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  1. rollinlow

    Local trailing pictures

    We been having a few gtg around the area and I've been getting some nice pictures so I thought I'd share Most of them include my class 1 jeep
  2. hamz9561

    Fun Halloween Pictures

    How about some fun pictures for the Halloween Celebration?
  3. D

    Anyone have pictures of engine internals after extended use?

    Interested in seeing pictures of engine internals after a lot of use. When posting please tell what fuel and after run oil you have been using if any.
  4. bobaloohoo

    SHELF QUEEN pictures

    Since I do not have time to run my nitro truck too often due to my family taking up plenty of my time along with my job(proudly)! I will be starting a shelf queen build this November, ill be buying everything all at once! I'm pretty excited to build my first shelf queen, and have my other 4...
  5. nitro_newbie

    Can't see pictures!?

    For some reason lately, I can't view other people's pictures using tapatalk... All I see is a blank box with a broken page sign in the middle... Does anyone know why? It's kind of annoying since I can't see any of your awesome rigs!!! Sent from inside a
  6. buggybuster

    pictures ?

    Wanted to update my pics but can't them to upload always get the error bulletin. Any reason why?
  7. Non Crimen

    Wraith Chassis Mod!!! [With Pictures!]

    Hey guys So I decided to go ahead and modify the stock chassis and it didn't turn out as bad as I thought! (: Before: After: Now I know it isn't very good but I'm impressed with myself. Please don't be too hard on me as it was just first chassis (;
  8. Jacks9930

    Some Pictures from work.

    I was board at work so I made this RIG 96 - YouTube
  9. D

    Linkage Pictures wanted

    I was wondering if anybody could post up pictures of there throttle linkage, i bought a 4910 T-maxx (prettys sure thats the origional one) and it currently has an OS18cv-r engine in it i believe and it kinda has a bastardized linkage i think, just looking for what it looked like origionally or...
  10. deadman

    post your t maxx pictures here.

    I'm trying to get idea's on how to make my t maxx look good so post your t maxx here! i would post mine but its just a stock truck with stock body.
  11. tmaxxfreek

    Show us your pets

    I dont know if anyone has ever done this, but If everyone cares about their pets like i do i think we should be proud to show them off. Here is my 1.5 year old German Shepherd.
  12. G

    Post Pictures of your Revo 2

    Hey guys just wanted you to post some more pics of your revo:D
  13. J

    Stadium Truck Pictures

    Post pictures of your stadium trucks here. Here is my Traxxas Rustler VXL:
  14. J

    Post pictures of your Slash

    Lets see some pics of Slashes.
  15. truggy83

    signature pictures

    Am I crazy or is there no add signature picture in the settings? I looked and looked but can't find it.
  16. 4

    Pictures From 3rd Annual Timezone GP

    ---------- Post added at 5:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 5:23 PM ---------- more antics :)
  17. godale03

    Pictures of my new ride!

    Hey Guys, Here is a few pictures taken after my new SC10's madien run! The truck handles like a dream and is really balanced in the air. Tom

    pictures of baby savage x 4.6

  19. insaneatvs

    More Action Pictures

  20. N

    Post you home-made mods here :) Creative idea's? Pictures?

    Made with a "no trespassing sign"!