

    Nitro revo 3.3 pull start help!!!!!!!

    Hi, My husband has a revo 3.3 and when he got it 7 months ago it had a Ez start engine. He has since the switched it to a pull start and the engine is a lo c. I've done replaced the pull start,bearings,engine,air filter,tires,etc. Now the pull start cord is snagging and staying out then...