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  1. S

    Motor mount E-flite T-28/F4U/P-47 Motor Part#: EFL08252 / E-flite

    Hey yall so I'm looking for someone to fabricate a metal or better mount in general for a power 15 motor from eflite. I talked to some 3d printing guy and he tried to scam me with a ridiculous price. Its going to my eflite 1.1 t28.
  2. GregN61

    Revo bent frame at motor mount

    I have not messed with my Revo for years and lately trying to get her up and running. Had a hard crash and broke chassis and engine mounts. Put back together and worked somewhat well. Been sitting for 2 years and not happy.. Recenty replaced clutch, carb. Does not spin well so think bent...