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  1. WoodiE

    HANGAR 9 F6F Hellcat 15cc ARF

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  2. GCBC

    1/16 or smaller NITRO????

    Only ones I can find new on market are the junky meteor or that no name from Alibaba. Anyone have a NIB X-ray or something else? I've looked all over the internet. Id go buggy or stadium truck. Maybe even a road car as long as its a quality piece. THANKS!
  3. J

    nitro engine won't work even when I tune it

    I have a kyosho dst which had been sitting in a garage for about a year and I changed the glowplug and fuel lines and set the needles to the factory setting and got tuning. my problem here is that it runs good on high rpm but on low rpm it doesn't want to stay idling or if it does the...
  4. S

    Motor mount for SuperMaxx

    Hello everyone! Newly signed up on the forum but not new to RC. My problem is that I'm having alot of trouble finding the style engine mount I need to finish up the basher big block maxx I built from all the spare parts over the years. The SuperMaxx is finally finished after 7 years of installing...
  5. prauner

    TMaxx throttle

    Ok so I had my starter housing one way barring housing crack so I replaced it. So went to crank it and had the bearing backwards. So got that fixed. I use the ez start and you can hear it crank over. I did reset everything back to factory. However not changing any setting it will not start...
  6. N

    Nitro? Gas?

    If you have burned some lovely smelling fuel please like this, hope you have a good time the next time you burn some fuel :) Also fyi the photo is from google imagess
  7. N

    No electrical power

    Need peoples advice, so i hadn't used nitro car for a while, switched it on and used it for 5-10 minutes. Switched it off and went back to it the next day and now there is no electrical power what so ever, I've put brand new battery's in it.. still nothing, checked to make sure all connections...
  8. T

    Kyosho Drx One11 Nitro

    Recently purchased and awaiting a delivery of a kyosho drx gp with the gx18 engine I've yet to find any information wether any other body shells fit this as it is a unique 1/9 size. I was hoping to get a Evo or m3 or focus style shell but am unaware what my options are. I've looked into mp9...
  9. C

    Gifted Nitro Rustler

    This winter my good friend gifted me his used 2wd nitro rustler because he didn't want it anymore, he said he beat it up and wasn't great at maintenance. I am a beginner at nitro RC as well this being my first ever car. He left fuel in the lines over winter, and the grey drivetrain next to the...
  10. X

    Looking to upgrade my tmax 3.3 #4909

    hey ya, I'm new here, and kinda new to the nitro trucks scene tho, i have had my truck for along time. So i thinks times have come to see about upgrades and such that can still be done to it being finding parts isnt easy and thought ya could help. First i have the t maxx model in the title, it...
  11. Black_Sails_RC_Repair

    Does anyone know much about carburetor brands?

    So about five or six years ago I got a Kyosho Inferno(Not sure which model, It's been so long) and along with it came some back-up parts. Now at the time when I received the car I knew very little about rc cars and because of this I only ran the car about twice and then kept it in a garage for...
  12. WVNed

    Anybody running a Kyosho Fo-XX Nitro.

    I am intrested in your opinion of it. I am seriously considering it as my next purchase.
  13. Nitrobuzzard

    WTB RC10GT parts

    Ok guys, I got the RC10GT from Bill, great guy to deal with BTW. I'm now in need of a fuel tank and a flywheel/clutch setup. I can get them new off ebay but if anybody has anything laying around, I would rather buy from a member. Let me know -NB
  14. P

    New here with a HPI Nitro Rush Evo

    Morning everyone. Since I'm new I figured I would introduce myself. My name is Chris, live in Tampa, FL and I'm just getting back in to the RC hobby. I have a Traxxas Villain IV boat (that I purchased 15-20 years ago and am restoring now), a Traxxas Rustler (electric) from the same time period...
  15. WoodiE

    Lots of new HPI RC's on the way

    HPI has released details of several new HPI RC's coming soon at the Nürnberg Toy Fair. Venture scale crawler #116558 An all-new platform for scale crawling fanatics, the Venture combines a realistic front-motor position, metal chassis rails and realistic drivetrain with the Toyota FJ Cruiser...
  16. M

    Help I just baught a nitro terminator 2

    Help I bought a nitro rc car it's a terminator 2 and I had it running and hit the curb with the fount of the car and the exhaust pipe disconnected do I shut the rc car off and now it won't start and I keep braking the pull cord trying to start it . its my first one so don't know much about them...
  17. O

    Brand new truck need tips

    Truck is 4 tanks on the blown motor and 6 on new. It revs and ran great for break in now revs but won't move. I put new shoes on and clutch rebuild. Still the same if I loosen the spur the bell and it spin if I tighten they stick. Mesh is good, any help?
  18. M

    Beginners questions!

    Hi guys, i just got into nitro rc's and i'd just like to ask a few things. Can i refuel the car when its running? (Might sound stupid but i've heard the whole system becomes pressurised?), what is the best way to shut down my rc, plug exhaust, stop flywheel or pinch fuel line? Thanks!
  19. Gosuto

    Redneck Nitro Stampede

    Hey everyone, I decided to make a project thread for the truck. I bought a pre-owned Nitro Stampede and as I quickly learned, there were a few things that weren't disclosed (and I didn't know to look for). No problem, I love a good challenge! Phase 1 is pretty simple: make it run and run right...
  20. L

    Team Losi ten-t

    Hello I am writing this post hoping someone know whats wronge with my rc car. I bought this ten-t thrue a website the car is 3-4 years but was in good shape when i bought it. So as i like that thinbgs look really good i took the car apart and shined up and cleaned everything. When i bought the...