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  1. R

    Accidentally Stripped (2) Screws Inside Crankshaft

    Hello, My name is Kevin and I am new to Nitro RC 1/8 Scale Buggy racing. I have a Mugen-Seiki MBX8-R with an OS Samurai R03 Engine (see Photo 1) Last night I was replacing the clutch bearings and was in the process of reassembling. I accidentally used Loctite (forgot not supposed to on this...
  2. WoodiE

    OS Engines Speed 21XZ-B Spec III

    O.S. has just released the Speed 21XZ-B Spec III, the successor to the tried and true O.S. Speed 21XZ-B spec.II. The new O.S. Speed 21XZ-B Spec III features a newly designed crankcase as well as piston and cylinder. The displacement of the Speed 21XZ-B Spec III is 3.49cc. In addition a 3-port...
  3. K

    Fake O.S. Engines Whats Next :( Whats your thoughts

    Can't help but post on this one. So I was browsing eBay and found an O.S. 21 engine for $90 new. Although the engine looked odd I figured I would try it out. Boy was it a mistake. Should have gone with my gut on this one. Got the engine and I noticed what looked like the engine info painted or...
  4. S

    Sold / Found engine for hpi rs4 o.s. engines

    Here is my os18 cv-rx with special crankshaft and hpi engine mounts to install in the hpi rs4. $150.00 shipped paypal The crank was on back order so i just grabbed a t3.0 for my car. Then the LHS called and said they have the crank. lol
  5. jduncan

    o.s. engine question

    I just bought a first Gen t-maxx 2.5......it has a o.s. cv-r engine with a 10e rotary Carb.....but I don't know which cv-r it is....how do I tell if its a 15 or 18 or what it is?.....I'm new to the nitro trucks
  6. S

    Sold / Found WTB: Picco or O.S. Engine

    I'm looking for either a O.S. 18TM, O.S. V-Spec .21, or a .21 - .28 Picco engine (small or big block). I have TONS of Revo hop-ups, and spare parts that I would be willing to trade including a Tekno RC Brushless Conversion Kit. Send pics and the price shipped to 67110 at...
  7. R

    Sold / Found REVO RC18T RC18MT Brushless LiPO O.S. engine 18TM rc trucks

    I am looking to sell off some things to make room for more toys. I have two very modified RC's to get rid of...Spektrum is installed in both, I have both stock radios still lying around to give with them. Spektrum Will be sold separately. Please no lowball offers. Revo has over 1k invested...
  8. N

    o.s. engine sticking

    OK, I was going to post this in my clutch problem thread, but figured nobody would look at it. I finaly got the bell housing lined up and everything with the clutch right. Went to start the buggy, and the engine keeps getting stuck while the piston is at TDC. I was told that this engine has a...
  9. J

    Is there an assembly guide for O.S. Engines?

    I took apart my o.s. .15 cv engine and i can't remember exactly how the clutch and fly wheel went back on. I mean i have an idea with the pieces i have but i want to make sure. my manaul dosent show the clutch or flywhel assembly. A link would be great!
  10. R

    Sold / Found F/S RC10GT rtr O.S. engine

    Hey, for sale is an rc10gt rtr with an O.S. .12 CV in it. only about half a gallon in the engine, including break in. Comes with rc10gt, body, 2 servos (installed), reciever box (installed) and transmitter. everything: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y271/redhatman/Everything.jpg front...
  11. H

    Wat O.s. Engine??

    Hey guys i have a team losi xxx-nt and i want to buy a .15 o.s engine but there are so many types like slide carb and stuff. I just want to buy the best O.S.15 engine that will drop in to my car and give me the best rpm's and torque.
  12. S

    O.S. engines fit??

    hey, does anybody know if the engine on the right http://osengines.com/engines/osmg2055.html fit the savage? or would i have to get a conversion kit or somethin? thanks vince
  13. WoodiE

    Win a BRAND NEW O.S. Engine!!!

    As a Grand Opening for R/C Nitro Talk, I will be giving away a Brand New - HYPER OS Max .15CV pull start engine! This is how the give away works, the first 200 people to get 30 or more posts will be entered into the drawing. After the 200th person reaches 30 posts the contest will be closed...