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  1. coldvod

    anyone know much about the OFNA NEXX 10sc

    I see one for sale for 80CAD I'm just curious if they're any good and what do previous owner think of it. Also can you buy spare parts from knockoff brands since OFNA isn't really a brand anymore. the photo is one i took off the internet not the one i saw
  2. Hepher88

    Nice day to burn some Nitro!

    Managed to sneak in an hour of play time in the local park burning some Nitro! Got a little dirty but it just means I get to clean it also ha who else got to play today? *update* Just after this the Parish Clarke approached me and told me off for playing on their land with a petrol car ha he...
  3. L

    Reverse polarity damage? No issues so far.

    I recently got my carpet car working and when I went to run it I plugged the leads in backwards. One was fully in and I just barely touch the bullet to the top of the port and a tiny stream of smoke came from the battery hole. I quickly removed the wires from the lipo. If it help I have a protek...
  4. Traxxas 4tec rally side

    Traxxas 4tec rally side

  5. Traxxas 4tec rally front

    Traxxas 4tec rally front

  6. Traxxas 4tec rally rear

    Traxxas 4tec rally rear

  7. beginnerRCbuilder

    need help for SUPER CHEAP RC build (newbie alert!)

    Hey! (sorry if i do anything wrong this is my first thread posted here.) So I want to build an RC on-road/off-road car with a very small budget of $60. this budget is ONLY to buy the motor, ESC, battery, receiver, and other things needed. I already have a plastic chassis, and wheels. I don't...
  8. WoodiE

    Arrma Nero BIG ROCK Monster Truck

    The wildly popular Arrma Nero is getting an update, introducing the the Arrma Nero BIG ROCK 6s BLX Monster Truck! The Arrma Nero Big Rock is built off the Arrma Nero chassis but adds a much more realistic look with the Big Rock's new Ford body as well as it's tires and wheels. Click to read more!