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  1. D

    Team Associated (Can’t figure out what Model)

    I had the rc car given to me me about 10 -12 years ago. I used it and put it up after like 2 weeks. I found it again and want to get it running. I just don’t know the name or model of the actual car. The the motor says 15 so I looked it up and it’s the size, right? So can I put any 15 motor or...
  2. D

    Need help/advice with Jato that won't idle well.

    Hi all, My Traxxas Jato has given me a bit of trouble since I got it. I have been running nitro for about a year and this is the only one that gives me trouble. The issue: When the Jato gets warmed up it will do one of two things eventually: 1. It will stall when letting off the throttle after...
  3. coldvod

    Has anyone used the Klinik air filter yet?

    I was searching the forums and found someone talking about the Klinik Rc air filter and how they were supposed to be better than the others. I need a new air filter for an engine and figured I should ask around about before potentially purchasing one. Heres what they look like if anyone's...
  4. J

    "Frankenstein Rustler" 2 speed tranny.

    Hey Nitro R.C. lovers! Today I bring you guys the "Frankenstein Rustler" which was made out of 2 used cars (Rustler and Jato) and a few new parts.. I wanted it to look different than the regular Rustler (grey upper chassis) and since the Jato's tranny is black I decided to black out as much as...
  5. coldvod

    How to check if piston sleave has been damaged

    I flipped my truck and it fell in some mud. I then proceeded to clean the cooling head best i could but i can't take it off since some of it got the 4 screws that hold it down and the idiot that i am i took off the glow it feels gritty when i turn it over. Its a big red .28 so a piston...
  6. coldvod

    Picked this car up when i went out of town

    I have the manual too. A gs racing cl1 storm Top town view Top town view
  7. :D lmao

    Want to give my revo more power… but how?

    I’ve tried big block but that ended up destroying other components so i figured modding the existing 3.3 engine, I’m forced to run on 16% fuel since anything higher requires license to purchase (which i ofc don’t have) Many have told about swapping to an os 11k carb, but are there any other...
  8. R

    Accidentally Stripped (2) Screws Inside Crankshaft

    Hello, My name is Kevin and I am new to Nitro RC 1/8 Scale Buggy racing. I have a Mugen-Seiki MBX8-R with an OS Samurai R03 Engine (see Photo 1) Last night I was replacing the clutch bearings and was in the process of reassembling. I accidentally used Loctite (forgot not supposed to on this...
  9. :D lmao

    traxxas 2.5, 2.5R and 3.3 horsepower?

    how much horsepower do these engines make? And what are the differences between 2.5 and 2.5R, some online articles say that the only difference is the blue cooling head but traxxas states that 2.5R makes 0.5 horse power more than the original 2.5, how come?
  10. :D lmao

    I dont get it... (about nitro tuning, everyone is welcome! i need to know more!)

    Q1: What does LSN do, does it effects low rpm or low throttle? if i blip the gas ones (from zero to wide-open quickly, then immediately releasing the trigger) is it HSN or LSN? Q2: does HSN affects idle? Q3: the relation between LSN and idle crew, i can affect idle by either leaning the LSN or...
  11. :D lmao

    Your opinion on Traxxas trx 3.3 engine and traxxas Top fuel

    what's your opinion on the traxxas 3.3 engine? power wise? reliability wise? connecting rod failure? What fuel suits the best? And why didn't Traxxas develop a big block instead? what's your opinion on the traxxas top fuel? really the best fuel as Traxxas advertised? why so high oil content...
  12. coldvod

    1980s GV tornado and magnum .21 running video

    Its runs! I hate the lsn (like the ones in the planes ) but it runs nice. I can't get it full throttle as it looks like it isnt engaging the spur fast enough/at all. Very happy my little "project" if it could even be called that. I also used the futaba magnum junior that came with it
  13. coldvod

    Weird that this engine doesn't have rings on it?

    Its a magnum .21 that was bought before the 90s it was made by thunder tiger. Just thought i'd be fun to show off some old engine parts
  14. coldvod

    Dynamite Big Red pull start after-market replacement

    The one that comes with it is terrible to say the least. I like the engine but that pull start design is atrocious. I break this pull start so quickly because a metal piece connects to the OWB hex. The metal piece strips the plastic pull start. This is the engine in case anyone's wondering...
  15. coldvod

    Is anyone always worried that you're running lean all the time?

    Even though they have all the signs that its just right ( or slightly rich ). I need reassurance that I'm not the only one who thinks of this constantly
  16. coldvod

    Big red OWB Shot?

    At least I believe so. The pull start doesn't catch and I've already cleaned it plus looks like this
  17. D

    My first nitro rc just doesn't want to start. Any sort of help is needed...!

    I just got my first nitro rc 3 days ago (it's a HSP nitro rc monster truck 1:10 second hand) (with a SH 18 engine) and it basically looks new and is visually in great condition. Tho i haven't been able to start it yet (according to the previous owner he last started it in December and it should...
  18. E1ev1n

    Revo 2.5 big block upgrade(Engine suggestions?)

    I've never really bought a new nitro rc engine, but I would like to upgrade my Revo 2.5 that is on a 3.3 chassis to a big block as the extra power just sounds nice. I know I will need a conversion kit, but what I'm not sure about is the engine I want to choose. Every thread I've found off google...
  19. Skye_Foxxo

    Newbie Needing Help

    Hey All, So I'm working on my nitro I got for X-Mas, don't know what brand it was but the engine is a VX-18. It was running pretty decently for a while, then I had a kind of rough crash, it was bad enough to snap a wheel stub axle and I *think* it broke the clutch shoe spring. (the damage to...
  20. H

    Nitro Fuel for KE21SP engine?

    So, i just got my Kyosho inferno neo 3.0 and the closest shop with fuel only has the Nitrolux Energi 2 Off road, 16% by weight and 12% volume percent. ( ). I've watched videos and done som reading...