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  1. :D lmao

    traxxas 2.5, 2.5R and 3.3 horsepower?

    how much horsepower do these engines make? And what are the differences between 2.5 and 2.5R, some online articles say that the only difference is the blue cooling head but traxxas states that 2.5R makes 0.5 horse power more than the original 2.5, how come?
  2. :D lmao

    I dont get it... (about nitro tuning, everyone is welcome! i need to know more!)

    Q1: What does LSN do, does it effects low rpm or low throttle? if i blip the gas ones (from zero to wide-open quickly, then immediately releasing the trigger) is it HSN or LSN? Q2: does HSN affects idle? Q3: the relation between LSN and idle crew, i can affect idle by either leaning the LSN or...
  3. coldvod

    Weird that this engine doesn't have rings on it?

    Its a magnum .21 that was bought before the 90s it was made by thunder tiger. Just thought i'd be fun to show off some old engine parts
  4. coldvod

    Is anyone always worried that you're running lean all the time?

    Even though they have all the signs that its just right ( or slightly rich ). I need reassurance that I'm not the only one who thinks of this constantly
  5. Hepher88

    Nice day to burn some Nitro!

    Managed to sneak in an hour of play time in the local park burning some Nitro! Got a little dirty but it just means I get to clean it also ha who else got to play today? *update* Just after this the Parish Clarke approached me and told me off for playing on their land with a petrol car ha he...
  6. Hepher88

    Fuel filters and coolers

    Hello all, nice straight forward question today hopefully, is it worth installing a fuel filters and fuel cooler? I wanted the ally air filter cap and see that it all came as a pack for not too much more. Thanks
  7. Hepher88

    Help identifying spare part

    Need some help, not the greatest pictures sorry. So, behind the bumper guard there is a purple metal part that sits in front of where the pins go through to fit the low suspension arms, the metal part sits flush with a hole in both ends for the pins to go through 1st, I crashed the car a month...
  8. Hepher88

    New Receiver for Hot Bodies Lightning 2

    I am looking to upgrade the old receiver and transmitter for my Hot Bodies Lightning 2, I have found a few pairs but none have a slot labeled "battery" like my current one has, I think I can plug the battery into 1 of the Aux channels but not sure if anybody can help please? I'll post a picture...
  9. Hepher88

    HPI electric starters

    So I have brought a new electric starter rod and back plate for an electric drill, the wording is a bit missleading as I thought it was reffering to a hand drill and not the electric starter. I can however fit it to my hand drill, question is: does anybody know the rpm on the electric starters...
  10. Hepher88

    Tires and Rims

    I need some new tires for my old Hot Bodies Lightning 2 rr and thought I'd have a look at some nice rims for them while I was at it, I was wondering however, as long as it buy the right scale 1:8, will most of the rims fit my car or do they need to be HPI specific or something like that? Not...
  11. Hepher88

    Hot Bodies lightning 2 rr receiver battery upgrade

    I have recently dug out my hot bodies lightning 2 rr from when I was a kid and have set about getting it going again, I have replaced/upgraded a few peices but now need to do the battery pack for the receiver. Currently, it is powered by 4 AA batteries, what would be the best options on...
  12. D

    My first nitro rc just doesn't want to start. Any sort of help is needed...!

    I just got my first nitro rc 3 days ago (it's a HSP nitro rc monster truck 1:10 second hand) (with a SH 18 engine) and it basically looks new and is visually in great condition. Tho i haven't been able to start it yet (according to the previous owner he last started it in December and it should...
  13. Enloe88

    Can’t identify this nitro rc

    I bought 2 3.3 tmaxxs for 75 bucks and got this 3rd one for free it’s a bit wider than my tmaxx everything about it is heavy duty metal drive shafts,hubs,aluminum shock towers oil filled shocks airtronics servo digital receiver I can’t figure out what it is motor only says HPI on it any help is...
  14. :D lmao

    best beginner nitro race buggy?

    I've been bashing around with nitro mt for quite some time now, and want to move into racing. just want something cheap and nice to beginn with:)
  15. :D lmao

    Best upgrades for revo 3.3?

    mod or upgrade that improves power and handling were in count as well:)
  16. WT119

    Traxxas T-Maxx .15 Classic Revival (Rebuild log)

    Hello, I started working on this thread a month ago but got caught up in life and waiting on parts. Now its time to share, Sorry for the mess your about to read. I recently got back into Nitro after years away from it/missing it and I'm rebuilding my trucks. I just rebuilt my SavageXL with a...
  17. :D lmao

    Which plug should I use for my Trx 3.3 engine?

    I’m running a stock 3.3 engine, and I’m switching to 16% fuel, question is, should I use a different plug to adapt to the new fuel I will be using? (Currently running stock plug and worked perfectly on 20%) thx
  18. :D lmao

    Does different nitro content really make a big impact on a car's performance?

    Q1: is it worth purchasing 20 or 25% nitro in Europe when u need a license for it? Q2: I'm running a stock 3,3 engine and wanna know if switching from 20% to 16% really is a night and day difference? Q3: Will fuel with a lower nitro content decreases the life of the engine? Q4: I'm into buying...
  19. Kyosho FW06 Crash run

    Kyosho FW06 Crash run

    Slammed it into a parked car. Surprisingly, hardly any damage. no broken parts, just a little tear on the body and a bent body clip. Installed the foamies all the way around. Running 30mm as opposed to 24mm. Wider wheels and slightly rubbing on the steering turnbuckle. Also, black residue on exhaust
  20. korreka

    Converting a nitro RC car bought 12 years ago to electric

    I have converted a "Chinese" nitro buggy (1/10 scale) into an electrical powered rally car, without a kit conversion. The first thing is to disassemble the nitro engine, brakes, exhaust pipe, throttle servo and nitro tank: The motor mounting adapter can be bought from ebay or aliexpress...