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  1. Rickyo007

    Oiling Outer Air Filter Sponge?

    Hi, Do I need to oil the outer (orange) air filter sponge on my Hobao Hyper 7 TQ2?? My blue inner filter is certainly oiled.
  2. I

    2 stroke oil

    What type of 2 stroke oil is used in these small engines? I have a kyosho gx 12. Would normal good quality Castrol do?
  3. George Gibson

    Pull Start not recoiling

    Hi Everyone Please can someone help me with this issue that I am experiencing on my HPI Throphy 3.5 Buggy. When I remove the pull start it pulls and returns perfectly. As soon as n fix it onto the engine block it pulls really hard and does not go back in. I am still very new in this so all n...
  4. WoodiE

    Differential tips

    If you've ever wondered what kind of diff oil to use in your diffs, then here is a useful chart to help you choose what weight thickness you should use your front, center and rear diffs and how thick or thinner oils will effect the RC.
  5. Prophet216

    After run oil

    Was thinking of using this as a after run oil. Any thoughts? http://wd40specialist.com/products/corrosion-inhibitor/
  6. neobart

    Sold / Found Air filters pre oiled Losi/Serpent/Agama

    8 airfilter elements pre oiled, fits Losi/Serpent/Agama 20$ with shipping
  7. BurningRain

    Shock oil weight wt

    I've been reading up on this and since there were no threads under suspension (sorry if it's covered elsewhere) thought this would be a good place to start since it can make a massive difference to how the car drives. I understand the the softer it is the quicker it'll turn in however this also...
  8. A

    diff oil change

    What is the procedure to change the diff oil? I just got me a used tmaxx 2.5
  9. Warrior4Jesus

    Which 2 stroke oil for 1/5 scale

    What is a decent oil i can get at Wal-Mart or a local parts store for a fifth scale?. I don't have access to klotz or royal purple. Or do i just need to order it online.
  10. R

    How to recoil a pullstart?

    Anyone know how to easily recoil a pullstart???
  11. hotrodrob

    synthetic oil stabilizers

    I really wasn't sure where to post this,anyway..... U know those oil stabizers they sell in the autoparts stores like Lucas,stp ect I know there pretty thick but what I'm wondering about is about how thick are they? like 10k or 30k maybe 100k does anyone know roughly?..5$ for a quart sure would...
  12. Big shoot

    air filter oil

    What is everyone using for air filter oil?
  13. ninnon

    Mystery oil seepage and long connection times....(FIXED, LOSE COOLING HEAD)

    Hello yet again, I recently gave my car a good driving round a car park after buying some new tires, and noticed something a bit strange that had never happened before after running. A mystery clear, fuel oil had "leaked" around the engine and centre diff, I did a deep clean (took it all apart...
  14. Nedly

    Does anyone know about furnaces / boilers?

    I am posting this here because I cannot seem to find any decent forum where I could chat with furnace people. Our furnace has had issues for over a year now, and now that we are over 200$ in it still is not working right. I can get any info that is needed. It runs off of diesel. It fires up...
  15. M

    marvel mystery oil.

    i am hopping to start a major project, this winter. my friend has this co on the east coast. that has product that does the same thing the old Marvel Mystery Oil upper lube unit does. his co is http://www.ampcolubes.com/. we have talked about an advanced upper lube unit. this project...
  16. chickenman242

    3w oil??

    has anyone tried or uses this oil , I have some for my my savage octane that my lhs recommended my only concern is that the 3w oil states a 50:1 but my manual most other sources say 25:1
  17. street silence

    After run oil

    Would the after run oil for air planes work on nitro cars? They gave me the wrong nitro after run oil and i noticed too late now i can't return it.
  18. P

    oily back plate and roto start slipping helppp

    Every time i take my nitro cars out i have problems getting to the point now were I'm thinking of just selling up! Realy enjoy this hobby when they work! Here are some photos i clean all the oil and it fires up great but after a while it starts slipping to the point it wont grip atall I'm...
  19. Non Crimen

    Someone wasn't wearing their tin foil hat

    Yesterday after closing up at work and coming home my mom informed me that my dad's iPhone had been stolen while he was at a gas station up north. For a while I thought to my self "that's gotta suck". Then it hit me, apple devices are all loaded with the 'Find my phone' app! I ran to my room and...
  20. bifft it

    diff oil

    i have a bit of free time the last week or so, so i have been looking for a differential oil alternative to the expensive stuff they sell at hobby shops. lets see, i tried 90w was like locking the differentials and made the engine run well over 300 degrees with all the drag. am now going to try...