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  1. T

    I need your guys's help

    Hey yall. I git a redcat volcano s30. Having an issue with the throttle. The metal cylindrical peice/slide for the carb keeps getting stuck. I've tried almost everything I can think of. The plastic arm will move but not the slide for the throttle. Can someone help me so I can run this thing good?
  2. D

    HSP 94122 suspention

    Hello again 94122 people, I'm thinking about upgrading my HSP 94122 suspension to better suit off road driving (just dirt road driving not anything crazy). And i'm wondering what parts I would need, speciffically to get it off the ground more as it sits verrrry low from factory. I have already...
  3. D

    New transmission troubles

    Hi guys, I have a HSP 94122 and it was all going fine until I pulled the engine out to do something, put it back in wrong, started it, drove it away and stripped all the original plastic gears. I then ordered a metal replacement transmission off Ali express that I had to assemble myself and it’s...
  4. A

    HELP, identify engine or car model

    Hello all, As I mentioned in my other thread, I need help identifying this engine or even model of the nitro car so I can find how to tune or factory reset it. Below are the pictures, The Engine itself says HPI but can't seem to find a model number, then parts such as the shocks and electronics...
  5. kjax

    Kyosho touch starter

    I have got a touch starter for my gxr18 engine that usually comes on an MFR but I don't have the glow adapter for the lipos to power it, it needs a 7.3v or 7.4v to power it. Does anyone know what I could use? My 21700 Lith-ion battery will power the motor if I touch the positive and negative...
  6. Inline4

    Nitro Rc starts then it revs up on its own

    I have a Kyosho FW06 and whenever I start it the engine idles for like 5 seconds before it starts to rev itself up and taking off when I apply breaks nothing happens the carb is normal idk what it is. The same thing is happening on a Revo 3.3 of mine can someone help Me figure out what’s wrong...
  7. J

    Vintage Team Losi XXXNT being brought back to life

    It all started when I didn’t even know nitro RC existed, brand new to the hobby. I had seen two of my Dad’s Team Losi XXXN’Ts laying in a storage bin to rot away. I asked about them and he said he tried to get them running and he couldn’t. All of a sudden, I was determined to get them running...
  8. rccar new

    New pull starter recommendations needed!

    Yesterday was trying to start my hsp 94108 nitro truck and the pull starter snapped :( I can't decide between the electric starter that is a brick with a rod or to just buy another pull starter. (The electric starter with a battery and charger $80 and arrives later in august. On the other hand...
  9. JeezyGamer

    Jato 3.3 transmission get jammed up

    Hi I’m new to this page but I had a problem with my jato 3.3 transmission so I strip my 5585 gear so I replaced it and decided to add a new primary clutch assembly 5590 and a new 5579 gear just cause they seemed worn out and the problem came when I put it all together once I put the two shells...
  10. J

    engine running rich but extremely hot.

    Hello! i’m having troubles keeping the temp down on my nitro engine. I know the basics of tuning and what to look for when it’s running too rich or lean. originally, the engine was running too lean with temps getting up too 200-260 degrees after only a couple minutes of idling, so tuned it to...
  11. J

    nitro engine starts fine but dies after a few seconds of running

    I have just gotten into the nitro rc hobby and was needing some help on this issue. Every time i start up the engine, it stalls shortly after starting. I constantly have to prime it and sometimes go as far as taking off the filter and putting fuel directly into the carburetor. the longest i’ve...
  12. Ol' Greg

    Hobao Hyper 7 Electric Conversion build

    Hello Everybody, This conversion has been done quite a few times, I just wanted to share my version. Its a Hobao Hyper 7, couldn't tell you which year. Got it off Facebook marketplace. Paid $60 for the car. Now I have been out of the hobby for quit a while, and didn't want to break the bank...
  13. coldvod

    Hpi savage E conversion build

    I'm converting my nitro savage to electric. I still enjoy nitro but I'd rather have a simpler system for this type of vehicle. Thus far i've taken my transmission off. I needed to as the nitro version includes a OWB as seen in the first photo ( the middle one with an arrow pointed at it ) After...
  14. coldvod

    Plastic 2 shoe clutch springless. can't figure it out

    I've been searching on the internet and have come up empty handed. When i start the engine the clutch dont engage, when i push the throttle. The engines an old 21 magnum made by thunder tiger from the late 80s maybe 90s if youve got any ideas id appreciate them. Some photos of the flywheel and...
  15. Dogman888

    I’m selling my TGX wth FS-15-LT

    My Tamiya TGX Mk1 has served its time, it’s been an eventful and fruitfull 2yrs but I decided that I want to try out nitro buggies instead of touring. Due to my decision I’m actioning on eBay considering the price of these other tgx’s on eBay it should sell for 200 or so cheaper than the rest...
  16. J

    Need help getting my Duratrax Street Pro GP to run again after a long long time.

    I have a 2000-2001 Duratrax Street Pro GP that I’ve been trying to get running for the past week. I started off with a new glow plug and I freed the engine up. Now I’m having trouble getting it started and I have no clue why. I’m pretty sure the engine isn’t flooded (I’ve drained it several...
  17. D

    Need help/advice with Jato that won't idle well.

    Hi all, My Traxxas Jato has given me a bit of trouble since I got it. I have been running nitro for about a year and this is the only one that gives me trouble. The issue: When the Jato gets warmed up it will do one of two things eventually: 1. It will stall when letting off the throttle after...
  18. XTM monster MT nitro force 32 RUNAWAY (HEAVY NITRO TRUCK RUNAWAY) rugby tackled it

    XTM monster MT nitro force 32 RUNAWAY (HEAVY NITRO TRUCK RUNAWAY) rugby tackled it

    recently brought a xtm monster MT with a spare truck all togeather took it out and the servo decided to die my own fault trusting a old servo . got a runaway... didnt do into second gear luckily otherwise it would of been going faster second gear doesn't work
  19. chevy

    Can i put Tmaxx 3.3 center drive shafts on a Tmaxx 2.5

    I have been looking for center drive shafts for my old 2.5 but I can't find any in stock, would I be able to put the 3.3 center drive shafts on it? Would they fit and work correctly?
  20. coldvod

    Has anyone used the Klinik air filter yet?

    I was searching the forums and found someone talking about the Klinik Rc air filter and how they were supposed to be better than the others. I need a new air filter for an engine and figured I should ask around about before potentially purchasing one. Heres what they look like if anyone's...