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  1. 2021-0210-MicroT-Generic20AmpBrushedESC-installedBodySide.jpg


    Losi Micro-DT
  2. N

    Traxxas Slash 1/16 servo not moving

    I just ordered a new motor and servo for my Traxxas slash 1/16. When trying to replace the servo the arm was hitting the guard. Then the servo was moving very little. Now the truck appears to be stuck in lad mode. I am using the stock nimh battery that according to the charger is half way...
  3. M

    Restoration parts needed for Losi Micro t/dt

    Send me links to parts for the Losi micro t/dt, mostly gears and electronics.
  4. Gearhead056

    Best micro RC around the house?

    Looking for a fun 1/16-1/18 rc car for racing around the house and maybe outside abit around $100. Was looking at the helion animus which looked pretty cool, but wasn't sure if that one or any others were good. Anyone have any recommendations?