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  1. B

    Tmaxx 2.5r help!!

    Hello, so I recently just got a Tmaxx 2.5r, is what I was told it is, and it needed a new pull starter, he gave me one(shape for the crank is like a circle with two flat sides) but it doesn’t spin the crank, then I noticed that the shape for the crank on the motor is a hexagon nut. Any help at...
  2. K

    Nitro car not moving

    I recently got a kyosho inferno mp7.5 from a friend that couldn't get it working and he got it from a friend. I've stripped it down and gave everything a nice clean and put it back together following the instructions. Everything seems to work but when i accelerate the car barely rolls. Any idea...
  3. D

    Anyone know what kind of car this is?

    If anyone could help it would be helpful. Thank you in advance.
  4. Kyosho FW06 LongStreet run

    Kyosho FW06 LongStreet run

    Kyosho FW Run on the a longer street with some fine tuning and temp control. Running stock tires. Cutout too much of the front windshield and wind making it hard to control.
  5. N

    Old Traxxas stampede rpm issue

    I recently got an old Traxxas stampede nitro that starts first start perfectly but it’s very slow and the rpm’s are very low. Wondering if anyone could help me out. FYI the fuel is brand new no issues with that air filter was just replaced. The rc car used to do wheelies years ago and ran fine...
  6. S

    Help to Identify

    Hi Everyone Somebody please help me identify this Nitro buggy. I've been wrecking my brain for hours with numerous Google searches to no avail. Thank you
  7. StephMir

    Kyosho FW06 Audi R8 2019

    Just bought this car. Still breaking it in and tuning it. I still want to tune it a bit more before I take it out onto a tar track. I replaced the rubber tires and went with slicks and it handles very well on the street. It does lower it more than stock tires by about a 1mm. It sits 5mm stock...
  8. JimmyJamNitroFan

    What 1/8 nitro monster truck is peoples favorites?

    I’m looking to get a 1/8 nitro monster truck and I have a couple in mind but the couple that I am leaning towards are as follows: 1. HPI Savage XL 2. HPI Savage X 3. Keyosho Mad Crusher 4. And Exceed has a big truck I think is called the Mad Beast So I want opinions on these or any others...
  9. O

    Fuel Tank Modification

    I have a couple of Exceed 1/10 Nitro Buggies. I was wondering if anyone has ever come across or invented a gas tank lid that you could fill quickly like a one-way valve? I see that they make pressure guns to "inject" the fuel fast, but you still have to get to the lid and open it, from what I...
  10. Ororc

    Will the Kyosho Inferno GT2 2-speed fit a Inferno Neo?

    Has any one ever upgraded a nitro rc from 1 speed drive to a 2 speed drive In my case its a Kyosho inferno neo 2.0 Will be using the parts from the kyosho inferno GT2 Thanks
  11. J

    Help. What buggy to buy

    Guys. I am new to the hobby. And I've always wanted to get a nitro buggy. I want to bash. Go the track and maybe someday race. I want a RTR and want to decide between these that i have on mind. Want something durable. Stable and easy to find spare parts. Also if you know differences between...
  12. I

    T-Maxx 2.5 overheating

    I have a Tmaxx 2.5 i purchased around Christmas it ran very well until I brought it to a bmx park and did some jumps it suddenly began overheating to around 320F before that the temps never got over 260 it was tuned richer than breaking settings. After that i put it in a box and ignored it until...
  13. R

    Traxxas 3.3 Moving without throttle

    Have a 3.3 with a tune slight rich . Idle as low as possible but still tends to move when I stay it . High rpm when I lift off the grown as the wheel spins and dies when I brake .
  14. J

    nitro engine won't work even when I tune it

    I have a kyosho dst which had been sitting in a garage for about a year and I changed the glowplug and fuel lines and set the needles to the factory setting and got tuning. my problem here is that it runs good on high rpm but on low rpm it doesn't want to stay idling or if it does the...
  15. AlexSkalski

    Traxxas Nitro Rustler or Losi 8ight RTR?

    I am interested in purchasing a Nitro Car. I currently have an Associated SC10RS. I race at a local indoor track. I am interested in getting a Nitro, because of the challenge, sound, smell, and everything great about a Nitro. I want a buggy or on-road car that I can rip around my cul-de-sac. The...
  16. N

    Hpi firestorm exhaust keeps coming loose.. any suggestions?

    My hpi firestorm has a problem.. everytime i take it out the exhaust manifold keeps coming loose. So i keep having to replace gaskets. I bought some longer bolts and I tried to put a nut on the end but it is a very tight space and can't seem to get the nuts threaded. Another thing how tight...
  17. Michael.Nitro

    Dynamite Mach .26 engine , losi lst PLEASE HELP!!

    I really need help with my Mach .26 engine , I really need to know the factory carb settings, any websites I check always show different info I already ruined one engine I don't want to make the mistake again. Please help
  18. Gregw1

    What nitro MT would you guys like to see????

    Hey guys , what brand , size engine , tranny , etc... Would you guys like to see produced? I personally would like to see a LOSI LST XXL with an lrp .30 or a nova legend 28-8 engine a 3 speed tnanny ( forward only ) thicker engine brace bring back the aluminum threaded shocks 17 mm hexes on the...
  19. Big daddy kane

    Traxxas 4 tec 2.5 cnc Billet parts Extinct:(

    So I have a traxxas 4 tec nitro. 2.5r ..nice little car but I've recently wanted to upgrade a few part, some for performance, some for pure looks , too cnc aluminum,..but. I can't find any of these parts, I know it's a older car and all but you can search and find tons of pics of them fully...
  20. S

    How to choose servos?

    Hi guys. I don't know anything about servos. How to choose good ones (both throttle and steering) for a 1/8 nitro truggy? What characteristics do they have? What to look at during comparing? Any brand suggestions? I'm investigating the topic at the moment, but the majority of reviews are dated...