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  1. P

    I am having a big problem with my first engine build 2 cylinder engine

    My first engine build and it isn’t going the best. The engine makes a high pitch sound when I turn on the starter motor. Any suggestions as to why? My only idea is when I was putting it together the crankshaft was really tight to fit and it was 0.5 me off the side of the engine. Any help would...
  2. A

    Traxxas X maxx Problem

    I have reassembled the truck a handful of times trying to find the problem. The truck makes loud clicking noises and does not always move forward even though the motor spins and the pinion gear is on tight.. Thought maybe before I take it in to a shop I could try asking on this Forum for help...
  3. D

    Strange steering issue

    Hi everyone! So my brother got a Wltoys 124018 last August and it has worked just fine up until i couple months ago when the steering suddenly turned weird, so we took of the plastics/cover and the steering servo was really weak and making this ticking sound when you turned it and it would kinda...
  4. M

    RedCat XTE Blackout full throttle without being on

    Hey guys, newbie here. I just recently purchased an XTE Blackout. Already went with a LIPO 2s 7.4V 5000Mah upgrade from the stock NIMH 7.2V 3000Mah. Ran fine for a while, today it overheated and started smoking. Turned everything off and let it cool. Took it apart and took pictures of how wires...
  5. Powerwagon79

    Losi Nightcrawler being absolutely gutless

    Alright, so my friend Losi Night Crawler 2.0, which I have on loan, was given to him used, with no charger. He said I could use it some and see how the charger I bought for him worked. So, after the charger, a Supulse 7.4-11.v Lipo charger, came, I did what he said to do. I was very impressed by...
  6. D

    My first nitro rc just doesn't want to start. Any sort of help is needed...!

    I just got my first nitro rc 3 days ago (it's a HSP nitro rc monster truck 1:10 second hand) (with a SH 18 engine) and it basically looks new and is visually in great condition. Tho i haven't been able to start it yet (according to the previous owner he last started it in December and it should...
  7. Kizm808

    HELP PLEASE!! Rustler 4x4 build problem..

    Aloha, So I'm new to stadium trucks, I have always had a drift car. I bought a used rustler 4x4 roller. I put a motor that I had laying around in it, the esc motor combo is a castle sidewinder 3 esc with a castle 14 series 6900kv. I'm not sure if this motor will be good for this truck. The set...
  8. J

    WLTOYS 12428 - steering problems

    Hi all, I bought my son a WLTOYS 12428 For his birthday. After a couple days it started having a few problems with the steering. The servo kept clunking and jolting all the time, even when not trying to steer. It’s also slow and unresponsive, sometimes not turning at all... I replace the servo...
  9. Mcrzeus

    Newcomer needing help with first boat

    Hi everyone, i am a absolutely new to Rc boating and i have 2 - trailblazer 1300bp stock both with problems - there both quite old and been given to me by a family member. Boat 1 worked fine, then took a flip and took in alot of water on all parts inside. Now when attached to the battery it just...
  10. NitroSCX10

    Throttle response problem!!!

    Hello I have an xtm .18 and it idles fine but when i apply throttle it takes a bit to go and keeps accelerating after i release the throttle!! PLEASE HELP!!!!
  11. NitroSCX10

    Engine wont stay running!?!?

    Hi I have a engine that runs and idles but only for a minute and dies randomly and when i put my thumb over the carb and spin the engine it does not suck in my thumb what does this mean!!?!?
  12. Mrdavis72

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...Can somebody please help me

    Ok so the only way I can get my 3.3 to start and idle is for it to be at half throttle. I myself have been over it numerous times as well as the hobby shops, and can't figure it out. Brend new everything except piston and sleeve,because they were still in good repair,new carb,tank,lines. Lots of...
  13. N

    Problems With My Redcat Shockwave

    I have a Redcat Nitro Shockwave. Sometimes after driving it at its top speed the back wheel locks up CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE and another problem is that after driving it at top speed it will just randomly shut off.
  14. N

    4.6 MGT Starting Problem

    I just bought this from someone that had "trouble tuning it" so I tried starting it the first time (drill start) and it eventually started up, then ran away on me and died on its own. So I reset it to factory tune settings and I tried starting it numerous times and now it feels like it isnt...