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  1. G

    Painting windows

    Hey, I have a quistion about painting the windows. the main color of my car is white but i backed it with black. Now i want to tint the windows with tamiya ps-31 (smoke transparant). But when i do this the black color will probably dissapear around the windows. Or will smoke transparant not...
  2. Rolex

    The Ugly Truckling

    Here's the latest lid under construction. 1956 Ford F-100 pickup. This is going to be a rust bucket, so there are some colors inside the shell, like silver and browns that will show through as the paint scrapes off on the outside. inside the hood Areas most prone to scratches...
  3. NCNitro

    Real Fire (How To)

    Materials needed: Paints - Spaz Stix Hard Annodized yellow and orange Pactra Acryl basic white and basic black Paint Shields - I made my own freehand shields from scrap lexan Lets Begin - The first thing I did was trim and wash the body. Then using the Spaz Stix...