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  1. coldvod

    Help for grease/oil for diff on my onroad nitro

    I'm redoing the diffs on my smarttech on road nitro vehicle. It uses a .12 and was wondering what weight of grease would i put in my diffs. I really dont know much about tuning by using different viscosity of grease. I usually just bash on the street theres no track or anything and the roads are...
  2. C

    Which on-road Nitro Engine?

    Hey Y'all! I've been looking into getting a kyosho inferno gt3 1/8th scale on road kit car and need an engine. Just for some background I'm new to nitro but not new to rc cars, and am used to off road cars, so this isn't only my first nitro but also my first on road car. I've got it narrowed down...
  3. Dewalt Drill

    Best 1/10th scale rwd drift roller?

    best RWD 1/10th drift roller under 200 usd?
  4. ChadCharlieG

    Itty-Bitty RC Car! 1/64th scale

    Technically not hobby grade but it's still great.
  5. Kyosho FW06 LongStreet run

    Kyosho FW06 LongStreet run

    Kyosho FW Run on the a longer street with some fine tuning and temp control. Running stock tires. Cutout too much of the front windshield and wind making it hard to control.
  6. StephMir

    Kyosho FW06 Audi R8 2019

    Just bought this car. Still breaking it in and tuning it. I still want to tune it a bit more before I take it out onto a tar track. I replaced the rubber tires and went with slicks and it handles very well on the street. It does lower it more than stock tires by about a 1mm. It sits 5mm stock...
  7. gsbuickman

    New Vaterra V100 1/10th on road car

    Hiya Guys :) . I've never been a fan of 1/10 scale touring cars, but when I picked this Vaterra V100 from Horizon Hobby up in a trade deal a few days ago I realized it's more than just the average touring car. It's longer, wider, heavier, built better and it's a more stable platform than most...
  8. beginnerRCbuilder

    need help for SUPER CHEAP RC build (newbie alert!)

    Hey! (sorry if i do anything wrong this is my first thread posted here.) So I want to build an RC on-road/off-road car with a very small budget of $60. this budget is ONLY to buy the motor, ESC, battery, receiver, and other things needed. I already have a plastic chassis, and wheels. I don't...
  9. WoodiE

    Associated TC7.2 Factory Team Touring Car

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